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  1. Nothing at all wrong with the atacama stands, was just wondering if the dedicated stands made any noticeable difference to the overall sound, l am more than happy with the way they sound, so won't be forking out £200 for the stands, which to be honest I don't like the look of anyway 😂
  2. I have a pair of concept 20's on atacama stands. Do the dedicated stands really make a difference? Also does anyone have them bi wired?
  3. I got some vinyl for Christmas. All by The Cure. Seventeen Seconds Faith Pornography The Top Have taken great delight telling people l got pornography for Christmas 😮
  4. Well l took a gamble and got the rack. £35. First impressions seems very well made with thick smoked glass shelves. The amplifier was a tight fit only a small gap of about 5mm at the top, although the oak cone feet fitted to it may have to come off now 🤔
  5. Have seen this rack for sale on an internet selling site. Contacted the seller asking if he knew who manufactured it unfortunately he didn't. Looks a bit flimsy. Any help identifying it, may take a gamble on it.
  6. 1. Disintegration - The Cure 2. Definitely Maybe - Oasis 3. Dummy - Portishead 4. Screamadelica - Primal Scream 5. Grace - Jeff Buckley 1. RATM - Rage Against The Machine 2. Dare - The Human League 3. Kings of The Wild Frontier - Adam and the Ants 4. Ten - Pearl Jam 5. Performance and Cocktails - Stereophonics Well, how could I only pick 5?! 😉
  7. I expect to see these on the Russ Andrews website any day soon. Audiophile pegs £30 each. Please add £10 per peg for deep cryogenic treatment. 'Bass improved, vocals were clearer, a great improvement to my system!'
  8. My relatively cheap but enjoyable system:- Project Elemental TT NAD C542 CD Player Pioneer A400 Amplifier Dali Zensor 1 Loudspeakers