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    Esoteric K-01X BH
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  1. Good point. I too never really ‘warmed’ to the internal MM boards of my MK & AK/1. Since I started using Uphorik (together with other LP12 upgrades) it’s been a game-changer for my vinyl replay.
  2. My aged (1987) LP12 Ekos/1/Cirkus, recently upgraded with Radikal/Keel/Adidt/2/Uphorik EASILY outperforms any other source I have for pure musical enjoyment, including a KDS/3, an Esoteric K-01X, and a Chord Hugo M Scaler/TT2 stack. It doesn’t really ‘make sense’, but the LP12 just trounces other sources.
  3. I use an Ekos/1, on a Radikal/Keel/Cirkus LP12. And I have to say, that’s it’s the best tone-arm I have EVER heard. Just what exactly is your problem with the Ekos? It’s absolutely world-class!
  4. Uphorik, with an Akidkt into a Klimax Kontrol. I’ve never, ever heard vinyl (or any other medium, now you mention it) sound this good!
  5. Peter, On a different topic/subject, I just wanted to give you a big ‘shout-out’/thank-you to both yourself & Wayne at Cymbiosis. You sold me a KDS/3 recently, and it’s just AWESOME. Wayne was absolutely superlative in the service he provided, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you for everything you do!
  6. I think it’s a good time to ‘feed the soul’, as well as the body, and try to ‘rediscover’ works that we have either forgotten, and/or neglected? For me? That means ‘trying’ to appreciate Karajan’s Ring Cycle from the late 60’s. I’ve always preferred Solti’s version (like the vast majority of other Wagner ‘philistines’!), but I think that Karajan was ‘onto something’ with his interpretation? Time will tell...
  7. The ‘new’ Linn control app (which is, in essence, just a ‘re-skinning’ of Kazoo) was a seriously missed opportunity. So, so disappointing. The Lumin control app, which has continually evolved over the last seven-or-so years, is still clearly superior. A clear ‘miss’ from Linn here.
  8. I’ve found humour a good ‘tonic’ for this situation. I’ve started watching my DVD boxed-set of ‘Frasier’, and I forgot how funny it is (was). Pure genius!
  9. In essence, yes, we’re on lockdown. I very much doubt the Linn factory is open now...
  10. Absolutely. The internal SSD is obviously almost instantaneous in this respect, but the USB 3.0 drive is no slouch either.
  11. You have to observe a delay - Whilst the HDD ‘spins-up’ and gets to speed. Most NAS’s will enter ‘standby’ after a period of inactivity. And then you face a slight delay getting it over/via your network. It’s a well known fact that USB 3.0 to NUC transfer is much faster than NAS via a network. Many other Roon users have found USB 3.0 to be superior to a NAS:
  12. Hi Mike, The internal SSD would be the quickest to access the files, followed shortly by Qobuz/Tidal, followed by the NAS.
  13. I’ve used a NAS, a USB 3.0 HDD, and an internal SSD with Roon. I think it comes down to speed. In my own experience, the NAS gives you the slowest access to your music, and the SSD is obviously the swiftest.
  14. There are some slight differences in a NUC running pre-installed Roon ROCK, and a Roon Nucleus running a modified version of ROCK. Albeit small, they tend to relate to automatic updates, and Control4 functionality: