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  1. Anyone want mine for free? Advertised to work with Pioneer models VSX-832, VSX-932, VSX-LX302 and SX-N30AE. It works via USB. Others have got it work with other Pioneer gear and also an Onkyo unit. Doesn't work with my VSX-1131. --------------------------------------------------------------- GONE elsewhere. Thanks mods.
  2. Free - can anyone use this AV receiver? It's black. I've had it 6 years and it's been back in it's box for for the last 2. In Burton on Trent. Cheers
  3. Anyone use one of these? Got two of the old white boxes and two newer black boxes (Not the smart version) All have been used but have remote and mains plug and I've got loads of hdmi cables if needed.
  4. Got one I don't need. Can anyone use it? For free. Update - now taken.