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  1. Yep, they are hard to find hence I check ebay few times a day...
  2. The whole X Reference rack sits on spikes with some floor protectors - these are first point of vibration reduction IMO. The black curved profiles are made of bamboo,so are the shelves. The bronze spikes, well... these just fancy looking spikes in my opinion. I already have Pro ject Ground it under the tt sitting on 4 large sorbothane feet so I know how effective these can be. Regarding DIY tweaking of my rack, what I had in mind was something like X Reference design but with the 'black X profiles' under the shelves made from 10mm thick steel (profiled). Instead of bronze spikes I thought of sorbothane/rubber pads or simple spikes. With those two addons I think the rack will be more stable and less prone to vibrations - shelves that is. And of course cost me less than 5% of the original.👍
  3. I know that the main purpouse of a rack/stand is to keep all electronics free of any vibrations. In my case I have quite big speakers and two subs quite close to the rack. I understand that the X Reference has four points of vibration isolation or reduction from ground level - spikes/columns > bamboo X frame > bronze spikes > bamboo shelf. Therefore I assume that any rack with shelf put on top of another shelf with something in between would provide similar results, right? I question this idea as I think of some diy conversion of my QAVM to add another point vibration reduction e.g. X frame.
  4. I know that bronze spikes sound discouraging but nextel coated bamboo may be comfy 😁
  5. Has anyone had a chance to see/listen/compare music played on gear sitting on Quadraspire Reference X rack? I really like their standard range, but is the 10x more expensive Reference X so much better 'sounding'? I personally doubt it but I may be wrong...
  6. I'm looking for a Quadraspire QAVM shelf - 1085 x 500mm deep version in light oak finish but may consider other options.
  7. I'm looking for either Oppo HA-2 or Chord Mojo. Please let me know if you have one spare.
  8. These lights remind me of two things - Close encounters of the third kind and Chord dacs...
  9. Hi, would you consider selling the PSU separately?