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  1. Contacted MF who tell me there is a firmware update in the pipeline than 'should' cure this fault.
  2. Yes, it's a BMC UltraDac and has an inbuilt volume control.
  3. My Musical Fidelity Encore has developed a mind of its own. I turn it off using the remote control and the next time I come into the room it's turned itself on again. I have been told this is a common fault. Anyone have and info on this.
  4. wHIZZY

    USB Cables

    That is obviously the intention but can it really work with a musical signal. How many notes do you test with, 1, 50 or a whole symphony. What happens if there is no discernable difference with one piece of music but there would have been had another piece been used. Think I'll happily leave ABX testing to its enthusiasts and just trust my ears over an extended listening period.
  5. wHIZZY

    USB Cables

    Surely just establishing a difference is pretty pointless unless you can quantify it one way or another.
  6. wHIZZY

    USB Cables

    Not suggesting that ABX tests have no value but I find it's easy to get bamboozled when doing short comparison listening tests, particularly if ones ears pick up on particular instruments. Perhaps the guitar or piano do appear to sound clearer with one component or cable but is it because they are being over emphasised at the expense of other instruments who's contribution is being diminished. For me the only real test of items is long term listening and overall satisfaction.
  7. I have used the above adaptors and they work well and allow you to use your existing RCA interconnects. Search - Kontak Audio 5 Pin Din to 2 RCA Phono Adaptor On eBay.
  8. I currently feed my Beolab 9 active speakers using high quality RCA to DIN cables 5 mitres in length. I have been contemplating buying the B&O Transmitter 1 and Receiver 1 (WiSA) combination and going wireless between my DAC and speakers. Has anyone had any experience of the wireless system and know what effect if any it has on sound quality. Thanks
  9. BBC Sounds is also listed amongst planned updates. Surprised however that I still need to use Orange Squeeze for functions like random play.
  10. Personally my enthusiasm around the Innuos range is the ability to rip, store and organise all your music in one place, plus easy access to internet radio and online music streaming services, together with the ability to control it all from your chair via the app. With regard to sound quality I would not expect the DAC in the Innuos Mini to sound better than the DAC you already have in the Marantz. To get a better SQ I think your will need a high quality external DAC, say something like a Chord Mojo and upwards.
  11. I do wonder if these extreme prices are more about highlighting the exclusivity and desirability of the brand (brand values), rather than actually making a significant difference to the bottom line as number of sales at these prices must be very low compared to their average punter purchases.
  12. Yes, the electricity in Devon had always been very special, however I listened to the AVI/NOLA setup in Bristol and their electricity is normally pants but perhaps it was on a good day. I still remember it as producing an astonishingly good sound but have no argument with your experience being totally different. HiFi can be very strange can't it.
  13. https://www.dailyaudiophile.com/
  14. I have a huge respect for Innuos as a company having experienced their superior customer support on several occasions. However, I went from a Zen Mini MK1 to a Zenith Mk3 and to be honest apart from it being a lot quieter due to the SS Drive I was surprised how little difference there was in the sound given the huge increase in cost. If you have a local Innuos dealer why not take along your Zen and ask to do a comparison.
  15. About twenty years ago I listened to a dealers own system comprising of the first generation of AVI Cd player and amps along with Nola speakers. These were the three separate stacked box type of speaker. Simply the most amazing system I have ever experienced, blew me away. Just out of interest Nola & Alon are connected in some way, other than their names simply being anagrams.
  16. I've actually gone fully active so have no use for one currently, although I was very tempted last week when a MK2 sold on eBay for the starting bid of £1000. Yep, only got one bid.
  17. Mine would be my Graaf GM50 Integrated valve amp.
  18. Recently found what seems to be a slightly less know review site which I thought I would share http://www.audiodrom.net/en/digital-sources http://www.audiodrom.net/en/preamplifiers Are there others you know of ?
  19. DYNAUDIO STAND 3X speaker stands Very high quality and solid stand in gloss black Suitable for small stand mount or bookshelf speakers Height 63mm (24") Top Plate 139mm x 190mm (5.7" x7.7") Base Plate 213mm x 299mm (8.4" x 11.8") Supplied with spikes for both base and speakers Plates. Some very minor marks but overall very good condition Collection from Exmouth Devon, although they could be collected from Burges Hill after Christmas. £35
  20. Very heavy and highly polished granite speaker plinths. Sparkle appearance. Weight approx 20kg each and measure 50cm X 38cm X 31mm Had these made many years ago for the Usher speakers I had at the time and they really made quite a difference to sound quality, particularly regarding bass. However, they are not comparable with my current Beolab 9 speakers and they have sat under the bed for several years, so it's now time for them to find another loving home. Unfortunately, it will not be practical to post these, so collection only from Exmouth, Devon or Burges Hill, Sussex. Asking £99 which is almost a third of their original cost. Go on treat yourself for Christmas, you know you deserve it.
  21. I would think £5 would cover both postage and insurance. Listing amended.
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