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  1. Catching some afternoon rays (version 2) .....
  2. Make Way for Dionne Warwick - Original Vinyl - 1964
  3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication
  4. I am seeing them this Friday the 17th at Bath, really looking forward to it, haven’t seen him since the Aqualung tour 50 years ago!
  5. Garbage - First Album [flac] from NAS
  6. Maybe people prefer the silver version, I know they sound the same but aesthetics are a very personal thing.
  7. I seem to be in a very soulful R&B mood this afternoon. Anita Baker second album Rapture - [flac] from NAS
  8. Oleta Adams - Circle of One. 1990 [flac] from NAS Love her silky smooth voice, featured heavily on Seeds of Love which came out a year earlier in 1989.
  9. Thanks John, that makes sense, perhaps I will order the standard Black version to play and frame this one and put it on the wall to look at !
  10. I have just been on Burning Shed’s web-site looking for a vinyl copy of Tears for Fears “Seeds of Love” album and have been seduced in to buying the picture-disk version, well it does look very pretty! Interestingly, they say it is not “audiophile quality” because it is a picture disk. I am possibly the most non-technical person on the planet so I would be really grateful if someone please explain what the difference is between a standard one colour LP and a Picture-disk. Thanks Robin,
  11. 10CC - Bloody Tourists. Original Vinyl
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