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    Paul Hagen

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    Oppo 205
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    Naim Uniti Atom
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    See above or CA DacM
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    Nain NAP 200
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    PMC FB1+/Kralk TDB6
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    HD600 / Sony W1000
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Id be very interested in your 909 when you decide to sell please.
  2. For the record, I have apologised for my petulance earlier. It's my age it heat but seriously, thank you for accepting my apology.....
  3. Some very petty folk on here moderators, it gets boring.
  4. Weird, I did reply to you, I described my Naim 250 and current Atom set up? Didn't get the message?
  5. Could you PM me please best price on Innuous please? Many thanks
  6. I think so yes, interestingly the 851 doesn't have CCA built in!
  7. Thanks Myles, no problem, would still miss built in CCA too much I reckon.
  8. Not interested in a CCA device, more cables, plug, not very elegant.
  9. Soundcloud mainly, my main streamer, Naim, has CCA built in and its brilliant.
  10. Thanks, Ill have a think....I do use Chromecast though which is the only downside to the V1 as I can see
  11. Looking for a capable streamer, I don't have apple so must have a decent Android app etc and prefer boxed etc. Budget Flexi dependant on what's offered. Thanks Paul
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