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  1. Any leanings on the cartridge front, Jayson? I use a HA103-SEL from Holistic Audio, which i am a huge fan of. Also a massive Ortofon fan myself.
  2. Yes i am sure! Realistically, a sealed pair like mine would be £130, that's what it would cost to prize them off me, BUT they are the Siemens Halske made Telefunken in Munich, not the Berlin or Ulm ones. They are super rare these days and I'd almost bet anything you won't find any, still sealed..... If you can find one, snap it up.
  3. Haha i doubt that will happen. They are the best valve i have tried in the phonostage and apart from Tesla E83CC & big money valves like the ECC803 etc, i have tried pretty much everything i can find. The other sweet spot is the 6N2P-EV-OS........
  4. Well you have done really well with the price you got them for. I am well jealous lol The TFK valves are just sublime and i am of the opinion that everything matters in your system, so why not put possibly the best brand of valves in your gear! Glad they are hitting the spot mate.
  5. Thats all good stuff. I hope my comments are helpful and if you need any advice as you go along, just give me a shout.
  6. Yes, thank you. Short and tidy keeps the noise away. Ta
  7. @BruceFlea Crap pic but you can just see the rear of the case. Keep it all close and short and it will make a difference to the background noise.
  8. Hi Nic , Can i make a few suggestions, garnered from my experience of building these? In your phonostage box, i can't quite make out what the two RCA sockets are nearest to the umbilical's entry point, but they need to be moved. You want the signal wiring as far away from that power cable as possible. I would move the PCB to the far side of the box and put the RCA sockets in line with with the holes on the PCB, it will be compact, but the amount of wire you have there between the sockets will be acting like an aerial. If they are unshielded wires, like i use, you need to get them as short as possible. I'll post a picture of the inside of mine so you can see what i mean.
  9. It does have a habit of going through stages...starts of Brilliantly, then falls off the pace for a few hours and then starts to sort itself out. I usually drop mine onto a inverse RIAA and play CDs through them until that period of fluctuation in performance is over. Saves stylus wear etc. Keep going with it and it will settle into its groove nicely.
  10. @radiant red There is a 6N2P-EV on it's way too you. Posted today so hopefully with you tomorrow. Let me know how you get on with it. Remember to let it run in. Its brand new.
  11. I'll just have to console Myself with these that have just arrived NOS and Still sealed...opened for testing by the previous owner, which I requested It's nice having a little network of valve enthusiasts. Happy to open them as I will never sell them. Premium price, but they are worth it.