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  1. We all make bad decisions occasionally but that one is a howler.... Good condition MK1’s are making good money in the U.K. and they all look to be in really good condition.
  2. Very sad day today, said good-bye to our 2001 MR2 roadster today after 11 years of fun. We are returning to the U.K. at the end of the month and will only need 1 car so our little fun car has to go and weirdly, although it’s right hand drive is worth more in France than the U.K.
  3. It’s 40 centigrade here in France, we just love the air condition unit though !!
  4. I think there’s a lot of interest, I would absolutely love it, sadly I don’t think many people have a lot of money at the moment in the current climate.
  5. Frank Zappa - Overnight Sensation
  6. Fantasque


    I really envy you discovering this fantastic music and listening to it for the first time, all the albums suggested are brilliant but for me:- Bowie - Alladin Sane Kate Bush - The Kick Inside Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul or Live at Fillmore West They’re all great albums, enjoy. Robin, PS) Might as well order Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis as well, her silky smooth voice coupled with a full orchestra and superb production make this a lovely chill album.
  7. Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills
  8. Rush hour London tube..
  9. Nearly went bankrupt in the early 90’s when interest rates went to 15% and we had a £100k mortgage and we’re both made redundant. Since then don’t owe a penny to anyone if the money’s not in the bank I don’t buy it. Try and buy secondhand where possible and no one component over £500. I can sleep very happily at night and love my modest system.
  10. OK a little bit left field and not exactly what you call HiFi but how about a second-hand Brennan JB7, we have one in our kitchen / diner powering a pair of Q-Acoustic 3020i speakers and a CCA plugged in to the aux-in port for streaming Spotify Connect and various radio stations etc. Comes with a built in CD player and ours has a 500gb hard drive so he can RIP his CD’s directly to the hard drive, only MP3 quality. Can be picked up second hand from a well known online auction site for about £3-400 ish maybe a bit more for one with Brennan speakers. Provides background music for most of the day and sounds better than it should for the money.
  11. They do look very cute, thanks for the pickie..
  12. Robert Palmer - Don’t Explain
  13. Out of interest, what stands are you using with them and are you looking to move them on as well?