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  1. Late to the party…. Not a great pic.
  2. Hi There, is this still available? Also, where are you based?
  3. Bump! Seems sacrilege that these are currently sat doing nothing!
  4. I'm looking for a cheap stop-gap preamp with remote control for volume, a single input will suffice. I can collect locally to Manchester but will need shipping if any further afield. WHYG Thanks.
  5. My lord! why you do this....... Any interest in an Ayre AX-7e?
  6. I’ll take the Miles Davis. Please drop me a pm with payment details.
  7. As per the title, before I buy new, I'm looking for a set of speaker cables around 5m in length with spades at one or both ends. Not looking to spend the earth, happy to spend £150ish, possibly a tad more for the right pair. WHYG
  8. These have sat on display and un-used for some time now so they need to be moved to pastures new. Good condition, original cable, box and packaging. £190 inc UK shipping. Collection from Oldham, Greater Manchester welcome.
  9. Following, interested too.
  10. I would suggest one major factor will be expendable income. Most younger people (20’s - 40’s) won’t or don’t see the value in “expensive” hifi gear for music reproduction, given the amount of low cost, no effort gear on the market. Add in to that the fact that many people people now leave it till later in life to start a family, so other expenditure takes priority.
  11. Difference in output voltage maybe?
  12. Friday bump, serious speakers for not a lot money......
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