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  1. Hey Pete I didn't actually. After my AA Pucinni SE expired, I took my old Rotel 820 from the 'man-cave' and was running that while I sorted a new amp out. I tried a Hegel H90 and even though it was 'better' than the Rotel, it wasn't the difference I had hoped for, so I tried another Audio Analogue, still not much in it, but then I tried a Unison Research Unico Primo and to be honest that impressed me and is now there to stay. If you take the plunge, let me know, I would like to hear one! All the best
  2. I know I played the CXN on it's own and wasn't happy, which lead to the thread where I was asking about 'warmer' sounding streamers, which, in turn lead to playing the CXN through the CD dac. I can't recall if I tried it the other way, but I think I dismissed the idea for the above reason.
  3. Not sure if it is the SE; I'll post up a pic!
  4. Over the past few months, I've been on a bit of a journey to changing my hi-fi set-up. I've asked a lot of questions on here and received many answers, suggestions and feedback. I just wanted to say a big thank-you to the forum and to all who have helped and contributed to my threads. I'm very grateful for this as it has helped me a great deal My set-up is now much changed form what it was and the best bit is I believe it now sounds better too! I wanted to change primarily because the speakers impeded the view of the TV from one seat in out lounge! I've gone from: AA Maestro CD, AA Pucinni SE amp and Mono Pulse speakers. To: CA CXN playing through the AA CD player, Unison Research Unico Primo amp and Neat Iota Alpha speakers. So, we still have the CD player, but also the added dimension of the streamer/network player. It's been good as I'm finding we tend to stream via Spotify Premium which has a decent sound and the Unico Primo, well, that's a bit of a revelation for me; what a sound - smooth, big, deep, solid etc - really impressive. Anyway, for a quick "thank-you" I've waffled on a bit! Thanks again all Cheers
  5. Thanks for the replies. - 20db may actually be better Cheers
  6. Sort of, under £35 really as I can get new Rothwells for that. So, I thought some secondhand ones would do if any are available. I recently bought some s/h -10db ones for £25. Cheers
  7. I've tried some -10db attenuators, which have helped, but think I need more, so will have to try some -15 ones I reckon! Cheers
  8. I play the CXN through the CD player as I prefer the sound output of the CD DAC rather than the CXN DAC.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion I've had look for info. on this and the Cambridge Audio website gives the following... "How do I change the volume of the CXN? To adjust the volume of the CXN, Digital Pre-amp Mode needs to be enabled within your units settings. This feature will then apply to the analogue outputs of the unit only. This is because the amplification occurs after the DAC within the units circuitry. To enable Digital Pre-amp Mode on the CXN please navigate to Settings > Audio > Digital Pre-amp Mode. Once enabled, you will be able to control the volume of the unit and in turn, your entire system via the control know on the front of the unit, the remote or the Cambridge Connect app. Please note, the muting function of your mobile device may also mute the CXN." So, looks like that won't work as I'm using the digital output to go to my CD player then to the amp. Cheers
  10. Makes no sense to me; why have an input labelled for CD that doesn't seem compatible with CD??? Having said that, I've tried all the other inputs and, with a very unscientific method (db app on phone) they all give out roughly 66db with the volume at 2 on the scale. Looks like I'll have to try some attenuators!
  11. Interesting, thanks. Seems odd that it has a specifically labelled CD input. Was there info. on their website that would suggest that another input (tuner/tape etc) would be more suitable?
  12. I may well take you up on your offer thanks I'll try the different inputs first though then get back to you if I may. Re: the Alpha's, I like them; really impressed with the sound from such a small box
  13. A friend had suggested attenuators would sort it out, but after some reading I got the impression that they would have an affect on the sound?