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  1. For sale two Quadraspire QK lockable Hi-Fi cabinets with light oak veneer. Both are in very good condition IMHO. One of them has been converted to be used with turntable to provide 100% child protection. I also cut half of the back wall out in it, so it could used it with deeper gear.They come with glass shelves - 4 per cabinet and one key. £150 cash on collection from Ipswich, Suffolk p.s. they are also listed on ebay
  2. I ended up buying C-2000 - very nice unit. I use Pro-ject Phono RS but consider getting AD-10 or 20 option card. Does anyone have one laying around?
  3. I would buy it straight away if it was listed last week, but I bought different preamp instead on Saturday. BTW, this is very good preamp for very good price.
  4. According to www it was £4500 / 10500DM 25 years ago
  5. Thank you, a bit too expensive for me though.
  6. Does anyone have spare Accuphase preamp laying around by any chance? 😀
  7. Hi, I'm looking for an Accuphase preamplifier, something like C-265 or similar (age).
  8. It looks like Node 2 plays 24/384 as I can see progress bar moving but I think that there is no signal sent to the DAC via optical as there is no sound and also toslink is limited to 24/192. I am trying to arrange 75 ohm coax cable 3.5mm to RCA for the Mojo, which should work with 24/384. I wonder if it will work then...
  9. I think of C-265, it is quite common combination with P-450. p.s. listenning and looking at the P-450, I'm not surprised that for some Accuphase is the 'final' brand. These VU meters are hipnotic my coleague summarised it today...