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  1. According to www it was £4500 / 10500DM 25 years ago
  2. Thank you, a bit too expensive for me though.
  3. Does anyone have spare Accuphase preamp laying around by any chance? 😀
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an Accuphase preamplifier, something like C-265 or similar (age).
  5. It looks like Node 2 plays 24/384 as I can see progress bar moving but I think that there is no signal sent to the DAC via optical as there is no sound and also toslink is limited to 24/192. I am trying to arrange 75 ohm coax cable 3.5mm to RCA for the Mojo, which should work with 24/384. I wonder if it will work then...
  6. I think of C-265, it is quite common combination with P-450. p.s. listenning and looking at the P-450, I'm not surprised that for some Accuphase is the 'final' brand. These VU meters are hipnotic my coleague summarised it today...
  7. I got P-450 👍, now I'm after preamp...
  8. Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to play 24/384 on Node 2 to capable DAC via coax, or is the streamer section, same as internal DAC, limited to 24/192 resolution?
  9. I planned to purchase P450 from them for a good price but I was late by less than a day and someone else bought it on ebay &#€×$=£!... I would like the DC330 as it has good 192/24 dac while DC300 only 48/24. I would like to use it with Node 2 and forget about external dacs for time being. I used mainly mojo / hugo / qutest within the last 12 months. Accuphase stuff is well made hence I think something made in 1999 still should run fine for next years to come.
  10. You are right, it looks and sounds dodgy. I check seller's IP address and it doesn't match the location on the website either. It didn't look like a scam at first look, even price is not that low, but that bank transfer just keeps me away from buying it...
  11. I am well aware of these scams, hence I use Paypal as much as I can now (saved me £700 once). It is some Turkey based website, assuring (probably the only assuring thing) is that emporiumhifi advertise there as well. The DC 330 which is listed there is from private seller and he prefers wiretransfer, it looks like they don't like Paypal in Germany that well.
  12. It seems like Accuphase preamps are way more expensive than power amplifiers, not sure why... Nevertheless, I found DC330 on website in Germany. It is less than £2000 including postage so quite cheap comparing to analogue preamps from late 90s.
  13. Hi all, I am thinking of trying out Accuphase pre-power amp combo. Has anyone heard digital pre amps e.g. DC 300 or DC 330? They are quite old (6x AD1853) hence I wonder how these end-of-the-road designs sound comparing with their analogue brothers.
  14. There is one on ebay for £70, listed just recently.
  15. Tom1980

    Rega dac

    Is it £180 delivered?
  16. I am slowly starting to consider getting an Accuphase pre power combo (second hand of course) as I'm very impressed with DP 65V that I purchased few months ago. Accuphase gear is not common around here, hence can you please advise what is the best place to look for them and how much a set may cost - something from late 90s? Cheers
  17. Yes, why not. Stands alone would be £170 including postage (they are very heavy).