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  1. Another big thanks, James. I spent a few hours yesterday and today stripping parts and “gettin busy” with a body hammer and clamps to straighten the chassis. Its not perfect but it looks pretty straight and sits nicely. I also spent some time cleaning and checking over all the parts and solder joints before hooking it up to some old speakers and testing it........ working perfectly! After soak testing it for 3 or 4 hours last night I hooked it up to my La Scala’s today and its sound sublime!
  2. Bump and new price drop, a bargain at £500 shipped to the uk.
  3. The amp arrived this morning..... tis but a scratch and I will have it as good as new in a jiffy!! Thanks again, James!
  4. Ok, so 7 months after ordering them the horns arrived today!!! 😃😃😃 I had no intention of rushing the fitting of them but just had to get them in today for initial impressions! All I can say so far is that it was worth the wait. I think because the horns interact with the tweeter and bass horn at specific 400hz crossover point they seem to have cleared up the mid-range and in turn this seem to make the bass a lot sharper. more to follow
  5. That’ll work, James. Happy to pay for any packaging needed and the shipping cost if thats easier. I’ll drop you a PM.
  6. Cheers James. Let me take a look at my diary for the next few weeks and see if I can make the journey fit. If not I will come back to the thread shortly.
  7. Ooooh! This looks like it may be right up my street! And with my 107db speaker’s it should work a treat. Do you need It collecting quickly? May be able to get to you in the next few weeks!??
  8. BIG NEWS!!!! Midrange horns expected tomorrow!!!!!! 😳 7 months I’ve been waiting for these, I’m going to take a few days off next week to install the horns, install replacement tweeter diaphragms and make some alterations to the crossovers. Watch this space for updates, pics the finished article. 😃😃
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I did a little research based on your recommendation and went with a pair of Bose QC20. A little over budget but they seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
  10. Its my wifes birthday coming up and she has asked for a set of wired, in-ear earphones as one of her gifts...... I'm not really up on earphones and the market is awash, can anyone comment on what would be a good pair of earphones with a budget of up to £100?? Thanks in advance
  11. I agree, they look very good value for money and the finish is excellent. To my eyes, they are obviously not made by an odd-jobber but someone with significant skills.
  12. Hi Norman, I have a shelf that isn’t being used. I’ll drop you a PM.