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  1. The guy in the video has obviously done some exhaustive listening tests but what is the point of the sound samples at the end on the video, as they are practically meaningless given we are listening via our own DACs.
  2. But seriously, aren't these devices likely to generate noise from their inbuilt SMPSs and won't that find its way to the amps in your speakers?
  3. Think you may have put your finger on the problem.
  4. Ah, that could explain why ATC never bothered to reply to my email when I asked them how much power my 19As use at idle.
  5. Don't know if an adaptor is of interest to you but I used these with Naim gear and found they worked well. The main advantage being you can use them with an existing RCA interconnects cable and have the ability to change cables easily. https://shop.grahams.co.uk/products/mayware-cc121
  6. I've not experienced that issue in the UK, I've mixed and matched equipment connected and not connected to my Airlink 3KVA with no problems. It's also work noting that you can choose input & output voltages. So if you have an over generous mains voltage (e.g 250v) you could reduce to 230v.
  7. Thanks, brilliant station, could well usurp Radio Paradise in our household.
  8. Other FIP streams URLs on the resource below. Plus by using the flag icons, stations URLs by nationality can be found https://fluxradios.blogspot.com/2014/07/flux-url-fip.html
  9. URL for one of the FIP streams http://direct.fipradio.fr/live/fip-hifi.aac
  10. The reduction applies to the Hi-Res Audio Premier stream not the lower resolution MP3 stream. Think they are simply playing marketing games to gain market advantage amongst the Hi-Res competition.
  11. Just read that Qobuz have reduced their hi-res stream from £14.99 to £12.99 So perhaps the price war starts.
  12. That's probably Fourlegs issue, don't think there is an easy way of using a VPN with Innuos. That is unless some body knows differently.
  13. Jazz24 has several player option via Google search Innuos users will want the URL below Jazz24 (AAC 256K) https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/ppm-jazz24aac256-ibc1
  14. Markets forces with be the determining factor, if there is not enough demand to make it sufficiently profitable then goodbye hi-res.
  15. It would be interesting to ask Dave what mechanism he believes operates in an expensive fuse that causes it to sound better than no fuse. That statement clearly indicates that an 'expensive' fuse has a active effect on the electrical supply to equipment, which is very different to saying that an expensive fuse betters an ordinary cheap fuse in a purely passive way such a lowering resistance or inductance. The implied foo factor increases still further.
  16. My logic is, a fuse melts at a point where the current flowing through it, in combination with the resistance of the fuse wire causes enough heat to melt the fuse wire and break the circuit. Therefore a fuse has resistance. Whether that resistance could limit the transient current flowing though the fuse under normal conditions enough to affect sound quality I doubt, but who knows? That said I my personal view would be expensive fuses are at least 200% foo.
  17. As I understand it. Before we joined the EU our official declared UK voltage was 240v all be it within given plus or minus limits (+ or - 6v I believe from memory). When we joined the EU we altered our official declared mains voltage from 240v down to 230v in order to fall in line with their standard. In practical terms we could not actually reduce down from 240v to 230v as it would have ment an enormous investment in infrastructure mainly with regard to changing transformers in the national supply chain. We therefore simply changed the declared voltage down to 230v whilst actually leaving it as it had always been but in order to stay within regulatory* requirements simply upped the the declared voltage tolerance limits from +6v or -6v to +10v.or -6v and carried on as normal. Hence why we still measure around 240v at out socket outlets. * The supply voltage has to say within declared limits in order to avoid potential damage to connected apparatus and in order to avoid potential claims for consequential damage.
  18. I'm now assuming that you have for some reason withdrawn your unsolicited offer of making up Belden 8760 cables, or is there simply a delay?
  19. Currently using Van Damme XKE but also have Mogami 2549 on order.
  20. No, noticed Fourlegs actually read my messages some time ago and has been on the site during the week, so can only presume he has been unable reply to my messages regarding the cable for other reasons. Watch this space.
  22. Have tried several times to message you but so far appear to have been unsuccessful, could it be your message folder is full. Dave
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