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  1. Hi Julian, did you have a chance wo needle out your CDs that you may consider selling? Thanks, Paul
  2. Thanks, tell me more, looks like you're not too far away (hate couriers!}
  3. My earlier wanted ad appears to have disappeared (might be me!), anyway Im looking for a nice pair of decent standmounts, EPOS, Kef etc to drive with a Naim NAP 200 power amp , anyone disposing of anything? Many thanks Paul
  4. Thanks, ps. that little Yamaha amp I had off you is lovely in my second system!
  5. Not too far, where are you...lockdown is easing soon too, however I rehouse all my CD's in ply sleeves and don't need the jewel cases. Don't suppose you have a list of what you have? Cheers
  6. Im in Belper, Derbyshire.
  7. I fancy refreshing and adding to my music and wondered if anyone if disposing of their old CD's? Strong pref for British 60's, 70's stuff plus West coast rock , folk, prog etc. Thanks Paul
  8. I output from an Acer Revo to a LG 55 with no problems, mainly SkyOne on Saturday pm.
  9. What are the physical dimensions please, can thiese be considered a wall mount? Thanks!
  10. Sorry folks, Ill look at all your offers tomorrow and make my mind up, thanks
  11. Hi, looking for a headphone amp to drive my recently acquired 300ohm HD600's.....balanced would be good but not essential. Thank you Paul
  12. Sound good, do you want to PM me? Ta
  13. Hi Chris, wnat are you asking please? Ta