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  1. Not me. Suspended anyday. Can't figure or why anyone would prefer a solid over a bouncer ? Unless they got sausage fingers or tourettes !
  2. I own a black , and while it is an excellent cart and very detailed and does everything very well ...it won't make your toes tap. It's a very accurate tool . But it lacks life and soul. It's almost digital in its reproduction. If that's what you want then brilliant ! But if you want fun , and some oomph to your music my advice is try a dynavector 10x5. Same ish price but lots more rhythm and punch to my ears . Having owned both I can speak from experience using both a gyrodec and a Tehnics SL1200. Don't rush into it . It's a lot of dosh for a cart that you might find a bit tame. PS..... the black stylus is never meant to be used in the blue body ! ! ! !
  3. Engy baby

    ELP Tarkus

    That's why I mentioned it it , Baz ! How times change .
  4. Engy baby

    ELP Tarkus

    "Talk with the sister, spoke in a whisper, threatened to fist her if sheDidn't come clean"
  5. It's as well that it is irrelevant how much is Live on the Thin Lizzy , Live and Dangerous LP. I read that a small portion of drumming is the only part left from the live performances.
  6. Is a bugger when Ian McShane does a better Yorkshire accent than Sean Bean ! Still the best thing ever to come out of a telly screen though. Gomorrah is a close 2nd.
  7. So girlie's can be left handed to. That's good !