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  1. I have a Michell Gyro SE in silver with a QC power supply and a silver Michell Technoarm. Plus A brand new unused boxed Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC cartridge. Plus a Rothwell MC1 step up transformer so the Ortofon Quintet can be used with a MM input. I had it all set up and the original cartridge was damaged so I bought another Quintet Bronze to replace it but became a little paroniod with setting it up again and kept it all in storage, unused. I believe the old cartridge has a trade in value of £130.00 which would also be included with the new one I just wondered how much it would be all worth ? Thanks
  2. ermm...... Not sure where they got the design from?
  3. Who actually is Russ Andrews is he a person or just a brand name?
  4. Why would you pay more for cables than the actual speakers?
  5. I looked at the average price of his speakers on ebay and it was £200 not sure what the amp and cd players is? So maybe £10k for all the snake oil?
  6. £11k of snake oil? How much is the actual amp, cd and speakers actually worth?
  7. I think it's Brookwood I will ask the seller, he has two items for sale and both have different places Horsham and Brookwood thanks
  8. I don't suppose anybody lives in the Horsham / Brookwood area and travels up north regularly? I wanted to bid on a power amp on ebay and seller is in Horsham area and I live in York and he won't post! Worth an ask..thanks
  9. I have a pair of mint kef reference model 2 with original boxes. The bass drivers were refoamed about three years ago. If I told you they were 2 weeks old you would believe me they are in that good condition. They are in Santos rosewood finish. Which has a zebreno type of grain which makes it a bit more modern looking than the other finishes. I may sell?
  10. But speakers placed near a wall start to have boundary effect, the bass will increase? If they are passive speakers there is no way to turn the bass down as in a sat /subwoofer
  11. What levels does it produce 37hz? I've heard "full range speakers" that produce bass but as soon as you turn up the volume the bass volume lags behind?
  12. Full range as in 20hz to 20,000 or down to 40hz?
  13. But bigger full range speakers need space around them? You can not put them up against a wall? Even more so if they are rear ported. Try telling the wife you need your speakers 3 foot from a wall? I think speaker manufacturers have missed out not designing speakers that are more accommodating to where they are positioned? Or more flexibility in where they can be positioned
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