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    Linn lp12
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    Roksan nima,Goldring
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    Naim nait2 cb.
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    Tannoy Chats red12
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  1. Apologies! I just decided to swap my interested to Leak st50. Any other decent valve amps, suitable for my Tannoy's red 12inch would be considered. Thanks
  2. Thank you for interest and correct pic. looking forward to hearing from Julian as well. Best regards
  3. Hi All I am looking for Armstrong 222 amplifier(or Pye tube Inte amp) to match my vintage Tannoy sp. If you have one for sale, Pls PM me. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All! Looking for Pye Mozart 20 Integrated amp as fitted to my Tannoy red 12" sp. If you have one, plz get in touch! Cheers ! Hen
  5. Hi I am looking for vintage Moving coil, step up transformer for my low output cartridges. Preferred Woden hammmer tone, pb2. If anyone has one for sale, please get in touch. Thanks