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  1. Bought some of this and just tried. It definitely reduced the "boomy"ness but it takes too much out of the rest if the sound. It's like they're muffled! Still playing. Seems slightly better with just one piece not so tightly packed in.
  2. Can I use cut in half squash balls...! Thanks for all suggestions I'll research later. The sorbothane might be something to try too. I assume you use these instead of spikes, so it will stop me poking holes in the carpet everytime I move the speakers!
  3. Its a pair of double french doors leading to the garden. Interesting. I did think about bungs as I've used previously. As they're down ported I didn't think that would make much difference. Where did you buy said material? In my mind having the speakers on spikes into the floor gives them a firm foundation so not to move when drivers are active. If they're on granite, they could slide a little bit. Maybe I'm overthinking it!
  4. They're on spikes. Always used spikes. (Previous owner had them on slabs of granite on carpet) Floor is concrete under the carpet. Currently 7" from back wall
  5. Yes, I definitely noticed sitting further forward on my sofa helped this, but you can still hear the "boomy" noise through the rest of the house!
  6. Yes, of course! Picked them up last week and then spent a long time listening/playing music while out to let them bed in to my system. Most noticeable is the clarity. Voices, piano, guitars etc all sound a lot better. I like being able to hear the strum of a guitar and all the little bits going on in the background! This is something that always got better with the old speakers as I changed other bits of kit, but the ProAcs have enhanced this further. The bass is a tricky one. Although the speakers sound more powerful at the lower end, on some tracks this can become "boomy". I'm still tweaking the system and changed to atlas hyper 2.0 cable when I changed the speakers. I could try going back to my old bi-wire cable and see if that makes any difference. I've also been playing with placement/toe etc. Trying to pull them out as far from the wall as possible before SWMBO complains!
  7. Ha, thanks. Yeah goldenears were going to be new so that would have been a demo. Picked up these proacs second hand. Will hear them with his kit before taking them home. But going on other prices I think I could sell them on without losing too much (I doubt this will be the case because they will be better than my missions!) I wouldn't know where to begin with a review!
  8. Yeah, a dealer offered to do this but I'd feel bad not buying something after trialing a couple
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've decided to take the plunge and put a deposit down on some d20r. Will probably just sell them on if I don't like them. They seem to hold their value well enough. Behind the curtain is double French doors to the garden. Looking for better clarity if possible and a bit tighter bass. Sometimes you don't know what you're missing until you change! I've had these missions for over 10 years.
  10. Yeah its a pretty hefty thing! Luckily I use a Logitech Harmony so that beast is hidden away in a drawer.
  11. Thanks Graham, appreciate the input. Phil, I was hoping to get into the response series. Seen a few D18s go on eBay. Old response threes look like big cabinets and I think would over power the room. Whereas the D18/D20 seem slighter. Pushing my budget but maybe it makes sense to go for the D20Rs
  12. Yeah those are the ones I'm think of! I'm a member on the group! I had decided to try the goldenears but then these popped up! Would feel bad going to a shop just to compare and then go and buy somewhere else.
  13. Hi all, I know this is a difficult question but I've been considering upgrading my current speakers after exhausting them with different amps and DAC configurations I now believe they are the bottle neck in my system. I've been looking at Proac's and (after a local audio shop suggested it to me) Goldenear's. Particular speakers are D20R and Triton 5 Current amp is an Abrahamsen V2.0 up - Any thoughts? Seems like a lot of speaker for the money with the Goldenear's. Excuse the shoddy pic, but room setup below too.
  14. MPJ88

    Anyone using MQA?

    Oh, I expected my current DAC to cope considering its 32bit/192kHz can you not use an external DAC with these devices then? I have selected the option to say if your external DAC is MQA compatible as per link below: I don't commonly use Tidal, I've paid for a month to trial it. With my first test results I'm almost tempted to go back to the sonos and save myself the cost of upgrading the house to bluesound devices! I'll try the internal DAC probably at the weekend and see how that goes
  15. Hi, I bought a bluesound node 2 to trial MQA and to be honest I'm struggling to hear the difference. I used to use Spotify (stream HQ - 320kbps MP3 IIRC) through a sonos connect. The digital (Coax) is then passed through an external DAC before going into my amp. I've wired up the bluesound instead of my sonos connect using the same setup and I think the clarity is a little better overall from the node 2. If anything its a little too bright/harsh now for my liking. The thing is when switching between spotify and a tidal MQA track I can barely hear a difference. I didn't expect much but would like to hear a difference to justify the extra cost per month and extra cost of the hardware. The only thing left to try is using the internal DAC on the bluesound node 2. Anyone else tried out the new MQA format with tidal?