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  1. Reminds me a bit of a Jackie Leven sleeve......
  2. Phil Bishop


    No, but DSOTM and WYWH comprise the greatest album and follow-up ever made As for over-exposure, it certainly plays its part as does cool and trend. When I was a teenager in the 1970s I used to listen to radio stations that did polls of the most popular rock tracks as voted for by listeners. "Stairway To Heaven" always came top. There then came a period where it was not cool to like Stairway TH, it's still not, "oh, I much prefer "Kashmir" or "Achilles Last Stand", etc. IMO Stairway still remains Zeppelin's best track, I never tire of it, basically it's perfection.
  3. Phil Bishop


    I think the reason I'm not mega on "The Wall" is I'm more a music person that lyrics. I guess if I could get into the concept more it may appeal. The main issue I have with "The Wall" on vinyl is Side 4 which seems to just go on and on with no high points. Funnily enough, I do quite like some of "The Final Cut" and it's a very dynamic album. I don't play it often though.
  4. Phil Bishop


    I'm with you, DSOTM is a perfect album for me - it's a musical journey with one high point after another. To me, it doesn't sound "dated", whatever that actually means. Roger Waters has been quoted as saying the lyrics are rather "Lower Sixth" or something like that. Really Roger? Blimey, I wish I'd have written them. They still have a poignancy, particularly "Time", the rushing around we do to get nowhere except one day closer to death. I know it's trendy for the "real" Pink Floyd aficionados to go on about Animals - it has it's moments but "sheep" is rather tiresome as is the Roger Waters venom. As for "The Wall".........
  5. Phil Bishop


    C'mon, you would seriously be prepared to go though the rest of your life without that introduction to "Breathe", Gilmour's solo on "Time" and "The Great Gig" in its entirety? I sort of know where you are coming from on "Money". I still think it's great but there are far better moments. I guess it served its purpose, the breakthrough in the US, given how long this album charted.
  6. Phil Bishop


    Still a flawless album IMO and the best thing they ever did. A benchmark by which all other albums should be judged. Still does not sound dated to my ears. It's not just the music, it's the iconic sleeve and all the rest. No acoustic guitar on DSOTM to my best knowledge.
  7. It looks familiar - I was thinking a Moody Blues album cover but can't pin it down.
  8. Groundbreaking Irish folk band - the sleeve denotes characters in the songs:
  9. OK, this one is a favourite, again photographed from my own collection......
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