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  1. For future reference, all items of hifi are specifically excluded from courier insurance policy for damage, as they are classed as musical instruments. They will only be covered for loss or theft so I don't think you will have any recourse.
  2. Yep, its beginning to hurt now..... that's nearly £1,000 less than I paid 6 months ago!
  3. Looks like a different amp is the way to go here!
  4. Damn it....... if only I'd known that before being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 10 years ago!
  5. Anyone done this? I’m loving the Sugden A21 that I have been using for the last few months but laziness is leading to look around at other options. How difficult would it be to add a motorized volume pot and remote? A DIY job or something that needs to be tackled by a pro!?
  6. Yes, its an R2R ladder DAC.
  7. I’ve never used Volumio before, or for that matter an rpi based streamer, so it seems ive loaded the wrong drivers for my particular DAC.
  8. Sorted this now, we’ll I know what is causing the Issue. Panic over.
  9. I am in the middle of playing around with a new streamer and DAC setup and have come across a strange issue when streaming Qobuz. On certain tracks / albums the song(s) just play as a loud hiss/distortion. It seems to be only effecting standard redbook recordings at 44.1hz 16 bit. EDIT: I’m assuming it’s something to do with the bitrate as there is no problem playing tracks at 44.1 24 bit and higher Has anyone come across this before? The setup is Magna Mano Streamer to Audio GD R8 MKii connected via i2s (HDMI).
  10. It’s not setup yet, I’m going to have a play shortly so I’ll let you know my impressions. I’ve read the same thing, lots of people suggesting many hundreds of hours burn in are required. There are quite a few different NOS and OS setting so I imagine it will take quite a while to work out which I may prefer.
  11. New toy! Audio GD in the house! This thing is huge!
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