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  1. manuka

    Trade and rooms

    I have sent a message via contact link. Hopefully received- no automatic confirmation
  2. manuka

    Trade and rooms

    Where can we find the price list for exhibitors? I've been trailing through the threads but not clear. So I think I've gathered that enthusiasts hire a room for the night and pay and extra £15? What about the trade exhibitors? We came for the first time last year and paid around £400. What is the deal this year? :-)
  3. these are just good `old school` conductors;-) space shuttle program closed in USA, NASA sells some extraordinary made stuff through auctions. Seems that nothing made for shuttles can be re-used by them- cables paradise for me anyway Gregor
  4. Hi Keith Thanks for coming to our Veracity room. Gregor explains: ''The system: All the music files were lossless. CD Audio music (16bit/44.1kHz) from CD transport into our new Veracity DAC. The DAC was the real source of the sound. DAC was decoding the CD Audio in quad mono, Non Oversampling Mode. For HiRez flac PCM files and DSD 64/128 we used a usb connection from the laptop running JRiver MC21 in ASIO Direct mode into the DAC. DAC analogue outputs were connected directly to Allnic T1500 SET 300B amplifier and subsequently amp outputs into two way speakers handmade to specification of Snell E design. All our cables were in house handmade by me (Gregor) mostly solid silver mono-cores shielded in copper ribbon and kapton/teflon insulated''
  5. absolutely gave the show a real kudos. Wonderful exhibition of sight and sound
  6. We had a great day.Thank you so much to everyone who organised and came. A truly friendly bunch- genuinely interested open minded people. Our experience: Very happy day: feedback was :the sound,( the dac) the system thumbs up- so that was great result for a first show. Klipsch speakers caused lot of interest. When are you connected them? Gregor had got them sounding so good at home. But they just sounded totally weird in the room and spoiled the sound of the dac. That was a big disappointment on Saturday and caused a rush for replacement. Luckily we had the 'other' speakers which caused equal amount of interest. lovely folks at the end of the day chilled out and stayed for the whole of Dark Side of the Moon. Thank you everyone, See you next year!
  7. Best sign of good organising is when you don't notice it. There was help when needed; everything on hand but just chilled out.. And people were just plain good hearted. Thanks for a great day.
  8. Thank you to everyone. First time for us ( veracity audio) exhibiting and felt really welcomed. We had a brilliant day. The endurance factor yes, agreed.... too true, still boxes everywhere here. Back in swing into working week and wanting to post but felt too fragmented to get it together... Got a couple of pics on Flickr page and one on our facebook. We had a brilliant day and really encouraging response from people. Room was well populated nearly all day and at the end a select few sat for the whole of Dark side of the moon- which we felt was pretty cool afterall. For us it was all about meeting music lovers and getting feedback and we thank you for that. Very happy with the comments and the presence.
  9. Settled on what we are taking at last; DAC: (New built ) Veracity; Speakers: Klipsch La Scala and Snell/ Audionote; Amp SE 300B and KT88 UL-PP ( triode connected) TAG Mclaren CD transport. Dell Precision Laptop music configured. software J River, Bughead Emperor. Cables: hand/home made Can't believe what a rush it has been getting ready, changing minds- no time to speak or post...and the last few days pace is cranking up even more: our first show and looking forward to it.
  10. cool. looking forward to it and some great music meeting lots of folk, be great after a year at the drawing board and in workshop. being let out!! plus curry saturday night; actual food.
  11. We- Gregor, Jacqueline (manuka) and Malcolm are going to be there Saturday morning to set up system in the Belvoir room anyone else be there on saturday morn?
  12. 2 badges please: Gregor and Jacquie