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  1. I find it odd that society casually uses the term ESSENTIAL workers in the full knowledge that many are so poorly paid. In particular it would seem the most undervalued tend to do the jobs that the majority most baulk at. Is it too naive to hope that the current crisis might cause us to reappraise our values and perhaps develop a more egalitarian model.
  2. Just listened to an intensive care doctor on Radio 2 who said there are currently both intensive care beds and ventilators available but they remain unused as there are simply not enough trained staff to operate them. She made the point that the NHS has been cut to the bone and that the staff needed for IC have to be highly skilled and cannot be trained quickly. So it doesn't seem as if simply obtaining more ventilators is likely to solve anything in the near future.
  3. I hope that both Boris and Charles suffer only mild symptoms and make a quick and easy recovery. However, I also agree with Nearly Bewildered point that some will take such an outcome to signify the virus is less threatening than they are being led to believe and they may well become more nonchalant as a result.
  4. I assume most other countries were also aware of the potential danger and also chose to ignore it.
  5. Interesting article on how government knew a pandemic was likely and how they chose to hide it from us and do nothing. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8164389/2016-Government-pandemic-exercise-revealed-NHS-shortages-lack-protective-equipment.html
  6. Slightly off topic but proof you can't rely on government to make the right decisions regarding pandemic advice https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8164389/2016-Government-pandemic-exercise-revealed-NHS-shortages-lack-protective-equipment.html
  7. At the moment transfering anything between two points presents a possible virus transmission hazard. Apparently Corona can live on surfaces for quite some time. Tests on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have shown traces of the virus 15 days after cabins were vacated and according to reports I have read it can remains active on cardboard for several days. Antibacterial sprays and wipes may say they will kill 99.9% of bacteria but very few also include the words virus.
  8. I gave away a small set on Freecycle about three weeks ago.
  9. What a beautiful bit of kit, if it weren't for the fact it is located in Spain I would have bought it myself
  10. Have you tried changing interconnect cables? I remember having a hum that was down to a faulty interconnect.
  11. Consider running flexible tubes/conduits with occasional hubs so that you can change and add cables as and when. Don't forget to install draw wires.
  12. wHIZZY

    Old v New

    I don't think that generally speaking equipment sounds any better now than it did twenty years ago. For example, although happy with my thirty year old Musical Fidelity Digilog DAC, after reading numerous reviews and posts I convinced myself that a modern DAC must sound better. Ended up buying a s/h Chord Hugo2 and yes it was very detailed and notes were very clear but for sheer musical enjoyment the Digilog won out and I sold the Hugo. Personally, If you are happy with your system I'd recommend you stay with what you have and just add a streamer. I've often found that when you change you often end up with something which you think is better only to realise in the long term it simply sounds different but then swapping and changing is often a lot of the fun for some of us suckers.
  13. In these difficult times I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been hoarding. Just looked in the larder and what did I find – Three DACs, Three preamp, Three streamers, Four speakers, eight hundred and ten CDs, more records than I could be bothered to count, a large box of assorted cables. oh and sixteen toilet rolls and two bottles of bleach. Is it remotely possible that anyone else could possibly be behaving even more irresponsibly?
  14. As already advised the answer is almost certainly no. However, unless the amp is is very warm when touched the power amp section is probably using very little power. If when touched the amp is very warm or even hot then it will be running in class A mode and will be using a fair amount on energy. So unless the amp is particularly warm I would not worry.
  15. Not dismissing anything previous but personally I'm convinced that the integrity and quality of the USB signal is crucial to achieving the best analogue sound with any given DAC. The reason I'm so convinced is the difference I hear between using my Innuos Zen and Innuos Zenith. The improvement the Zenith provides is quite marked, despite most aspects of the implementation being quite similar apart from improved mechanical vibration control and the quality of power supply.