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  1. Double heavyweight Vinyl. Stunning album.
  2. Bit of Bill Withers cued up for later on. RIP.
  3. Excuse my ignorance. My understanding is that infrared is line of sight. If retro fitting one of these units in to an amp, how would I get it working with line of sight? Or rather, how did you get it working!?
  4. I have a little wiggle room but not much. Because they are in a bay window the further apart they are, the further in to the room they come. This may not be such a bad thing, considering my seating position is so far away. Obviously, I’ve quite a bit more tweaking to do!
  5. Not sure I could find stands big enough..... 😂
  6. Thanks all. I tried a few of the tracks mentioned and managed to dial in the central image but it seems very tight, moving my head a few inch’s left or right makes the image shift. Maybe I need to play with the toe-in a little more.
  7. Quick one here, I, like many others, have lots of time on my hand at the minute and I am trying to dial in my speaker positioning. I feel my central image drifts a little to the left due to room reflections, but obviously many tracks are mastered with vocals that are not central or may drift off centre. What would be your go to track for such testing? I am assuming some simple vocals, acoustic stuff maybe?
  8. I’ve played a few records over the last couple of days and noticed a couple were warped. Now, I have no interest in messing around with old records that could easily be replaced for a few quid but those more prized or expensive records that may be worth treating. Has anyone used one of these eBay flattening services, or better yet does anyone own one of the machine and can comment?
  9. New one on me, its an old record but when I pulled it out of the slip it looks like its never been played..... nice bit of jazz-funk! 😃
  10. Couldn’t sit on my hands very long...... thanks to a kind donation from @Tristan I have re-covered the grills in a proper speaker cloth and magnetised them! 😃 I’ve also ordered some badges from murica to finish the grills.
  11. The gunk is just some old dried glue from sellotape that was on the caps. The dark area I’m not so sure about but it is a 20 year old amp!
  12. The remote control on my amp doesn’t work and as I understand it, they very rarely did with the Trilogy VTI, it was some kind of factory issue. However, I see there are various third party remote control kits that can be used with a motorised alps pot, such as this: I assume the volume pot in my amp is motorised but can anyone confirm this from the image below?
  13. I pulled the tubes this morning and did a little tidying of the internal signal cables, you were right. The signal cables were touching the large transformer at the front and picking up noise. I used some silver foil tape to shield them and move them away from the transformers as best I could. There was definite improvement in the noise floor! 👍🏻