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  1. Stop what exactly? It’s interesting when the mods delete a post. It sure interrupts the flow of conversation!
  2. I spent £6.5k upgrading my LP12 in December 2019. Karousel was released a few weeks later. Karousel should have been ‘free’ to me. Was I p***ed-off, or bitter? NO!! It’s LIFE!
  3. I was after a new door-stop for the lounge. Since the announcement of Organik, my crappy KDS/3 has the perfect heft...
  4. Why, oh why, oh WHY is it all about having the ‘latest and greatest’? The facts are, that the Organik Klimax is going to cost a hell of a lot more than your KDSM, and as @Paulssurround has already stated, the KDSM is an amazing bit of kit. Just focus on what’s really important - the music, and just enjoy what you have.
  5. Found it thanks to Roon, Mick. ‘Down the rabbit-hole’ from The Beatles, to Paul, to John...
  6. Has anyone else heard this? http://www.johnlennon.com/music/albums/double-fantasy-stripped-down/ It’s on Qobuz now in 24/96, and I’ve been completely FLOORED. It just ‘feels’ like John is playing in-front of me in my living-room...
  7. IMO both the current range of Klimax and Akurate range of separates/sources will be axed. In their place will be: Majik DSM/4 - Non-Exakt/Non-Katalyst, Entry Level Linn. Selekt - Exakt & Katalyst, plus M/C capable. NEW Klimax - Exakt & Organik, plus M/C capable. This will give Linn a nice new range of ‘Selekt-style’ boxes for sale
  8. I can’t see the current line of Klimax gear being upgradable to the Organik range. It looks like the current line of Klimax kit may be ‘stuck’ where it is?
  9. I thought as much that it would be based on an FPGA DAC. dCS and Chord already use this technology: https://chordelectronics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/The-theory-behind-M-Scaler-technology.pdf
  10. So the whole shebang looks like a direct replacement for the current Klimax range? With Exakt-Only System Hub, DSM, and x.1 A/V model?
  11. So, top-end. That would seem to fit with their references to the LP12 and KDS in their initial ‘teaser’.
  12. Combine the KDS streaming platform with a Rob Watts FPGA DAC, and you’ll have a ‘Chicken-Dinner’!
  13. 'I've been listening to 300 vinyl records to get me through lockdown' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-56187737 What a way to go though lockdown!
  14. MP3, and other compressed formats just aren’t worth listening to, IMO. Especially when lossless music is so plentiful now. I’ve just had a bit of an epiphany with regard to DSD though. I’ve just listened to my very first DSD128 recording, and it sounds absolutely bloody marvellous! You obviously can’t stream DSD, but I bought this from NativeDSD: https://www.nativedsd.com/catalogue/default/imp7001d-higher/ I also have the 24/44.1 PCM of this recording, but the ‘double’ DSD sounds so much better. Sales of DSD are growing, not shrinking. Why the hell didn’t Linn get behind DSD ‘properly’ when they had the chance with Katalyst?
  15. Cheers @Nestor Turton Another good site is: ArtistShare Buying from here, makes sure the artists get as much share as possible.
  16. This programme sounds like essential listening: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000sqkp
  17. I have a lot of respect for Tony @Tony_J one of our moderators here on the forum. He is obviously a very knowledgable person, and that is clear from the quality of his posts, Respect! However I do believe that he has transgressed his role of ‘Moderator’ on this forum on quite a few occasions. And some of his posts on this thread especially (IMO) are testament to this. The role of a ‘Moderator’ should be limited to preventing unacceptable ‘behaviour’ on a forum: https://www.webopedia.com/definitions/moderator/ In contrast, Tony has actively engaged in contentious debate on this forum (as demonstrated in this thread), when his role should have been limited to ‘arbitration’/refereeing opposing points of view and working to prevent abuse/demeaning expression, rather than ‘siding with’ or supporting one particular perspective over other, competing opinions/perspectives. Just my ‘10 Cents’...
  18. C’mon folks! It’s disappointing to see this thread go the same way as similar threads on other forums. But we’re all friends here. Let’s make sure we stay that way!
  19. Maybe I was correct in using the word ‘controversial’ a few pages ago... Measurements are indeed important. But they don’t tell the whole story. For example, I know that Radikal sounds better than Lingo 4. But does it ‘measure’ any better? The same applies with digital. I know that my AudioQuest USB cable sounds better than my AmazonBasics one. How do I know? Because I’ve listened. The same applies to network switches. I’m a very sceptical person, and I used to believe that ‘bits are bits’. I still do believe this, but through experimentation and experience, I now know that some things can improve digital replay. And, IMO, some network switches can achieve this.
  20. I don't think Linn Records distribute their own recordings anymore? Outhere Music seems to distribute them now: About us | Outhere Music (outhere-music.com)
  21. I have young children in the house, and because of this I don't get to listen to the system as much as I'd like. It tends to be the odd-evening in the week after work, or at the weekends. Aside from the system, I do a lot of headphone listening. When I do listen to the system after an absence of a few days, I realise what I've been missing
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