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  1. wHIZZY

    Iinnous mk2

    I really hope knot.
  2. I recently contacted Innuos Support to ask if the 320Kbps stream for BBC Radio 2 could be included in their prepared list of Radio stations. I received the following reply ""We plan to provide access to BBC Sounds, which should allow you to play in much better quality. Please see the feature request here and vote for it: https://innuos.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/provide-support-for-bbc-sounds/ Best Regards, Nuno Vitorino R&D Director "" So if you are a Innuos Sense user and this feature appeals, then you may wish to vote for its inclusion.
  3. Wanted excellent sounding valve preamp It it has a MM Phono stage then even better. What do you have tucked away in the deepest depths of your cupboards? Thanks Dave
  4. wHIZZY

    Hi-fi inflation

    I spent twenty years working in marketing and would say a price point will generally be set at whatever the market will bear. For the likes of Audio Note which has established a very exclusive premium brand that price point can be set exclusively high.
  5. With regard to the Zenith sounding better using InnuOS 2 compared to Room. Is that because Room degrades the sound in some way.
  6. Yes please if still available, private message sent.
  7. I've heard before of people having to remove plaster to get rid of the problems caused by smoking. So just out of interest in case you know of anyone in a similar situation I'll repeat my own experience as it saved a lot of time and money. About 15 years ago I bought a property at a very good price because the previously owner was a heavy smoker and all the walls and ceilings were heavily nicotine stained and the place stunk. Lucky there was a specialist paint supplier locally who recommended and supplied an imported Canadian specialist product that would adhere to the surfaces, stop staining and seal in the smell. From memory it was about £70 a can but it really did the job simply by painting it on. Once applied and painted over the place was as good as new. Had the place for about 5 years and never had any trace of staining or the smell come back.
  8. Hope I have not misunderstood you question With the Zenith switched on On my system I type my.innous.com into the goggle chrome address bar, enter. Then click on the picture of the Zenith that's displayed. Then scroll down and click on Qobuz and enter your log in details I then use Orange Squeeze to access the Zenith and select Qobuz from the My Apps section. I find the Orange Squeeze App well suited to controlling the Zenith.
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