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  1. Hi JBCobra, i saw that, i'm just a bit suspicious of £5 tubes ...
  2. Hi all, I posses a nice Croft Chameleon . It uses 4x AEG ECL805 HM Valves. One is at end of life, so I wonder if what would be the next step up I could try for the lot. I listen to of vinyl , jazz and love warm, deep sound. God bless the tube rollers. Thanks
  3. good point. that those "waves" that come back from your ear are in fact real (check their video) and, as a consequence, that adapting the sound to it will enhances listening experience.
  4. Nura headphones claim they adapt and adjust based on your hearing profile. Interesting concept, but is there scientific proof backing it up? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nura/nura-headphones-that-learn-and-adapt-to-your-uniqu?ref=home_popular
  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful insights. Let me summarize, in order of what I feel will improve the sound the most. 1. Room treatment: i agree this will give excellent results, but hard to implement atm (think wife/rented property/space/knowledge). Rodney Gold, did you have something simple&easy in mind? 2. Speakers: Love those Revel unclepuncle. At 85db I fear they will need a more power than the 40W of my Trafomatic 6550. Any other suggestions? Living/listening room is around 3.5m x 6m btw. 3. Arm: I agree. The standard one of the 1210 is less than excellent, especially if heavily used like mine. Will look into Jelco / SME et similar. Thanks Andrei, CageyH , deejaitch . 4. Cartridge: quite happy with my 2m Blue, but I have to agree i expected more from it. A possible future upgrade. 5. Matt/Clamp/Phono: In the future maybe. In this optic I'm looking into a cheap system to clean my vinyls (I mostly buy second hands). Last but not least the glorious comment of Des. How could I not agree??
  6. Hi all, it's that time again when you're thinking "what component should i change next??", so I'm here to ask for your expert view on the matter: WHAT MUSIC I LISTEN THE MOST: Lots of jazz, classical, occasionally chilled electronic music. LISTENING HABITS: 3 meters from the speakers, small room, never "banging" volume, but loud enough to fill the room. Serious listening via vinyl, Spotify for the everyday. WHAT I LOOK FOR: More dept of sound, more live, stage and natural sound... basically the same as always : "make that record sound like a live performance" BUDGET: I'd like to stay all in all around £600-£700, second hand equipment to maximize value. Back to you. Have a look at my setup on my profile and suggest me what should I upgrade next . Thanks!
  7. Just wanted to update all the kind members on the current status, and solution, of this matter. The problem was in the tube: there was a 12au7a (ecc82) plugged into a ecc81 socket. After inserting the correct tube (12at7eh, ecc81), the amp started to sound fab. No more unbalancing. As per the Croft, I'm still investigating but is becoming apparent (thanks to white noises & crackles) that one of the tube is toward the end of its life. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post. I've learned so much from it.
  8. Thanks for all your replies. I just want to clarify that this post is not about "Is it worth to spend on IC and cabling": up to a degree, i'm already convinced it is as it will improve the sound (power cables too, funny enough). I just wanted to see if there is somehow a rational explanation for the difference in, shall I say, the material, the coating and general construction for internal vs external cables.
  9. The other day I've opened my Croft amp just to find out that the internal wiring is done with what looks like very thin cabling. Nothing fancy at all I will say, just a simple, single wire cable soldered on each side. This includes the cables from the inputs ports, were all my fancy interconnect are plugged in. Can anyone explain why we all use expensive external cabling (IC, speaker cables), while in most amps the internal cabling is done with simple,single wires? Thanks
  10. Just bought 2 of these from David. I can honestly said they were the best £20 spent in a long while. Well worth it, no doubts. Also David is a top guy to deal with . Pro ++
  11. Sorry, wasn't getting notification on new messages (i've changed settings now) Yes, willing to ship to US. Delivery will be £15 No headphone out sorry. My one is the old version, with single RCA output.
  12. Just wanted to add my name to the list of London based wammers. Up for a Bake off!
  13. Thank you all for the comments. After trying numerous things, I've checked the tubes. Apart from the 4 Svetlana, there's 4 smaller ones: 1x 12at7eh Electro-harmonics 1x 12au7A Electro-harmonics 2x Mullard M8136 cv4003 The amp requires 2x ecc82 and 2x ecc81, but from what I could find from the internet, the Mullard are ECC82, the 12at7eh is ECC81 and the 12au7a is an ECC82. If this is correct, it looks like i was using and ECC81 in place of an ECC82. Could this be the problem?
  14. Thanks Serge, tried on the Croft and the different is there, just less prominent it seems 0.9 vs 1.0. I'm not sure how i can check the output of the signal generator? It's a simple jack to rca cable from my phone to the amp. Appreciated