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  1. Yes the internet is littered with good about the LS50s. My challenge there is that the bookshelves are on either side of a fireplace and I had it pre wired with speaker cable and RCAs so it’s nice and tidy. Left has speaker and the turntable, cables go through the wall and then into the cabinet on the right, where telly connection also ends up. Can’t get an Ethernet cable through that to connect the LS50s But thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Sure - and by the way you’re right from the start as was @Nopiano. The speakers are on bookshelves so don’t have more than 6 inches behind them or to one side, and then there is a shelf above within 3 inches. I’ve used the foam plugs - just the ring rather than the full plug - to attenuate the bass. They aren’t that boomy but when compared to the others on loan here (B&W 606, ATC SCM7) just sound so much broader a soundstage with a Hegel amp I am now running, also a loaner. The ATC SCM7 have a marvellous sounding tweeter, to expose a top end the Dynaudio doesn’t, and I can soften it as required with the initial high pass filter on my Chord Hugo2 DAC, but depth and width is missing - vocals sound confined as opposed to “in the room” that I get from the special forties. Been using Keb Mo’s Every Morning as a nice demo track. Next trials are the SCM11 when they come in, and perhaps a Naim amp to see how the special forties feed off of something less muscular sounding than the Hegel H90, which is plenty for my room and to make the special forties lively.
  3. Thanks Gasolin. I demoed the Dynaudio special forties at premium sound here in London and OMG. The power. Took them home in a trial basis alongside some ELAC 403s, and the forties just muscle them out of the picture. Only amp I have tried here beyond my own is a Hegel, which matched them well at the shop It’s clear my peach tree nova simply can’t drive the special forties, they need some current to open up. Naim XS3 or similar is next in the list. Let me know if you have other ideas, it is a small room so the Hegel H90 already opens them up.
  4. Thanks very much! Will report back. Definitely a pro opinion from a dealer demo day. Need to find my way into one of those. The special forty speakers are simply beautiful and perked my interest but are likely not fit for this purpose. Very good point on the tweeter technology and its presence throughout a brand range. Will dig in on that and advise on the menuet.
  5. Excellent shout the Dali. Thanks and will explore...
  6. You have echoed my excitement exactly! Have a local HiFi shop that recommended the scm11’s, which were sold, but the scm7s were mentioned so I may give them a try. I need to decide what to audition next. Neat: I did see the Iota, such a clever little box, however the ones I tried are Ministra, nearly identical to the floor standing Elektra but without the down facing isobaric driver. Impressed with these really, just a bit too bright for my setup. The sub I have is fine, not great, and I’d love to keep it below 120Hz on its high pass filter as it seems to have a narrow sweet spot for effectiveness e g if I go too high I lose the power needed for sounds around 60Hz and lower. When you heard Dynaudio, what was the situation there? Model, setup, amp, anything you’d point to worth replicating?
  7. Oh most definitely. It’s such a nifty gizmo. I leave it wide open unfiltered most of the time. Have adjusted it out of the equation as speaker factor.
  8. Oh WAM, please help. I’ve just arrived in the fortunate position to upgrade from B&W CM1’s for a bookshelf + sub configuration, driven by a peachtree audio nova 65se (Class D USA integrated dac amp). Budget is £2k for speakers, and I am leaning to Dynaudio but wonder if I am out over my skis. The trigger for all this is I have just started using an external DAC, the Chord Hugo2, and it has massively exposed the gap in warmth and clarity missing in the CM1s with this amp vs my headphones on the Chord which are sublime. In a local HiFi specialist I demo’d some B&W 705S2s, which to me, when connected to the Naim amp at the shop, had a sort of exciting initial experience but then an unrelenting precision. Too in my face. Got connected to a Rotel and then heard Neat Ministras with their ribbon tweeter and that was clear, but brought them into my setup for a few days but, they are too bright. Much brighter than the CM1s for my amp to the point I was missing even the bass and baritone on balanced choral/vocal music (not that low). Have always heard great things about Dynaudio but wonder, will I really be able to push the Evoke 10s or 20s; are the Emit M20s enough of an upgrade over the CM1? I am somewhat limited in the 12x12ish front room where the speakers will be on bookshelves, fairly close to the wall at rear with a max speaker height of 38cm/ 15in. Anyone had Dynaudio experience or been at a crossroads? Can probably push the wife to 2k and then maybe upgrade the amp later, but it needs to have a digital in or two as it also is used for the Telly alongside my vinyl and the Chord DAC.
  10. Up for sale is a solid performer, a Black Creek Evo Integrated amp, 85W x2 into 8ohms, predecessor to the Evolution 2 and 50a. Its in excellent condition - not a single scratch. The thick black brushed aluminium facia is unmarked. It comes with a nice hefty aluminium fronted remote, too. Pics below. Full review and details here: I'm looking for £240 + UK p&p or collection in London. Payment by Paypal ('personal' preferred or you pay fees) or bank transfer. Cheers, Stew