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  1. Systemine streamer for sale, Its basicaly a hard drive (NAS) and muisc player that you control via your home network using your web browser. It does not have Wi Fi, you need to plug it into your network using an ethernet cable. It has a remote so you should be able to play music without a home network but I havent tried that. You will need the network to add music. To add music to the hard drive you just add or delete files using windows, I have loads of abums on it, all using FLAC files so large files but the drive is just half full. Windows 10 needs a setting changed to allow you to see it on your network, easy to do. Its a UK built high quality player, I have been using it with Meridian & Linn amps and it sounds good The model number is AS3 - 320, made in the UK by armourhome if you want to google it...... £75 prefer pick up as no box (near Glasgow)
  2. update... Systemline came back to me and asked what other bits if their kit I had? I replied saying none and havent heard from them since. I found a you tube video explaining step by step how to fix, using control panel / Programmes & features / Turn windows features on or off / and ticking the box beside SMB1CIFS file sharing Support. Seems to hace done the trick, I can now access the hard drive.....
  3. Thanks Mick, fingers crossed Systemline come up with the goods
  4. Thanks Ronnie, just followed the link..... that was Dutch to me!! Didnt understand any of it. mailed Systemline the other day but still await a response..... will wait to see if they come back
  5. Hi, I have a Systemline 3 ouput hard drive music player, had it for ages and use it now and again. To change any of the stored music you find it on the network and add or delete tracks and albums... simple! When I bought a new laptop it couldnt see the network player... my old desktop could so no problem, I assumed it was a windows 10 thing. Latey I cant see it on either computer. I have tried mapping a drive using \\systemline\music as the address. I get this warning, see attached. I have no clue as to what it means... verly limited computer knowlege....... Can anyone help?
  6. Hue Cornwell - Monster going to see him live tomorrow
  7. GavJ

    Dual 506 problem

    Managed to get a capacitor from Maplins today, bit of soldering and were back up and running again.... happy days
  8. GavJ

    Dual 506 problem

    Hi, looking for some help... I have resurrected an old Dual from my loft. Its been lying about for a few years, the platter was a bit stiff but a good clean and a few drops of oil and its fine. But, when I return the tonearm to the rest the turntable does not switch off? I have disassembled the unit and the mechanical side of it works fine, it is physically pressing in the micro switch for off and releasing it for on. The switch internal contacts are moving freely and look fine, the capacitor across the terminals is split and looks done... also one of the pins has broken from the base, I'm wondering if this was loose and arcing which popped the cap? It must have been making contact or the platter would not have spun. Anyway, I think i could fix the switch and replace the cap (240v 0.01up) Would be easier if i could get a new switch, anyone know where i can get one? dualswitch.mp4
  9. Ive been using the free version, don't mind the adverts, not that many... would be interested to hear the SQ difference with the paid, might sign up, can always cancel again
  10. Ok, spent a few hours last night using windows media player, playing FLAC files via bluetooth to the Jongo, digital out to my Numerik..... yea, that will do. Playing "come together" the Beatles.... wow, the bass was incredible, played some Kate Melua, voice and especially the high pitch was excellent. So, note to myself, walk past the hi fi shop, don't listen to any £40k systems, this will do for a while..... now to find some new music...
  11. New cable installed... it works!! Sounds ok, initial impression is that there's not that much improvement but listening room (Wife calls it the lounge?) is in disarray having the ceiling plastered so couch closer to speakers than usual... waiting for the weekend to have a longer session.
  12. Cable received, receipt says 75 ohm.......will have a try when I get a chance
  13. looks like a 75 ohm, how do I know what I need? Still not sure if this will work without anything connected to the other socket? The output one, I think it has something to do with the clock?
  14. GavJ

    Sneaky Linn

    Im pretty sure the WD is UPNP, I can play from it through windows media player. Not sure of the operating system on my tablet, its about 3 yrs old, getting a bit slow but then again... aren't we all