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  1. I have a Technics SL1500c that I bought during Lockdown with the intention of starting to play records again. Although the deck sounds excellent, since buying it I've only used it twice and played 3 LPs as I find streaming so much more convenient. In fact, it has had so little use I actually packed it away a few weeks ago. I'm looking for £625, If you are interested then send me a private message. I did try to send you a private message but had no luck, is your message box full?
  2. I notice this article is dated 2016 and find myself wondering if the the factory ever materialised or whether it was just marketing PR. I'm without doubt a cynical old sod after spending the majority of my working career in the marketing industry. I remember one very highly respected high street retailer that had their shoe uppers manufactured in India then importers the upper and had the soles welded on in Northampton. Printed in very large letters on the bottom of the soles were the words 'Made in England'. Could equally apply to speakers.
  3. Looks like yet another specialist HiFi manufacturer that's been swallowed up by huge multinational bean counters. How long before the whole world is run by one giant corporation.
  4. When phoned the telephone number given for the Tannoy factory in Coatbridge comes up as unobtainable, suggesting the factory is closed. Although dating back to 2017 the following article indicates the same conclusion. https://www.psneurope.com/business/tannoy-claims-scottish-production-will-continue-despite-gmb-report
  5. I could not get the newspaper link to work, so not sure of its content. Is the Tannoy factory already closed. I'm assuming production will continue somewhere?
  6. I also have active speakers and over the last couple of years have been attempting to streamline my system and reduce my box count. My ideal was a combined streamer/DAC/Preamp or combined DAC/Preamp but despite trying many recommended combinations have almost universally found that preamps in streamers and DACs simply don't compare to a good stand alone preamp when driving active speakers, in my case via 5m leads. I have eventually found a combined DAC/preamp that works equally as well as separate units in my system but would have no idea if it would in any other system. Therefore my view is a separate preamp is probably the safest option.
  7. A while back I bought a product marketed as a USB purification device from a major specialist company offering easy no questions asked returns. Despite their website showing 5 star customer reviews for the product, it didn't take me long to realise the item did nothing to improve my system, so I duly returned it and as promised received a full refund along with a note saying they were surprised as other customers had been delighted. Following my experience, I duly sent a review awarding the device just one star and explaining it had simply not performed in my system. That review has never found its way onto the sellers site and I notice the device in question still carries even more 100% five star reviews than when I first ordered it. So is there any point in even looking a customer reviews?
  8. Not at all, I can clearly see you are a joke.
  9. Personally, I would try a different cable type and avoid wrapping it around any metal tubes as that could cause a form of inductance and interfer with the signal.
  10. No, but it might be a cheap way of isolating a fault.
  11. Have you got another usb cable you could try, say off your printer.
  12. I've always known music was important right from my youth when my parents would fill the house with music from the radiogram with its autochanger mechanism dropping records from musicals one after the other onto the platter. I also vividly recall the joyous moment I heard the Beatles for the first time at my friend's house when his older sister put on Twist and Shout and we all started dancing around the room. So it was no suprise that when first married we almost immediately became proud owners of a music system. Over the years many systems have come on gone and music has always remained high on the agenda. However, when listening the other evening and realising just how much enjoyment I have got from both live and recorded music over the years I found myself wondering what made it so important and why it gave me so much pleasure and how it affected others. In the end I simply decided for me it's about its ability to lighten the mind and make the body and soul want to dance and cause the world to seem that little bit brighter. It's simply just magical. Thanks for all the interesting replies.
  13. Why is music so important in your life.
  14. Its just about what experience you prefer and perhaps the amount of disposable income you have. Personally I would not buy new if serious saving could be made by doing otherwise. I bought an ex dem Innuos Zenith Mk3 from an authorised dealer along with a years warranty for a discount of £1000 on the RRP. My speakers bought from a B&O specialist along with a years warranty provided a saving of 60% off the RRP at the time of purchase or to put it context a saving a £3.5k.
  15. I support your point regarding the received data but is it not possible that SMPS noise and RFI from within the router and router quality/design could influence sound quality, if so wouldn't the choice of router and power supply be important.