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  1. I’ve never really been into buying second-hand vinyl. But this experience has been great! I think I’ll think more favourably about buying second-hand vinyl in the future.
  2. I’ve been after this one for a while, but I’m fussy. I wanted an immaculate/mint copy of the MOFI Japanese pressing, and thankfully eBay has provided! I’ve just spent 40-minutes in heaven! An awesome version, which trounces on the CD version. even though that was issued relatively recently.
  3. Just got an email update from Chris at Hidden Systems @Hidden Systems @DavidHB is the installation of the month Install of the month - DavidHB - Isle of Wight David is a great client whom bought a lovely pair of Linn oak Akubariks from us in the Hartley Wintney day's, decided to convert to Linn Exakt active and initially kept his old 30 yr old Linn Axis turntable. I said, thanks for being a great customer, let's put your lesser Axis parts on my old LP12 from the 80's. David was very pleased and said "let's spice it up" so up it went to Akurate level, three years later - he has reached the ultimate - full Klimax LP12, the best. My old LP12 from Radford HiFi Windsor has found a good home. Stay safe as always and look forward to seeing you soon at 2m or will it be 1m soon....
  4. Yes, it is bloody frustrating when you potentially have to make changes in your network, for a very expensive streamer to work...
  5. Yes, your network is/was the problem, as it was in my case. I had exactly the same experience as yourself. My previous Lumin streamers worked fine connected directly to my ASUS RT-N66U router. The KDS did not. Without the addition of a NETGEAR switch in the chain, it simply wouldn’t connect reliably. This wasn’t the streamer’s ‘fault’. There wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with the Linn. It was simply that the KDS needed a switch in the network to work reliably. Therefore, it was a problem with my network, as it was with yours.
  6. I sympathise with the OP. Linn kit does seem to be a bit ‘sensitive’ with respect to the network. Which is why, as I’ve stated before, Linn recommend/insist it’s installed by a dealer. At the end of the day though, the OP’s network was the ultimate source of the problem. Not the Selekt.
  7. The GS108 retails for around £40. I'd imagine if you reconnected your old router, and then put a NETGEAR switch in the chain, you'd be OK (?)
  8. They probably don't need to Mick, because as you say the switches they recommend are all still available? In my case, inserting a GS108 between the router and the KDS completely solved my problems. As you already know, I bought my KDS used, and hence had to install it myself. I was actually thinking about returning it when it wouldn't work properly, and then I realised how important the switch is, in installing a Linn streamer. The English Electric 8Switch daisy-chains perfectly from the GS108, which is also used to provide connections to other AV kit in my living room.
  9. As I've said before, I had similar problems when connecting my KDS directly to my ASUS router. Everything else worked fine, apart from my KDS. To be fair to Linn, they do recommend certain switches to use: However, I too share your frustration. I too cannot see a 'reason' why Linn streamers are so 'fussy'? However, and again to be fair to Linn, they do recommend/insist that their kit is installed by a dealer, to circumvent the exact problems we have faced.
  10. I agree. I was a staunch skeptic before. And I still am! BUT this Chord/EE kit really makes a demonstrable improvement.
  11. OK. I’ve had a few weeks of living with these changes, and I wanted to provide some feedback. A couple of weeks ago, I placed an English Electric (EE) 8Switch in the network chain, daisy-chained from a NETGEAR GS108 on the network. In addition to this change, I placed a length of Chord Signature Super ARAY Streaming cable between the 8Switch, and my Roon Nucleus. In addition, I placed a run of Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY Streaming cable between the 8Switch and my KDS/3. ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED with the improvements these changes make! Take what you will away from changes in networking cables, switches etc. But IMO they are jaw-dropping!
  12. A switch like the GS108 is definitely the way forward. My KDS didn’t play well/at all using Kazoo when it was directly connected to my ASUS router. The addition of a GS108 in the chain solved the problem instantly.
  13. I’m pretty sure that that LP12 is ‘the light’. IMO a KDS/3, or any other decent digital source can’t ‘hold a candle’ (sic) to a decent LP12.