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  1. Unless its jazz or blues they're probably worthless.
  2. That's brilliant, love it.
  3. Me pooch after a hard day of showing people her ball. [/url]IMG_20200525_214119198 by
  4. Seeing as I think the lockdown is way over the top, yes, fine. Also Cummings broke it for his daughter and family, the other guy - the scientist to get his leg over, that is way more hypocritical coming from his position as lockdown advocate, Boris & co have been more reluctant about the whole lockdown, I only wish they'd stuck to their original 'herd immunity' policy.
  5. Boris is doing exactly the right thing here and sticking by Cummings, whose 'crime' was to look after his family, good to see in this age of virtue signalling, Interesting to see the left are now the most conservative people on the planet, how times change.
  6. Thank you, I knew it was summitlikedat!
  7. The photographers take the photos at an angle to make it look like people are closer together, really. It can't anymore crowded in Brighton and I see it for myself, people are keeping more than 2M apart in most cases.
  8. No they're not confused as they're all staying at least 2M apart. Society has got to get back to normal asap or the long term damage to the economy will cost many livelihoods, not to mention lives. The virus is mostly carried indoors anyway, outdoors there is very little chance of contagion, unless at a sports event or somewhere equally crowded. Living in Brighton I see the beach most days and there's plenty of room between each group of people. You really cannot expect people to stay indoors all day, excruciatingly boring, cant even sit in my local café, had enough.
  9. Indeed it is conjecture. So i'd conjecture a recession on a scale seen in parts of Europe in 2008 (and which is quietly still with us). So that's massive long term youth unemployment, you see, the problem of finding native workers to reap the harvests has gone! I live in Brighton, lots of tourism stuff on the seafont will be ok, but the myriad of little shops and cafes in the town centre will be hit. Was speaking to the manager of my local café yesterday, I was stunned at what he pays in rent. In fact most businesses with a property are mostly working for their landlord, it really is time to question the role of the landlord. Forget costly UBI, just have a massive rethink on property. Yeh I know, it'll never happen.
  10. Wow, nice price for a serviced pair of E's.
  11. Big change coming because of Corona, bye bye Globalisation, hello 1970s, get used to tinned veg again. Half of our economy is froth, it just ain't gonna withstand this huge economic shock. Face it we all knew that post war prosperity was coming to an end, time for another one (war).
  12. That's the reality at present, just wait till the furlough ends, you'll see how quickly peoples perspective will change. Of course may'be choice shouldn't even come into it, I say if there's a youngster on the dole somewhere, get 'em out in the field.
  13. Ignore logistics? What about Eastern euros making their way here to work here while some of our own youth languish on the dole or crappy business courses.
  14. No, pay more than the minimum wage and raise prices. I don't remember anyone complaining about the price of vegetables. I wouldn't even know whether a pack of courgettes cost £1 or £3.