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  1. I’ve had a Gaggia Classic for about 30 years, it’s a good entry level machine that will inexpensively introduce you to the wonderful world of real coffee, can be picked up on Ebay and all spares are still available.
  2. The The - Soul Mining... love the piano on Uncertain Smile.
  3. Kicking off the day with a very old friend - Carol King - Tapestry - Spotify
  4. Thanks Colin, I have a lot invested in Spotify and the thought of changing platform is a bit scary.
  5. Anyone noticed albums going missing from Spotify? Went to play Mrs Fantasque’s favourite Frank Zappa album “Hot Rats” this evening and it’s gone!! The latest 2019 Hot Rats sessions is still there but the original 1969 version has disappeared. Still plenty of other Zappa albums available but IMHO the best has been removed. Anyone any ideas why?
  6. Enter Shikari - Nothing is true & Everything is possible
  7. Butterfly in the garden yesterday, taken with a very old iPad so sorry about the quality of the images.
  8. Shame they're not in Maple, I would have been very interested.
  9. That’s not a brand I have come across before but the specs look very good, decisions decisions....
  10. I really like the BlueSound options, I am a big fan of their products and especially the app. I think this well might be the way to go. I was looking at installing either fire hoods or building cabinets in to the joists to help with the sound quality.
  11. My budget is somewhat more modest, the whole extension is less than his Sonos system. Looking at an integrated/streamer amp possibly the entry level Primare 115 Prisma or something similar, preferably secondhand and a pair of decent quality ceiling speakers.
  12. Thanks Colin, they seem to have a very good range, like the look of the Kef units.
  13. Yes you are correct, very much nice background music, the acoustics will not be conducive to proper HiFi with a lot of hard surfaces. It will have a solid pitched roof so should have plenty of room for some fairly large speakers, been looking at 8 inch dual units from B&W and Tannoy. They will be used mainly for Spotify and Radio listening. Thanks for your comprehensive reply and images. Robin
  14. O.K I know this isn’t HiFi but am thinking about this option for a garden room we are hoping to build. The room is going to be about 4x3 metres with solid walls on two sides which will be taken up mainly with furniture, the other two sides will be solid floor to ceiling glass offering a panoramic view of the garden, not exactly conducive to having speakers/televisions etc in the way. I have been looking at in-ceiling speakers from existing HiFi companies, Tannoy and B&W who both seem to have comprehensive options. My main system will still be in the lounge, this is purity a system for the garden room/outside. Anyone got any experience of using these speakers? I would be interested to know your thoughts, good or bad. I have my tin hat on expecting incoming flack......
  15. Just received an email as well, really annoying as it’s a password I use for a lot of other sites.....