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  1. Thanks Rick, superb amp and 'as new' condition. Delighted.
  2. Just a guess but could it come from rhyming slang 'London City' shitty.
  3. Just because China and the west currently have a symbiotic trading relationship does not mean things cannot quickly change and apparently are already doing so. China makes no secret of her mostly unjustifiable expansionist ambitions and if and when she makes her first move the west will have to make its reply. If the west wants to limit future Chinese expansionism then it needs to reclaim many of the elements of production it has exported in order to stop feeding the growing threat that China poses. As for your point about N Korea and keeping it from doing anything stupid. That policy serves China perfectly in a military sense, in that it maintains a buffer between China and the Wests allies and one that China can easily control. By the way, you have not actually addressed each individual point and their parallel with Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
  4. you say "no parallel at all" In order to fully explain the reasons for the above statement perhaps you could expand and fully address each of the seven points individually.
  5. The fact this thread exists suggests that some are questioning the direction in which China appears to be moving. Am I the only one to see many similarities between Germany in the 1930s and China presently? The creation of an authoritarian state with bold ultra-nationalistic objectives. The vilification of certain ethnic and religious groups The construction of concentration camps Openly expressed expansionist objectives. The construction of a vast military resource. Forcible suppression of individuals, groups and organisation opposing the state doctrine. Total state control of all media Is there a warning from history here?
  6. Hi Rick, Just checking your mail box is not full as I notice my last message from yesterday has not been read, apologies if it's just you're busy. Dave
  7. Not sure about accuracy or euphonic coloration, just not too analytical. RCA Just after building a really good linestage capable of driving my active speakers via long cables, then probably adding a MM phono facility at a later date. Would ideally like to buy a complete kit so I don't have the problem of sourcing individual components and am likely to get decent instructions.
  8. There is currently an AP11 for sale on the fish which has attracted my attention. Could I ask can these still be serviced. Also, am I right in thinking that £1400 fot a unit around eight years old is slightly optomistic. Thanks
  9. Second that. Cheap S/H and like most MF DACs underated.
  10. Bear with me I'll get to the point eventually. I Phoned Tom Evans Audio Design last week to ask about the cost of upgrading my Michell Argo preamp to Vibe spec. He must have had time on his hands because he ended up Chatting for quite some time during which I asked why the Hera power supply transformer is bigger than in most power amps given the small current required by the preamp. He said it was done because it was important to keep the transformer impedance to a minimum. So perhaps the actual transformer choice also has a marked effect. Turned out the upgrade would have cost more than what 'We Buy Any Car' say my car is worth.
  11. I am assuming these are a matched quad set as they were the original valves fitted to a Graaf GM 50 amp and were removed when the amp was around 2 years old. Asking £45 posted for all four
  12. Provisionally sold to 'Magic' - STP