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  1. Think of the endless debates about which SFP modules sound best, or LC vs SC, single-mode or multi-mode etc!
  2. 2020 - I went from a fluted afromosia pre-Cirkus Valhalla deck to an unfluted oak machined Radikal Karousel Kore. Pretty much a new deck at this point, except for the outer platter arm and cartridge. 2021 - probably nothing. A new arm is the next logical step but an Ekos is quite spendy, so depends on promotions etc.
  3. Yes I don’t think you need to worry about ARC here. Just use the System Hub as your media, erm, hub, and let it route the appropriate video signal to your TV while it handles the audio side.
  4. Only one thing to add to the above: if you watch TV via the built-in tuner at all (eg Freeview) then you can take the stereo analogue outputs from the TV and connect to one of the analogue inputs on the hub. Judging from your profile the only analogue audio source you use is your turntable. The ASH has one unbalanced line-level input in addition to the adjustable one so this is ok. if you only ever watch broadcast TV from Virgin Media then you won’t even need to do that and the HDMI switching in the hub will handle everything and you will end up using the TV just as a display.
  5. I think as @sunbeamgls mentioned on Facebook, without SO+ accounting for speaker and listener positions the Exakt engine can’t truly do the time alignment. Describing it as Aktiv but not Exakt is a reasonable way to draw the distinction I think, even if maybe not what Linn would say.
  6. There seem to be quite a few of us with Exakt Ninkas - as you say they, feel like they should be the weak link but, having heard Exakt Akubariks (pre Katalyst) a few years ago, I’d have to spend A LOT.
  7. If you have a laptop, or a computer that’s near your speakers, you can install and run Room Equalisation Wizard and perform a frequency sweep. The response won’t necessarily be accurate unless you use a calibrated microphone (or the one you are using is flat anyway) but that’s not all that important here - you want to know which frequencies are present, not necessarily the accurate sound pressure at each frequency.
  8. I ordered my AEB-I (with ‘free’ Karousel) on 11th May and they shipped from the factory to the dealer on 24th June. According to the dealer the delay was mainly the bearing, but I heard various conflicting stories so who knows?
  9. I’ve got a Basik Plus on my LP12. It’s one of the few parts that survived the rebuild of my deck last month when I received my Karousel. (The outer platter and cartridge are the others.) I put my cash into a power supply, Kore and braced plinth with matching top plate, and there were no more funds available to upgrade the arm. Sounds fine to me, although I know it’s the limiting factor currently and I’d like to replace it in due course.
  10. I’m afraid I don’t really understand what is being argued here. Linn don’t support MQA and have only limited support for DSD. if that’s a deal-breaker, don’t buy it.
  11. Has anyone done a comparison of Exakt + LK140 vs Exakbox-I? I bet there’s not much in it, considering the Exaktbox-6 + 2x LK140 is effectively £6-700 more than the integrated option.
  12. Infidelity is the obvious choice in the Kingston area, who maybe be able to get involved with appraising, but maybe they are the ones who gave the price he didn't like.
  13. It was an LK-era Majik-I/P. Yes it has noticeably deeper bass (Exakt) but better integrated (that will be SO+). I still have the Majik boxed up in the garage so am planning to hook it all up again to measure it for comparison when I get time.
  14. I've got an ASH, running D77 for a couple of days, no issues so far. Mostly streaming TIDAL but also have analogue input driven by my iMac which worked fine for about an hour yesterday. I will try the LP12 shortly and report back. (edit) OK I've played 6 sides so far and no stutters. This is LP12 -> ASH MM board. (edi2) Side 8 just stuttered...
  15. I release this might be sacrilege for some, but I've just measured the frequency response of my Ninkas as I was looking at the differences between different SO configurations. Low down there is nothing at all (Exakt filters I expect) but sound output begins at 24Hz at a pretty respectable level in my opinion - certainly better than the room effects between 110-160Hz.
  16. Thanks, I’ll have a play next week I think, once everything has had a chance to settle down.
  17. Source was LP12 + TIDAL (via Sonos ZP80) into LK-era Makij-I/P. It’s moot, really, as so many parts have been replaced. The only common parts are power supply, outer platter, tonearm, cartridge body and speakers. Every other component has been replaced (including stylus which suffered a fatal accident during the turntable build )
  18. Sorry for the delay in posting - things have been hectic here recently. I had a few delays getting hold of the equipment for various reasons - some due to Linn and others due to my work getting in the way. Anyway, the Exaktbox-I was delivered and set up on Monday by my dealer. I’ve only had a few hours with the new system. First impressions are that overall the “sound” is the same (ie it still sounds like my Ninkas are playing the music) but everything is so much more (date I say it) accurate? I’ve listened to jazz, rock and classical so far and the system just gets out of the way and lets me hear the music much more easily. As an amateur musician it feels much more like I am “there” and the difference between a piano and forte orchestral passage is much closer to what you experience in an Orchestra than what I had before. So, in summary: I have only had the system running for a short while, the cost is not inconsiderable but the end result so far is excellent. If any of this sounds a bit vague or woolly feel free to ask specifics. Cheers Neil
  19. Part of the reason I was prepared to go Exakt was the knowledge that Kudos and some other options are out there down the road. For now, I can’t really afford to (or justify) replace the speakers as well. A lot of people comment that Exakt is vertical lock-in, which to an extent it is, but I can have any analogue sources I want, with Exakt crossovers, Kalayst DACs, and then any amplification and (within reason) speakers - as long as sunbeamgls is still making the filters of course. At the end of the day, I tend to take quite a while to decide, but then stick with that decision for a long tome too. I bought my LP12 in 1993 and only this year have felt the urge to significantly upgrade it. My Majik- I/P is from 1998. The speakers I’ve had for years too. My wife is using my 30-year-old CD player in her studio...
  20. Well, I’ve been auditioning various systems for ages but never been ready to make the jump for one reason or another. Often, I found the volume being demonstrated by the dealer bore no relation to what was realistic at home, and a lot of enjoyment factor was lost when played at normal levels. On one occasion, several years ago, I went to a dealer to specifically listen to Exakt Akubariks with an AEDSM front end which was very disappointing. After a few hours of swapping bits around we ended up with a Naim front end (sorry don’t remember which one) driving Wilson Audio Sabrinas which sounded amazing. (I posted about the experience in the old Linn forum and a few dealers contacted me privately to see if they could help out) Eventually I realised the answer was staring me in the face - I really like my Ninkas, so decided to get the best out of them that I could. But that meant rescuing them from TV front left/right duty, which I’ve now done, and they have been relocated to my office, along with the system in my profile I heard the Ninkas on the end of an ADSM with LK- era amplification (which was good but a bit of a compromise - clearly the amps were the weak link), MDSM/3 (great) and then MDSM + Exaktbox-i (even better) (I was thinking of going in stages). But when I thought about it a bit more I resented spending money on the bits of the MDSM that I was going to end up not using. But as I’m not paying for a family holiday this summer I was able to bring forward the Exaktbox and so could go for the System Hub instead of the MDSM. The added incentive of a Karousel helped me to pull the trigger (my current bearing is pre-Cirkus so I’m hopefully for a fairly significant jump there too)
  21. As it happens, I’ve gone down the ASH/AEB-i route. Last I heard the factory are due to build my order on Monday, so hopefully I will be Exakting my Ninkas pretty soon.
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