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  1. 😂 Fair enough... in that case!
  2. Can we have a new Wam rule that the OP can request their thread be permanently closed once its original request has been answered........ 🤭
  3. Interesting comments, much as I suspected. Serious question..... I’m wondering how RA get away with touting such BS, even offering this as a service that can be performed on your old speaker cables, not just new purchases. Surely trading standards would interested to understand what “product” or “service” is actually on offer here!???
  4. Quick weekend bump and offer before it goes on eBay later today.... will take £130 for the lot. Everything you need to accurately measure you room/system...... No budding measurists out there!?
  5. I know Russ Andrews has his fans and - judging by many other comments I’ve read - his haters, but I can’t say I’ve ever bought any products to form an opinion...... However, while researching potential new speaker cables I noted the option at checkout to purchase the “Process Q” option, which is a revolutionary “proprietary cable process” for a meagre £200 per stereo pair...... Now, I have no idea what a “proprietary cable process” is and a separate google search seems to provide no third party information, only more Russ Andrews web pages...... not a great sign. Ultimate snake
  6. I’ve have had what sounds like a similar issue, which I believe is caused by a mechanical HDD in my Tivo box. The Tivo box is connected by ethernet to the same network switch as my streamer and has one (or more) mechanical HDD’s that are constantly functioning. I believe the HDD’s may be the source of a very feint clicking sound that can be heard when the volume is raised and no music is playing. Other than a quick google search to confirm that mechanical HDD’s (not SSD’s) can indeed cause audible interference, I have never bothered to investigate further. Do you have any HDD’
  7. Afternoon all. I have just ordered the DIA 250s NPM from Elite, hoping to take delivery in the next week or so. 😬 From what I have read, the amp should partner well with my Harbs. I was looking through the owners thread to see if there was any consensus with regards to speaker cables? I currently use DNM but was assuming that a thicker gauge cable would be called for given the high output of the Gato. Has anyone experimented with speaker cables?
  8. Thanks, Nick. The Hegel is top of the list at the minute. Hopefully Malcom will pop along and enlighten us further.
  9. Afternoon all! Just clearing out a few more unwanted bits and bats. I used these for a while when playing with an active setup that I no longer have, so here I have for sale: 1 x MiniDSP Umik 1 Mic, boxed with all accessories - £90 inc. UK shipping 1 x Protmex MS6708 Digital Audio Sound Level Meter - £35 inc. UK shipping 1 x Tiger Boom Mic Stand - £23 inc. UK shipping Items are located in Oldham, Greater Manchester for anyone wanting to collect.
  10. I am interested in adding the Hegel H360 to a list of potential replacement for my current Krell. However, I am first interested to better understand how the streamer/DAC works in practice? What app works best? Could I continue using Qobuz? I am currently using an Auralic Altair, controlled using the Lightening DS app via my iPhone and an iPad. I occasionally use apple airplay, but prefer the official app as Qobuz works native and so music playback is independent of the controller. Is there an app that works with the Hegel that will allow native Qobuz playback in the same vein
  11. Surely there is more inherent value in the box, packaging and the case than the actual cable.....? Seems crazy to me.
  12. A bit pricey...... I’ve owned a PM4 and would happily have another, they definitely deserve the kudos but wow..... thats pretty much double what they normally to sell for! 😮
  13. Just spotted this. Will come back to you shortly.
  14. Afternoon all!! I have been mulling over a Sugden amplifier to partner with my Harbeth Super HL5 Plus 40th's. The 23 / 30 watts Sugden A21 is a rather different beast when compared to my current 150 watts Krell S300i and I am hoping there may be some users out there that can give an opinion as to whether the partnership with my Harbeths would be a good one and whether the A21SE Signature is worth the substantial uplift in price over the standard A21 Signature? I rate the Krell highly, it has amazing drive with the current dumping design and I am sure it could drive pretty much a
  15. Can we have a sticky, or maybe rule that requires new members to add basic info to the their profile before posting? it makes helping so much easier.
  16. Yes, its pretty much up to date. 👍🏻
  17. bump. sensible offers considered.
  18. Thought I would give the thread a little bump, still plenty or records to go at! 👍🏻
  19. I bought this a few weeks back from @krellmad I successfully used it to add some nice quality QED Airloc banana plus to some DNM cables, so no longer need it. Looking to get back what I paid, £100 inc UK shipping. Link to original sale below.
  20. Looking for over-ear, wireless headphone recommendations. I like the Sony WH-1000 models but don’t really have any need for all the noise cancelling gadgets and gizmos etc.... just good quality sound, open back or closed?? Happy to spend in the region of the Sony’s, up to £300ish.
  21. The Essential Esther Phillips (Qobuz) New to me but amazing vocals and well recorded tracks
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