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  1. Just received my SL-1700 from France and it is superbly packed and has arrived safe and sound. Now unpacked and up and running front-ending my vintage QUAD 34/405 system, sounds superb. The EBay seller I bought it from now has a very nice looking SL-1500 for sale, comes with a new dust cover and half decent cartridge. The seller speaks very good English and his communication is excellent. See link below. Bon chance...... robin
  2. Fantastic classic speakers, if I hadn’t just bought my LS3/5’s I would have them in a heartbeat. Have a bump on me.
  3. Might be useful to let people know where you are in the country as a lot of people may not be prepared to ship turntables.
  4. I have just received a couple of albums from Ian’s previous record sale and I am delighted with them, they are in absolutely superb condition. You can buy with confidence from him, his condition description is spot on.
  5. I have just bought a lovey condition SL-1700 from “France” currently in transit as we speak. He has taken off the head shell and counterweight and packed them separately and the platter is secured under the chassis and is apparently triple boxed.... I will let you know what condition it arrives in!
  6. No just impatient..... oh yes, the 1700 was half the price as well !!
  7. Strangely I was following this in my EBay watch list but it took so long for them to put up a description and photo’s that I got fed up waiting and have bought a very nice SL-1700 instead.
  8. Having just returned to the U.K. after living abroad for 20 years and starved of good live music, I have booked some concerts for next year..... Covid allowing! Nick Mason - Saucerful of Secrets - April 2021 Patti Smith - May Jethro Tull - Sept Paloma Faith - Oct Australian Pink Floyd - Oct Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Dec Bootleg Beatles - Dec All the above at The Forum in Bath, might also try and make Cropredy Music Festival in August
  9. Something a bit different...... it’s really good.
  10. And mine.... strangely, I have two original vinyl copies, don’t remember buying a second copy.... but then it was the 70’s!
  11. Morning Ian, you have a pm.
  12. My sleeve is rolled up ready to go... bring it on ASAP.
  13. Have to say, very happy with this copy..... now then, one down, what else can’t I find... oh yes, Zeppelin, Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones 🤔 this could be expensive !!
  14. Sounds like you’re probably a bit King Crimsoned out by now..... my copy arrived today and I must say it looks to be in mint condition and plays very well no pops, bangs or ticks. The run out code is (ILPS 9111 A-4) according to DisCogs this equates to 1972 so 48 years old and still sounding great.