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  1. Chord amp back from 7 week repair at chord.
  2. I agree with DomT. I had a problem with the ac motor running slow on my gyro dec. A phone call to arrange a date took it there. They repaired it while I had breakfast. Great company.
  3. They are in as new condition. You are welcome to come and listen, no obligation to buy if not to your taste. I had them from new only selling due to upgrade.
  4. I've got some bw 804 matrix for sale at £430 or kef r900 for £1395. Also a musical fidelity m6 cd player £950 Al items are in very good condition.
  5. Seems like a good price. I'm sure someone will be along soon to snap them up.
  6. The orbe platter imo gives a deeper sound stage and increased bass.
  7. I have the same problem with my Dino just need to be careful. Mine still sounds good though. If you look at my profile I have a same tt as you but with orbe platter. You welcome to come have a listen.
  8. johns

    B&W 802d

    Hi Just a update went for the demo (802D) yesterday like them. Today they've been delivered and setup and are sounding fantastic, better than the demo.
  9. johns

    B&W 802d

    Hi all haven't been here for a while. Need your views please. Been offered the B&W 802d by my local dealer for a good price 4k. I know there old but I believe they were good in their day. I can listen to them but not in ideal conditions However for this money I could get the 804d3. Current speakers are kef R900. Any advice would be welcome
  10. Anyone grab a bargain today. I picked up a Sony sacd player for just £50 sounds great they were £550 when new.
  11. Hi Paul I would like to buy this. It is a fair price. John
  12. johns

    CD player help

    My Wadia 301 uses the Pioneer stable platter I think it sounds good I haven't heard the sony but I did have a meridian GO6 before and the Wadia is a step up.
  13. Some speaker switches have protection circuit built in which should protect the amp it does mean you wont be able to play very loud.
  14. I would think you would be able to use a longer cable, how long do think you need, if you have a separate phono stage you could use longer interconnects.
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