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  1. I'm sure it will be welcome (Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity of my first, and hopefully last, crappy Gaelic pun)
  2. Just the way my luck goes TBH. I bought a Royal Enfield once that didn't have an oil leak, I had to get one installed under warranty! (With apologies to whoever thought that one up many, many, years ago)
  3. Interesting indeed, I bought a DAD1 (feel free to titter) in a sale more than twenty years ago as a second line item and it's been in regular use since then. It did finally grind to a halt after two decades of abuse but it was a quick repair and it's back to working just fine. Certainly, for me, reliability hasn't been a serious issue.
  4. Yay!, it's working again, the PS wasn't well but now replaced, so back to the same old Schiit
  5. Ah, will we see the long awaited HMV 102 Owners Club? It should be good for wind up merchants
  6. Indeed, it doesn't half get messy when you turn it on
  7. So long as there's hifi I like and can afford I'm happy enough. If people want to buy super expensive kit that's up to them and good luck to them. The fact I can't buy those things bothers me not one bit. Likewise, people buying expensive watches, cars, motorcycles etc. concerns me not at all. If that's what they choose to do with their cash then why not? As for getting nothing else added for the extra cost, I'd bet a £10 quartz watch from the cheap shop will be jusy as accurate (probably more so) as any £15k+ machanical Rolex in peak condition. Is a Veyron better in use than a Fiat500? Unless is an offroad track I know which I'd rather drive on a daily basis! To me anything in what I think of as the "silly" price range is just another rich boy's toy to go with the trophy wife and other things that massage the ego of the chronically insecure. So I guess I'd say over-priced hifi kit is just fine
  8. Undobtedly the worst amp I had was one of these mighty beasts, a Philco Ford no less! It was never going to set the world on fire but I as happy enough with it at the time, it was certainly no worse that the SP25 Mk3 it was paired with and certainly a bit better than the contemporary Amstrads off the time. Oddly enough, if I saw one now I'd probably buy it just for the hell of it.
  9. I think William Hartnell had one of these in a corner of the original Tardis, probably a leftover from his partyin' days.
  10. Welcome to all Linnies in exile , I'm sure you'll find bits of non Linn discussion on here that may be interesting from time to time. I'll confess to having an LP12 lurking around somewhere , it just needs a shot in the arm (when it eventually gets one) to get it back on it's feet. My spare spaces here are beginning to look like the storage facility at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"!
  11. What is life if, full of care, There is no Planar 3 to make us stare With apologies to fans of W H Davies. That looks like a lot of fun has been had in it's creation, nicely done
  12. I think the changes you have in mind are perhaps the most important, certainly I'd change the belt and oil as you don't know when they were last changed. The Rega white belt only costs a few ££ more so I'd look at that one rather than the standard black. There are various bearings but I see little advantage if yours isn't worn and changing to a sapphire, ruby or whatever may have interesting consequences in the long term due to the hardness of the ball compared to the bearing surface of the sub platter assembly (but subplatters are pretty cheap though ). The only thing I'd add for now is a motor mounting band, which may well be getting a bit weary as it may be as old as the deck itself. It's a worthwhile precaution for a few ££. Other than that the world is your oyster and, as you say, you can replace everything on your Rega over time. One advantage of that is that when you've finished you can build another Planar 3 from the all bits left over. It's a fun tweakers project though and I have a Planar 3 lurking around just for that reason. I'll get around to it one day .
  13. I made the mistake of placing a 36" CRT next to one of my 801s back in the day. One side of the screen image turned into a green splodge and the rest of the picture was sucked into a parallel dimension. Why they still shield them, though, beats me.