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  1. Had my first Pfizer jab lunchtime today, hardly felt a thing and so far, no side effects, not even a sore arm.... brilliant!
  2. I have the older Stream Box DS+ (The one with a colour LCD screen) bought here second hand about 3 years ago. 1) Sounds good to me but I haven’t heard any others to compare it against, the UI is basic but works. 2) Yes and Yes, I use Spotify for playing new (to me) music. 3) Yes 4) Yes, I have all my CD’s ripped to a Synology NAS in FLAC format works seamlessly and displays album art. 5) Yes, would recommend optical connection, mine is analogue as my QUAD 34 doesn’t have digital inputs. Hope this helps, Robin,
  3. Hi Simon, Glad you’re now sorted. The garage have upped their trade-in offer so will probably part-ex it. Best wishes, Robin,
  4. Hi Simon, are you now sorted? I am looking to change my car next week, if I do, my 2011 BMW 318d touring will be available for about £3k if that’s of any interest. Robin,
  5. For sale is my Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic 100. I bought this 2 years ago from a well known moderator of this parish but have now re-jigged my system so is no longer needed. From memory, I paid £50 for it and would be happy to get my money back for it plus £10 carriage. The wall-mart power adapter has been hard wired in the past but works very well, see last image. Sounds very good indeed, lovely little DAC for very little money.
  6. For Sale is my lovely QUAD FM4 tuner. This is a late grey export model, the preset buttons are numbered 1 - 7 instead of the U.K. spec model where the buttons have specific radio station named buttons. It was serviced in March 2010 by I.A.G in Huntington, see images for sticker. It sounds sublime, I much prefer the sound of a good quality FM to digital but sadly there is literally no FM signal where we recently moved to. As you can see, it’s in lovely condition apart from a very small mark on the front panel just above the 1 preset button and a little mark on the back, see photo’s. If you want a beautifully sounding FM tuner at a sensible cost, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tuner. Looking for £125 including shipping to a U.K. mainland address.
  7. Thought it would have, think I might have found one locally.... cheers
  8. Hi Craig, Bit of a long shot I know, but did you sell this, looking for one to complement my vintage system. Thanks...,
  9. Local Hero Hound of the Baskervilles (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) version The Thomas Crown Affair (original Steve Mc Queen version) Coll Hand Luke Life of Brian etc, etc !
  10. Having a bit of a Jazz evening... Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra - Coming About
  11. Donny Mc Caslon - Casting for Gravity