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  1. but the different lengths, the ohms law effect on the frequency response, the impedance peaks and troughs and finally, did nobody THINK OF THE CHILDREN
  2. So no hard evidence to support your initial claim then I see.
  3. Can you explain why? I'd like to see hard evidence for that.
  4. Q. How do DACs differ? A. The very cheap ones are rubbish and become increasingly better as the cost rises. (according to standard audiofool logic)
  5. 100% chance, they are everywhere.
  6. How is the current situation in PRC affecting your factories?
  7. .....and expecting them to be stored for an indefinite/infinite period. Maybe he is leaving them in his will for someone and they will collect in 30 years. Batshit crazy
  8. Quantum leaps in efficiency would be required..
  9. Apparently, Carbon (diOxide) isn't bad. We are being urged to buy Hydrogen fuel cell cars. Hydrogen is split from Methane and for every tonne of H2 releases so are over 8 tonnes of CO2. Banish plastic from your lives, that is a much eco friendly.
  10. Trunky

    Trader Check

    Mr Ingles get's around - Hong Kong - Edinburgh - The company listing
  11. That's a totally bogus argument. even if the interest rates were 0% it still makes sense to save. The alternative is to spend.
  12. Trunky


    Survival rates do not tell the full story. As far as meeting artificially set targets for cancer treatment the NHS does very well.