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  1. Thanks - yes, that's actually the same one I tried to link to. I'm wondering whether that's the solution plain and simple or whether there are other / better options too. Not wanting to spend a fortune but for example would spending a bit more make much difference etc.
  2. My ageing current TV has RCA analogue audio out which is connected to an input on my pre-amp, so for movies, concerts etc I can get good sound through the hifi. I will probably soon be replacing the TV with a modern one - no analogue audio outputs (except for the headphone out of course) - only digital optical out and I assume digital via one of the USB or HDMI sockets. Is there an accepted method to connect this to an analogue amp - something like this maybe - £10 from Amazon or is there a better way (either better quality version of the same or a different, better approach?) . https://www.amazon.co.uk/Converter-Techole-Aluminum-Digital-Toslink-Black/dp/B07MB8VCWQ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1D16H2PWMFAM0&dchild=1&keywords=optical+dac+converter&qid=1590431765&sprefix=optical+dac%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-3 The hifi is a Quad 405, Tisbury Audio Passive Pre and Snell E/ii speakers by the way. As the digital output is fixed level and the pre-amp is manual a remote volume control would be a nice feature if possible. Oh - I forgot to mention I have a Raspberry Pi with DAC which runs Volumio, so the digital input could potentially be fed into that somehow (via USB?), but I don't think that Volumio currently supports that.
  3. Thanks for your interest and help everyone. Edit: It turns out my new place will be larger than expected so there’s a fighting chance my Snells will work there, so I’m withdrawing for sale for the moment. They might be back up in a couple of months, but I hope not !
  4. Hi Tony, Yes, they have - before I had them and they’re very neatly done so are good for many a year to come.
  5. Yes - youre right - these were sold from Nut to Simbo, then to me. If I wasn't moving they would be a keep-for-life set of speakers, as since sorting the tweeters out (the originals when I bought them were degraded) they sound as close to perfect as I can imagine.
  6. Adding pictures IMG_3858 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1262-2784x4571 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1268 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1264-2564x4549 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1265-2208x4168 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1266-2281x4104 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1267-2716x4469 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1268-3232x3238-2908x2914 by markwsf, on Flickr DSCF1269-2273x2535 by markwsf, on Flickr
  7. Edit: It turns out my new place will be larger than expected so there’s a fighting chance my Snells will work there, so I’m withdrawing for sale for the moment. They might be back up in a couple of months, but I hope not ! I'm about to move to a smaller house and will need smaller speakers than these - so sadly they have to go. I'll add some pictures tomorrow. They are in good condition - only a very few small marks which aren't really noticeable, and one ding to a corner which was actually done when new (the original owner bought them at a discount from Snell due to it). The woofer foams are in good condition. The tweeters were replaced 3 years ago with a set imported from Atomic Hifi in the USA, along with properly hand matched crossovers to retain the matching from the original tweeters. They sound truly fantastic, I'm really sad to let them go, but needs must. I'm based in Northamptonshire - about 5 mins drive from Junction 18 of the M1 (i.e. close to the M1/M6 junction). I'm looking for £500 for these - you are of course welcome to come and see / listen. Let me know if you're interested ! Mark
  8. I'm curious - as a mechanical engineer I have some appreciation but little understanding of the finer points of electrical engineering... So - I have a lovely pair of Snell E/II's - they sound great with a few amps I have tried them with (Audiolab 8000s and TEAC A-H500i) but NOT with my restored/updated Quad 405 - the Quad just dulls them (the Quad as a power amp, no pre - fed directly from a R-Pi/DAC combo). I also have a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 121's - I was pretty disappointed with them - with both the Audiolab and TEAC they sounded dull - no sparkle. I put them on gumtree but they didn't sell for the price I wanted. Recently I hooked the Wharfedales up to the Quad - kind of the "leftovers" system. Wow - suddenly everything works - the sounds is really pleasing, lively, sparkle is back. Why? How does a speaker that sounds dull with a fairly bright amp plus an amp that makes a balanced speaker sound dull work together to NOT sound dull?
  9. I've two bits of Bose kit, both of which I'm really pleased with. Bose seem to have the audio processing side of things pretty well dialled in, and whilst their "hifi" offerings might not be well regarded (I've never actually heard any to be fair - just going on what I've heard others say) in places where this tech improves the product they seem to excel. QC15 noise cancelling headphones - excellent noise cancelling and the audio quality's pretty good too - certainly good enough for planes, trains etc where they get used Soundlink Mini bluetooth speaker - for such a small box it has a large sound, it goes loud and it's got a 10hr+ battery life. No, it's not "hifi" but it's very convenient and usable and despite being bought for holiday travel etc, it gets used around the house a lot.
  10. Came across this by accident, loving it though. https://open.spotify.com/album/2nDRynYKPKdgQPGlIZUAX6 spotify:album:2nDRynYKPKdgQPGlIZUAX6
  11. My experience with a teac ah-500i has been great, good ones are £100ish. mine was purchased to be a stop gap buto its staying. aside from sounding nice it looks great. they come up on eBay regularly. I've a nad314 I'd consider selling if that's of interestEd?
  12. Listening to an A-H500i right now as my stand-in amp whilst faffing around with other amps, deciding what I actually want etc. To be honest, the Teac amp sounds great with my Snells, and for the moment I'm very happy with it until I get around to trying out some other gear. If it does get displaced from the main system then it will definitely find a home in the bedroom, maybe a nice pair of Q Acoustics 3010 or 3020s would go nicely?
  13. markwsf


