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  1. wHIZZY

    Simple Question

    Yes, the output signal will be balanced mode whatever the input signal.
  2. Because you do actually own it, you don't own a download and you can't sell it if you ever wish to. Plus there is always a chance you might corrupt or lose the download if you have forgotten a backup.
  3. Hooray, fingers crossed things now seem to work as they should on my Android tablet.
  4. Don't waste your time. Several years ago I listed around four or five items and sold them all via eBay. Subsequently marked them all as sold on the Megastore. For a while there was a banner across them saying sold, but no longer, the banner has disappeared and they are listed as active and I receive several emails each month enquiring about them, mostly from time wasters somewhere in Asia. The site it an absolute disaster. I would even go so far as to ask whether the practice of listing sold items as active is a deliberate con intended to make the store look more attractive with numerous list
  5. It is indeed. In fact Colin it was you that recommended it to me.
  6. No, sold it many moons ago, although for some strange reason I believe it's still listed it the 'Superstore' as being available despite my marking it as sold.
  7. If you really believe that then fine, its your money to spend as you choose. I would say however, that my current USB cable cost around £25 and in my system outperformed a cable that cost many hundreds of pounds. Despite its low cost the current cable uses split data and power lines with each being individually shielded within the outer braid and that is probably why it sounded better.
  8. From personal experience I know that cables can make a difference but also there is no direct corrolation between cost and performance. It's about finding cables that suit your system and that may well be something that costs a few pounds.
  9. They were Rank weren't they, as we're Leak from around the same era. I owned a Leak 2000 receiver and Leak 2030 speakers my father the Wharfdale equivalents like yourself.
  10. Given the downturn in the economy due to Covid and the effects of Brexit, is it time to start manufacturing more in Britain and buying British wherever possible?
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