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  1. One last bump & price drop before I put in a cupboard for a while. £825.
  2. The codes will generally help to find the records, however, if searching for a 78 you can narrow the search by speed i.e 33 / 45 / 78. That will get you closer. I know very little about 78’s, some may be worth a pretty penny, however, I would first look at the condition of the disc before spending time researching its value - even the rarest 78 will be worthless if its in terrible condition. As for the rest of the vinyl, most look to be fairly standard fodder that can be picked up at a charity shop for pennies.
  3. Sorry, I haven't checked this thread for some time. I’ve still got them lying around somewhere, drop me a pm with your address and i’ll pop them in the post.
  4. I’ll take the mumford & sons please.
  5. Another month gone ...... another dissapointing email from Henley Audio! 😳 It seems there has been ANOTHER stock issue and the horns are not going to arrive in the country until the end of June!! IF that happens I will have waited 6 months!!! for these horns. 😡
  6. A long shot, I know, but I am wanting a Marantz PM4 so a deal could be done it anyone has one!??
  7. ..... if you have a spare £55,000 sitting in the bank! 😳
  8. Has to be Crime of the Century from the Supertramp album of the same name. Always leaves me wanting more.
  9. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a PM4 but these look lovely! 😍 Thats a lot of amplification for the money! If my amp sells I may just be in touch! GLWTS