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  1. Relax, it was just a bit of advice about room acoustics and loudspeaker positioning.
  2. Any photos of the damage? I assume this is a pushed-in dust cap? Very hard to understand how that made it past QC.....
  3. I don't think it should be played out in public, for the record. Where have I said that? The point is that, true or not, it's already been publicised by the OP.
  4. I'm not trolling. ATC themselves have a view on it, I've seen them express it often. I'll trust ATC over Linn any day, and if you understand room acoustics, you'll see why adjusting bass response in one small area will affect it adversely in other parts of the room.
  5. No question, but now it isn't private.
  6. I know how DSP works, and I also know how an electric tablecloth works. I don't need to try it to know it's a bad idea. https://www.culture24.org.uk/history-and-heritage/art19432
  7. I would have thought alleged poor customer service such as this would merit a response.
  8. Both servicing of my old 100s (bought s/h), and delivery & servicing of my new 150s.
  9. Wow, OK. I've only handled 100s & 150s, so no experience of the smaller models. I'm surprise Rick hasn't chimed in.
  10. They would need both speakers back so that they can be matched, I believe. I don't believe that ATC would suggest that the dealer should fix it!
  11. None of it rings true, having dealt with ATC many times. They ship direct.
  12. Pardon my scepticism, but this whole thread is a wind-up, right?
  13. Did you take any pictures of the damage?
  14. It is, I can guarantee it.
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