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  1. Or could be a finger slip error, for TI (Tune-In) the O key is next to the i.
  2. Surprised myself, explored the depths of my MF Encore and found a ready installed plug-in for RP and managed to find a FLAC option, so now sorted and in even better quality that before. Still a mystery why the 320Kbps steam on Tune-In suddenly stopped working. Thanks to all for your help.
  3. Very fair question, my Musical Fidelity Encore software is a mystery to me, as are all computer related issues, so I use TuneIn because it's already installed and even I can use it. I'm ok with a screw driver, drill or pasting table but computers ugh!
  4. Apologies, but I dont quite understand what you mean by this.
  5. Thanks for this Nick but it's slightly different as I'm just using the Tune-In system to stream it. The 320Kbps Main Mix stream via Tune-In worked fine up until midnight last night then suddenly the steam suddenly ceased to work and could no longer be found on the Tune-In station listings. Their three other streams are still available on Tune-In but not the Main Mix. Really just checking if other have had the same problem.
  6. Has anyone else found that the Radio Paradise Main Mix stream has vanished from the Tune-in service. The Rock, Mellow and World streams are still there but the Main Mix stream no longer seems available.
  7. Presumably the SMPS would have to be connected to a load in order to replicate its in use condition.
  8. It could be the performance of the RME is not influenced by the type of power supply used. However, it is feasable that by using a SMPS to power the RME that noise could be reflected back to the amp via the mains which could influence the sound.
  9. If it helps, I used mine with a Graaf GM50 valve amp (50w) and never got anywhere near even half volume in a medium sized room.
  10. I owned a pair of these for about five years before moving to active speakers and can testify that they really are superb and well worth the money being asked here. Whoever buys these is in for a treat.
  11. Hi All, just wondering if anyone has experience of using a Croft 25 preamp to drive a long cable run. I am currently driving Beolab 9 active speakers using 6m long cables (RCA to 5 pin din) and was thinking of purchasing a Croft pre but was unsure how the croft would work with long cables.
  12. Hi Vince, just to let you know there are a couple of Akiko Tuning Sticks up for sale in the WAM classifieds. Cheers Dave