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  1. I always liked Marantz sound and built quality but will listen to ML 38 and 335 for next few month or years. I returned to Marantz once after trying different amps, I might do it again...
  2. ... I will also have Quadraspire QK cabinet for sale as ML is too deep 😌
  3. Hi All, I am selling my system as I've decided to change it to ML / Accuphase set up. They are listed on ebay but here are my minimum prices (paypal pay friend or bank transfer) Marantz PM11S2 with remote and Kimber Yellow mains cable (no box) SOLD Project Perspex 6 with Quintet black S and Speedbox II (no box) £800+pp reserved Oppo HA 1 Dac / headphone amplifier (no remote, no box) SOLD Sony MDR Z7 headphones with Sky Audio 3m XLR cable (boxed) £350+pp Kimber 8TC 5m lengths (original postage box) £350+pp All will be packed very well although collection is preferred.
  4. You are right, I would never pay RRP for ML equipment as I could have 95% of sound quality for 30% of the price. Nevertheless ML design great sounding equipment therefore it has always been on my hifi list of things to try. Paul McGowan said in one of his videos that old high end still sounds great, but modern top of the line equipment is simply better ( he was referring to stuff from 70s).
  5. I'm a bit nostalgic when it comes to hifi. In the 90s when I was a teenager reading hifi magazines, it was my dream to own a Krell, Mark Levinson or Martin Logan. Now I have a good quality equipment but anytime when I see photo of old reference hifi from 1990s I have a feeling that it would be good idea to just change my Marantz. I managed to acquire ML335 and 38 recently and started thinking if it is still 'reference' system comparing to something like Marantz PM10.
  6. Hi all, What is your oppinion on hi fi equipment from 1990s in comparison to more modern equipment. For some time now I use Marantz PM11s2 which I am quite happy with. I presume next step would be to go towards PM10 but how about something older but higher quality e.g. Mark Levinson 335 and 38 combo? Cheers
  7. What do you think of your Mogami 2549s? Are they on similar level to budget van den huls, soundwise? I'm after new XLRs as well and was considering those.
  8. I had non KI version as well. One of the best sounding and looking amps in its price range. I liked it so much that after years of trying other amps, I bought PM17 younger bigger brother.