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  1. All sorted now. Thanks for the messages
  2. Hiya I'm in the market for a decent phonostage and am willing to pay up to £1500, or maybe a bit more for something a bit special. Ideally I'd love to have an Allnic H1201, but have had my eye on a Tron Seven and others of that ilk. Anyone got anything they're looking to move on? My stereo is all Audio Note with a New Audio Frontiers integrated, if that helps; so clean and musical valve stuff is preferable. Cheers
  3. You've saved my bacon twice now! How can I ever repay you?!
  4. Not at all - using higher grade AN components in an AN amp wouldn't be a downgrade! It's much better now; PQ himself suggests the upgrade is about 40% better than the stock OTO. The reason for the sale is because I came across a great deal on a New Audio Frontiers integrated, which is at least double the RRP, and allows me the flexibility of using it as a power amp if I choose to add a pre to it. As wonderful as the OTO is, the NAF is in the major leagues. And it turns out 'the we don't need any more amps in the house', so unfortunately it's got to go
  5. Hi there I have this up for sale on PFM and ebay, but thought it worth adding it here, too, as I'd rather it not sell via eBay, if I can help it! With a heavy heart, I'm offering up for sale my beloved Audio Note OTO Phono SE. As the title suggests, this has been upgraded quite significantly: in December of last year I had it sent to Deco Audio to have it fully serviced and upgraded to STND electrolytics, Audio Note tantalum resistors, and Audio Note copper foil capacitors throughout, at a cost of £1300 in just parts. It had two weeks of use, then the bleedin' power transformer bit the bullet, so it went back off to Deco for that to be replaced at a cost of a further £300ish, which took 6 months (yes, really... AN needed to manufacture more, then this bloody virus thing stopped all of that for a long while). The good news is now that pretty much the entire amplifier is brand new, barely even run in, and very VERY close to OTO Signature spec. I'll forward on the invoices for your records. I've also got a few NOS Amperex Bugle Boys in the linestage and pre-psu which I bought 'butt ugly' - have you seen the price for mint ones?! - from Brent at Audio Tubes. And four brand new Tube Audio Doctor EL84-STR valves. They all came in at another couple of hundred quid. Sound quality is as you'd expect from Audio Note gear, which is to say, superb. The phono stage, with the upgrades, sounds wonderful hooked up to my AN TT2 and AN-E speakers! Cosmetically, unfortunately there's a crack on the top right of the fascia, as can be seen on the pictures. That's because it took a tumble on the way to Deco when I sent it off. Rest assured though, that this happened BEFORE the amp was then serviced and upgraded! I've already checked with AN and a new fascia is only £130 if you wanted a new one. As regards the metal outer which has a couple of dents, I'm currently in the process of buying a new one from AN, so that will be immaculate. If by some small miracle this sells before I get the outer shell, I'll forward it on for you for free. Also included is a 1m MCRU shielded mains cable. Here's a few pictures: As this is a 20 kilo amp with big fat transformers in, I'd much rather it be collected from SE London after you give it a good listen-to in my full Audio Note system, but I suppose it can be shipped. Just give me a little while to figure out sufficient packaging materials. Pricing is tricky, but seeing as I've just spent about £1800 quid on parts and upgrades that have barely had 10 hours on them, I think sensible offers around £2200 seems about right. Or if you want to p/x for a cracking phono stage like an Allnic H1201 or Tron Seven or something them lemme know. Any questions let me know. Cheers