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  1. Oh my god. What have you done?! Keith, you must have some severe reasons to sell that arm because I'd be selling my kids before I let mine go. Congratulations to the new owner. What Angus does to these arms puts them into another realm of performance. Wiped the floor with an SME V, so you've had a proper bargain. Heard one with a Windfeld a few days ago and I'm still not over it.
  2. Hi all, With the acquisition of the Ortofon Vienna, I am now releasing the Goldring Ethos into the wild. Bought as an emergency cartridge on 09/10/20, after my HA103-SEL died. I have put just about 75hrs on it since new, mainly because I haven't had a Phonostage for most of the time I've had it [emoji1787] I know, a Phonostage maker who hasn't got a Phonostage lol. It's just how it went with being so busy. I have been absolutely and thoroughly impressed by the Goldring since I owned it and have recommended it without hesitation to anyone looking for a MC cart under £1k. Cantilever is absolutely straight and I've tried to photo it as well as possible. Anyway, all packaging included and will post to anywhere in the UK with RMND. £725.00 Inc postage in the UK. Also on eBay for those wanting to use a Credit Card.
  3. If it's left handed, does that mean the arm faces away from the platter ? Sorry, bad joke. Oh dear, seems to be a bit of this scamming nonsense around at the minute.
  4. This is what's stated on the futureshop site, but I'll double check. Size 1 : 29 x 22 cm
  5. Now on eBay for those wishing to use a Credit Card
  6. Now on eBay for those wishing to use a Credit Card
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