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  1. Hello. Has anyone with a Bryston BHA 1 headphone amp tried both the Single Ended Jack Plug socket and the 4 pin XLR Balanced Socket and noticed any difference? Thankyou.
  2. Hi. Does anyone have any experience of these amps at all? I'm wondering if exchanging my Chord 2650 Integrated Amp for their 2500/650 Pre/Power Amp combination would bring about any worthwhile improvements? Cheers and thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks for the replies on this. I've seen the You Tube video and the oil change looks easy enough even for a numpty like me. I've never had any issues with the turntable and SME V arm even though they are over 25 years old. With the Ortofon MC30 Supreme cartridge (also 25 years old ) and my recently acquired Chord 2650 amp and Revel floorstanding speakers the sound is on the transparent rather than rich and heavy side, which suits me fine. I can't find any obvious deficiencies and everything seems tight and dynamic enough for the music I play - rock, pop and folk music from the 60s until now - anything from Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Springsteen through to London Grammar - whilst not being overly bright or aggressive. At the age of 62 I've decided, to have a 'final' system upgrade and after an audition I've just got an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge and hopefully that will last me out. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Hello. Has anyone any experience of Atlas Zeno 1.2 balanced headphone cables? I am wondering whether they would make a worthwhile upgrade for my recently purchased Audeze LCD3 headphones which only come with a single ended cable now. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've taken the plunge and after an audition I've just ordered a pair. So here's hoping.....
  6. Hello. I have a mid 1990s Orbe which has never has a bearing oil change. It has not had much use over the last 15 years but now that the kids have left home (yes!!!!!!) I am returning to the hobby. Can anyone advise me a) would an oil change be worth doing - I seem to remember it was said to last " a lifetime" and b) if so, how would I actually do this - is there anywhere can I get step by step instructions for someone who is not technically minded and has never looked inside a turntable before? Cheers and thanks for any help.
  7. Hello. I am thinking of auditioning and possibly buying the Audeze LCD3 which is expensive but gets great reviews. However I have just been reading on the internet about failures with the very thin diapraghms, misalignment of Fazors and Grills which reduces sound quality, intermittent poor build quality and variations in sound between individual headphones. Does anyone know if these problems still exist - the failures seem to have been posted about 18 months to 2 years ago and I wonder if they have now been ironed out. For me £1700 is a lot to pay out and particularly for something that might have a significant chance of having to be returned to the USA for repair. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  8. Thanks for all the replies on this. After a lot of internet researching I've pulled out all the stops and ordered an Astell and Kern Kann from Amazon UK.. Thanks again.
  9. Hi. I have a Cowon J3 MP3 player which I am very happy with but now need to replace as I have reached its 64GB storage limit and need something with at least 128GB capacity. I have up to £600 to spend and have a very simple usage - all I do is use ripped CD tracks copied from my PC - I am not into flac, lossless, streaming, bluetooth, bloated Android software etc. I fancied the Onkyo DPX1 or Astell and Kern AK70 as they seem to promise good sound quality even with MP3 tracks but have been really put off by customer reports of low battery life of 4-6 hours even with battery draining apps/wi fi/bluetooth switched off. My Cowon J3 goes for at least 3 times that. Can anyone recommend any MP3 players for me to investigate that have high sound quality with longer battery life? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
  10. Hello. I'm going to buy an Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge and after reading several reviews am thinking about also replacing my Musical Fidelity VYNYL phono amp with an Avid Pulsus 2 box. I can't fault the Musical Fidelity but given that with part exchange and sale of other audio equipment the Pulsus would only cost me an extra few hundred punds, upgraditis is setting in. My music is rock, pop and folk, no classical and no heavy metal. I would like to ask if anyone has any direct experience of these 2 phono amps and could comment on whether the Pulsus would be an upgrade in sound quality. Thankyou in advance for any advice you can give.
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but can anyone provide a link for purchasing plastic sleeves to protect Digipack Cds? Thankyou.
  12. Hello. I recently sought some advice through this forum on loudspeaker purchase. One suggestion was to listen to Revel speakers, although I noted that findng a local dealer might be difficult. I am pleased to report that the Revel UK distributors referred me to a dealer who is just in the process of setting up near me near Wetherby, North Yorkshire. This dealer lent me both the M106 stand mounted and F206 floormounted speakers for a several day home audition. In the end I bought the floorstanders as I was very impressed with both the sound and build quality. They go very well, for me, with my Chord amp, in my room. This is not a shameless plug for the dealer, although I did get first class customer service, but I thought it might be useful to report that a new Revel dealer exists in North Yorkshire. The contact is Pete at Media Frenzy Audio Visual Ltd, Unit 4, Marston Business Park, Tockwith, York YO26 7QF Tel 0845 5087785 email petemfav@gmail.com
  13. Hello. I have a Bryston BHA1 headphone amp feeding AKG 812 headphones. I am not unhappy with this combination, but the headphones cannot work in balanced mode and as the amp provides a balanced output option, curiosity is getting the better of me and I am wondering whether a move to a pair of Audeze LCD3, which I understand are balanced, would give a quality improvement. Can anyone advise me please? My music is mainstream rock, pop and folk. Thankyou.
  14. Hello. I recently submitted a post asking for advice on stand mounted speakers around £2k and got some very useful advice, including a couple of recommendations for Revel M106. I have found a dealer who would provide a pair of these on a sale or return basis and was very interested in that, but this weekend I went to another dealer where I heard the PMC Fact 3 and Dali Epicon 2 and was impressed by both of them even though they were twice my original budget. This dealer is prepared to do a no obligation no cost home demo of both of these and I am now prepared to go to £4k if they similarly impress in my home. My question is - I was really taken by the online reviews of the Revel M106 and my curiosity was raised. But - should I forget them now given that I am looking at something twice their cost or would it still be worth auditioning them? Can they really compete with the PMC/Dali at twice the price? I don't want to arrange an audition and waste everyone's time if it is clear that they can't. Any advice from anyone in the know would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  15. Hi. I've just acquired a Chord 2650 amp, which is a really substantial improvement in many areas. However, with my 20 year old stand mounted ATC SCM10 speakers ithe sound is now distinctly on the over-bright side and I suspect that the amp has tightened up the bass and emphasised the lack of bottom end of the speakers and thrown the balance out. I always intended to replace the speakers so I am now looking for something up to £2.5k which would tone the brightness down a bit and give a more rounded and balanced sound although not too bass heavy for my small (12' x 12') listening room. After reading reviews I'm thinking of the likes of Harbeth 30.1, Dali Rubicon 2, PCM 22, PROAC 2, Neat Momentum SX3I. And possibly ATC 19 or is that just more of the same poor match? I suspect that floorstanders would be overpowering in such a small space. My question is - does anyone have any direct experience of matching speakers to Chord amps and if so could you point me in the direction of potentially suitable ones to audition? My music is mainstream rock, pop and folk, nothing heavier than Beatles, Springsteen, Floyd etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
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