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  1. There wasnt any grease in either of my units. You dont 'need' it, works fine without, just is sticky as hell. The vaseline works fine, only needs a smear.
  2. You'll know as soon as you try and lift the bugger off. Cue swearing about how inept it is. Mine didnt come with grease either, so had to put some vaseline on.
  3. Ive got some of the Isolda cable coming on loan that I am looking forward to trying. I have heard great things about the DCT interconnects, but for my 6m required amount, id need to take out a small mortgage!
  4. Some great records in that collection! Wish you were selling them individually, be like a kid in a sweetshop GLTWS
  5. I did notice those, but being a less than know brand, reselling them if i didnt like them would be an issue - moneys a bit tight so need to be able to make back what i spent on things I dont like. (yes playing with hifi and cable is a silly idea with no money I know I know :)) Ive actually got some Towshend Isolda coming on demo from Townshend HQ at the moment , they should be here tomorrow, so looking forward to trying those. There is a set of them for sale on here but the guy is asking silly money for 3m lengths. Generally they sell for 250-300 at that price, and 450 at a dealer with 5m lengths, but he is asking a whopping 450 for the 3m , hence why they are still for sale after a few months
  6. Quite (I bought the Argenum off him and didn't like it)
  7. Thanks dude, but 1m lengths are way to short, ideally 2M+...plus 650 is going to be too steep for me
  8. John it dosen't sound like anything is wrong to be really honest, thats generally how they are when the weight is not on them, in my limited knowledge anyway. I think you would be wasting more paying someone to replace the springs, when its literally a twenty minute job even for those with the thickest clumsy fingers! You can get them from Michell or Analogue Seduction, Deco Audio etc. The Pederson mod you have to get direct from Gert, and you can fit it yourself takes about ten minutes.
  9. Got an Argentum Acoustics Aureus-2 for a trade if interested?
  10. Are you on smack or something?
  11. So you have effectively proved my theory as to why dealers do not offer test cartridges. Numbskull! No wonder dealers wont risk it, turn a brand new cart into a used one overnight and lose their profit. Good people dont send back used items under the regulations, but yes, bad people and scammers will. Retailers are already bent over under this sort of legislation, why would they want to chance further returns? Oh and by the way, Distance Selling Regulations do not exist anymore, it was superseded by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013.LMAO.
  12. Its the manufacturer that should provide the sample carts to the dealer for potential 'loans'. I think that would be a terrible idea though, loaning out cartridges to people- too delicate, only takes someone to not align it properly or drop it a few times, and its plumbed - and unfortunately many would not be honest about it either. Its tough with cartridges, the best bet, is buy and sell, buy used, and then sell used if it dosent work for you, you can generally get back what you pay that way.
  13. Science and manufacturing techniques have moved on over the years, so cables and cable design is now an actual thing with relevance. I was the same, tried my best to like Van Damme and Mogami stuff but its pretty gash for home hifi