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  1. I did some Googling, but came up with nothing. I'm guessing a SS preamp couldn't really use more than around 10-20W?
  2. Interesting, was that on a power amp? The Audiolab DC blocker has a peak load of 600VA, which I guess isn't enough for high output amps. Try as I might, I can't find anything about the power usage of the SC/52 combo, but I guess it would be a lot lower?
  3. To my shame, I do. I think the current draw is pretty minimal. [I do turn off my active ATCs, though. Those really chew the watts.] Naim kit is notorious for buzzing, I don't know why they don't incorporate DC-blocking circuity inside the box, unless there's some awful downside which is not apparent to me.
  4. Hi, it's on a 20 year old Naim Supercap, which is feeding a similar-vintage NAC 52. Both the SC and 52 have been modified, but nothing was done to the transformer in the Supercap, which has always hummed. The hum wasn't loud enough to hear from the listening position, about 12 feet away, but was very evident if standing closer to it. The output can't be split between components.
  5. Also, I think SQ has improved, with the caveat that I am as susceptible to fooling myself about this as anyone else. There seems to be more low-level detail, and a bigger soundstage. Whatever, the transformer buzz has gone, which was the primary objective.
  6. I picked up an Audiolab DC blocker today, from the ever-helpful Terry at Analogue Seduction. All I can say is that my Naim transformer is now silent, for the first time in about 20 years. Can't say I hear a shocking improvement in SQ, but it's literally only just been put in. For £100, I'd say good value.
  7. Thanks, I tend to hang onto cars if I like them. Every time I change my car, I get the feeling I've been robbed.
  8. Our house would grind to a halt without tinned tomatoes! Beans also.
  9. I don't know, my car is 7 years old, 40k miles, drives like new, and has stopped depreciating (for the time being). It's the best driver's car I've owned, including the 911, IMO. I probably drive less than 5000 miles per year. I'm hanging on to it, pending a drop in EV prices, and sufficient charging points.
  10. I quite like the idea of a Tesla 2-seat sports car, allegedly in the pipeline. I imagine it will be quite rapid.
  11. I haven't berated anybody. I just wondered if there was some special reason why he leaves his amps on, but this will remain a mystery. The Solar salves my conscience, even though I openly admitted to being a hypocrite, and if it wasn't a Porsche, I'd have some other car. The difference between 30 mpg and 40 is pretty marginal.
  12. The Cayman averages about 30mpg overall. Now I'm no longer commuting, I do far fewer miles in it. It's an old banger, really, but I love it still. I'm not calling anyone black, btw, merely asking a question.
  13. It's a 981 Cayman GTS. In fairness, for a quoted 340 HP from a 3.4 flat-six, it's remarkably fuel-efficient and still fun (relative to my previous 997 3.8 S). Hard to get the Cayman below 26mpg, even on a thrash, and I get around 34mpg on a motorway haul. The 997 averaged 24mpg. Anyway, I'm still left wondering why you leave your amp packs on. For me, it would feel like leaving the TV on 24/7.
  14. We are also with Octopus, and have solar. On the downside, I run a Porsche. Hypocrite!
  15. Why is it so difficult for you to turn them off, at least overnight? Apologies if you are disabled in some way. Leaving them on doesn't "make them sound better".
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