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  1. Well taken the plunge and ordered an Airlink BPS3120MP but apparently I'm not likely to receive it until the New Year. Once received and given a good listen I'll post my thoughts. Thanks to those who have fedback their experiences with BMSs.
  2. Wanted - Balanced Power Supply, ideally rated at around 2kva.
  3. Surely if you don't think that a BPS will make any difference then don't buy one. What's your reasoning in trying to dissuade others from using one?
  4. Thanks, back on track and the sort of useful feedback I was hoping for from an actual user. Interesting, I was assuming it would improve the digital side of things as well as analogue but sounds as if that's not the case. I wonder if it has a different degree of effect on equipment using SMPS or linear supplies.
  5. In this case isn't the risk of any shock purely from the mains supply which is hopefully protected by an RCD. Correct me if I'm wrong but in the case of a shaver socket or simple isolation transformer would there be any point to an RCD on the secondary as there is no central tap and therefore no risk of a shock to earth. There would however be the risk of shock between the two secondary lines but this would not be solved by a RCD on the secondary because it would remain in balance as the flow between lines would remain equal. Or am I simply missing the point as my wife often remarks.
  6. Unless I'm misreading, I think all the Airlink BPSs marked as being suitable for audio use have the correct protection.
  7. Quite happy to listen to your advice if you would be willing to add your reasoning.
  8. I tried speaking with Airlink today but got nowhere as they are short staffed due to Covid and no one with even the slighted product knowledge was available. So could I ask, as there appears to be no socket outlets on the unit have you simply wired in an extension lead directly to its output terminals.
  9. See what you mean by industrial looking but they do seem to offer exceptional value for money, luckily I should be able to hide it away in a cupboard. Can I ask what lead you to choose this particular model in the range, was it primarily the VA to price ratio or other factors.
  10. I have rung Innuos a few times over the years and found their technical support second to none. The phone was actually answered by Nuno their head honcho on a couple of occasions, who sorted out the issues himself.
  11. Thanks, could I also ask does it ever hum or buzz?
  12. wHIZZY

    Great Covers

    It's hard to beat Joni Mitchell's own rendering of 'A Case of You' but I think Diana Krall cracked it. Sorry for the ad at the beginning
  13. First can I say I understand and appreciate the potential dangers of balanced power supplies (BPS) and will always bear that in mind and therefore need no further prompting in this regard. However, I am interested to hear from those who have actually used a BPS and what effect they have on sound. Thanks Dave
  14. Vanguard Dual Headed USB-A to USB-B cable (1m) 24K Gold plated USB2.0 A & B plug
  15. Cambridge Audio appear to have had an interesting history over the years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Audio
  16. Think that might just be a bit of marketing department ball- hooks.
  17. They certainly are reassuringly expensive, the Edge NQ streamer was available at Richer last year at £3000 it's now £4500.
  18. It would appear Richer have raised the price of some items in the Cambridge Edge range by over a thousands pounds (50%) which seems a bit odd. Perhaps the marketing department are playing around with pricing in order to reposition the range.
  19. I bought both the U04 and U21 cables from Ghentaudio. Ended up using the U04 simply as it left my second USB outlet free to feed my second DAC. Ghentaudion was a great recommendation from yourself by the way, only problem was they took nearly five weeks to arrive. The U21 is currently up for sale on this site.
  20. Audioquest Jitterbuug Asking £32 Posted
  21. USB cable with separate Data and Power lines in order isolate any power noise from the data line. Teflon silver plated star quad OFC, braided shield with exceptional RFI and EMI protection http://www.ghentaudio.com/usb/u21.html Asking £34 Posted
  22. Isn't Boris a bit too busy to get involved in this? 🙂