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  1. Sell for the weekend Price reduced to £325 plus postage
  2. Selling my Anthony Gallo 250 watt per channel amplifier. Fantastic versatile piece of kit. Can be used as a "normal" amplifier but most use it as intended to drive either the second coil on a pair of Anthony Gallo speakers, or as I used it to drive a pair of Passive subs. What makes this unique is that it has a crossover built in, so you can pick a crossover for both channels, alter the phase on each channel and alter the gain all from the front panel. It can also I believe be bridged to drive a mono channel. Theres a 12volt trigger on the back too. i have original box. its mint condition apart from a little scuff on one of the grab handles. Collection from York or will post fully insured RRP £1000. Selling for £400
  3. ermm...... Not sure where they got the design from?
  4. Who actually is Russ Andrews is he a person or just a brand name?
  5. Why would you pay more for cables than the actual speakers?
  6. I looked at the average price of his speakers on ebay and it was £200 not sure what the amp and cd players is? So maybe £10k for all the snake oil?
  7. £11k of snake oil? How much is the actual amp, cd and speakers actually worth?
  8. I think it's Brookwood I will ask the seller, he has two items for sale and both have different places Horsham and Brookwood thanks
  9. I don't suppose anybody lives in the Horsham / Brookwood area and travels up north regularly? I wanted to bid on a power amp on ebay and seller is in Horsham area and I live in York and he won't post! Worth an ask..thanks
  10. Hi anybody want a single Bryston? I have a buyer for one if i can sell the other? £1500. Drive your hi end centre speaker?