    For anyone interested, or anyone searching the net for Quad 405 hum problems, I've finally found and fixed my hum (see earlier posts in this thread). The solution was to connect the speaker return (black connections) to the chassis ground rather than directly to the PSU board. No change to the overall electrical connections (the PSU board directly connects the speaker return to ground). Now I'll just make a final couple of mods I've been putting off until the hum is fixed (a few small capacitors aimed at reducing op-amp noise etc), tidy up the wiring and get the covers back on and finally start using it !
  14. I actually quite like it. The lack of lined up tiles though makes me want to pull my teeth out.
  15. Chris, would you consider selling the stands separately? I am only toying with the idea BTW, but if you are considering separately then if you could let me know a price either here or via PM that'd be interesting. (I'm assuming that the stands would fit Snell Eii's BTW).
  16. Good for you! I bought a CAAD8 105 in 2013 and it's great. Since then I've bought a CAADX 105 to keep mudguards and all that commutery / wintery horribleness away from the CAAD8. My wife has since bought a Synapse Carbon as her "nice" road bike, having previously been a Specialized fan. I think a trend is developing in our house.
  17. markwsf

    Port tuning

    Fantastic feedback guys - I've genuinely learned a lot by asking this question, especially around how ports actually work, which is different to what I assumed previously. The first thing I'm going to do, before any more messing around with ports, EQ etc is to re-foam the woofers with Audionote or AudioFriends foams. I previously didn't appreciate how ports actually work, and was thinking that the slightly stiffer foams currently installed must surely limit bass - but that seems to be wrong. A pair of Audionote foams are £30, a pair of Audiofriends is EUR30, so with such a minimal difference I'll go with the closest to the original.
  18. Agree re MS25i's, I've still got mine from way back when, they sound pretty good (although not a patch on my "good" speakers - it's not even close). They're currently in the dining room for background music etc, will get dragged out for parties, get used to test out amplifiers post-service or modification etc. I can't them ever being sold, for what they're worth why would I?
  19. markwsf

    Port tuning

    I understand that AN E's are designed to work close to walls and corners. I understand that Snell Eii's are not particularly designed for this. Apparently AN modified the port tuning to achieve this difference. I'm running Snell Eii's close to a wall, which can be a bit boomy, hence the question. I'll try on stands soon, just as soon as I've found something suitable to try the concept out (i.e. before spending money) As to "why" - my speakers/room combination is a little "boomy", and playing around with the ports is cheap (free) and easy, so long as the diameter goes smaller and length goes larger, so it's one of the aspects of hifi fettling worth messing around with.
  20. markwsf

    Port tuning

    Sorry Greg, I didn't intentionally ignore your post - it appeared whilst I was writing my reponse to Serge. With 3 yr old twins in the house drinking straws are in plentiful supply so I can and will try I'll go back to my A level physics notes to remind myself of the differences in resonant frequency reponse for varying diameters - I honestly can't remember whether it matters or noDIT - * EDIT - just checked - resonant frequency of an open tube is dependant on length only, not diameter so I'm not clear why the straws, nor changing port diameters for that matter should make a difference. ** - Don't worry, I'll try anyway.
  21. markwsf

    Port tuning

    Serge, forgive me but can I repeat back what I've internalised* from that to check my understanding is right. If I seal (rolled up socks etc) the port, then the cabinet IS sealed - so the difference in response above the original port resonant frequency is zero (or negligible) Below the resonant frequency there is a binary change between the original and sealed (sock-stuffed) response. Modifying the port resonant frequency therefore affects two things 1. Frequency which the port actually reinforces (generally to extend bass response) 2. Very low frequency response, i.e. the range in which the driver is un-loaded. Generally below audiability. It does NOT affect frequencies above the port tuning range, so talk of blocking ports affecting mid-range and higher is not true. Is that right Serge? * I apologise for that phrase, but I work for an American company, and despite sounding wrong, it's a great word that helps in engineering discussions....
  22. Could you borrow some alternative speakers from anyone locally just to try? (any wammers in the Netherlands?) Not sure whether this helps, but an old, good friend from university ran an 8000a with AE109s and that combination made a lovely sound - bear in mind this was by "student" standards - i.e. loud.
  23. I can't pretend to be able to help too much with your specific setup, but the best guidance I've heard is to get the speakers right (for the room & your preference) first and then work back from there. I found a pair of speakers I owned recently (MA RS6) too bright, that was true with both an Audiolab 8000S and a Quad 405 which are quite different in character, I interpret that to mean that amps have less influence than speakers. Which I guess means I'm suggesting worry about the speakers / room first. It might be worth stating where you are and whether you're open to any kind local wammer dropping in - kind of a mini-bakeoff ?
  24. markwsf

    Port tuning

    I've just changed the port tuning of my Snells (bodge job including cardboard tube & bubble wrap) - it has genuinely made a difference* which tells me it's worth adjusting further to get correct. Has anyone any specific experience of this? The science of the port tuning in isolation should be straightforward - simple A level physics, but of course the port interacts with the cabinets and drivers, so I guess this is 50/50 science and art. Is the AN-E port dimension basically "right" so I should start there? * No, I've not measured it, but I will at some point soon using my XTZ room analyser bought off a kind wammer. EDIT: Another 30 mins listening and it's clear that I've killed the bass on these speakers - even Metallica etc. I take take this as being a good thing (sensitivity study). The mid-range and top end is still lovely. Fine tuning here we come !
  25. Ah - Room DSP - are there any Windows PC applications which would work for a trial of DSP (via the audio out). Maybe not the highest quality sound, but the point being for a trial of whether DSP "works" for a given setup/room before actually spending any money on hardware?
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