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  1. Some more photos showing the imperfections. The screw holes under the speakers are 8mm deep and less than 2mm diameter..
  2. Sunday bump. I can deliver them free of charge up to 50miles from Hadleigh, so that would be only £600 for classic speakers with great stands.
  3. £900 + can deliver them up to 60 miles from Ipswich at fuel cost
  4. I agree 😃 Over the years I went through many stages from cheap stereo through complex DIY, now playing with old and new toys 👍 luckily my coleagues at work feel the same about hifi so we have plenty to talk about and listen to during the day.
  5. I've heard about ML first time in the 90s in my teenage days, it was 33... series. Back then to own ML / Krell and Mcaintosh was like a dream ( similar to own e.g. a Ferrari ). Since then a lot of hifi gear went through my life but I always had this thought in my head that ML stuff is one of the best. I presume this was one of the reasons why I decided to buy it 👍. I think, probably same as many people, that £8k transistor pre/power amp combo from 90s should still sound very good comparing to £3k modern integrated.
  6. How does the Klimax compare to Sneaky DS that you had?
  7. ... another subject would be if Sneaky DSM would be better than 'some' streamer connected to quality DAC, e.g. Chord Hugo?
  8. The Sneaky DSM that I can purchase will cost me the same as what I paid for CXN. I would use it as streamer/DAC hence I don't mind how good/bad is the pre/amp section in DSM. I know that RRP of the Sneaky was close to 2.5x of the CXN but as the first has build in amp, it is not like comparing apples with apples. Hence I wonder if Sneaky DSM is better than CXN as streamer/DAC...
  9. I posted this question in different forum, but has anyone had a chance to compare CXN v1 or 2 to Linn Sneaky DSM? Cheers
  10. Hi all, I currently use CA CXN purchased from one of the forum members. I have been using it for few months now but I have a chance to buy Linn Sneaky DSM. The later has build in amplifier but I would use it as a streamer/dac. Does anyone had a chance to listen to the Sneaky as a source/dac and compare it with other streamers, e.g. CXN?
  11. In the office I currently play CA CXN through Pioneer SX 750 into AE1s mk2. All from different era but sounds surprisingly good together.