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  1. Getting in the mood, surprised just how good his voice is, must easily match Sinatra or Crosby.
  2. Thanks Chris, that's a very kind offer. However, If all goes well then Laurence is driving up to collect them tomorrow. If our cunning plan fails then I might come back to take up your offer. Thanks Dave
  3. Provisionally sold, subject to collection and payment.
  4. I think I'm right in saying cables that were originally branded as Abbey Road are now branded as Studio Connections. Same cable different name. Probably the licencing agreement got too expensive.
  5. Not an easy question to answer as I never really tried to compare them in an A - B switching type of way but instead simply listened to them for a couple of hours each at a time. Although the presentation and sound balance was obviously different when I did switch over I found myself quickly adjusting to any difference and simply enjoying the music as basically both are quite special speakers and I could easily live happily with either. However, if really pressed on the overriding difference I would say the ATCs have a more energetic or dynamic presentation even at low volume, whereas the Beolab are softer and more relaxed in theirs. The fact that both are so good is why it took us so long to decide which to keep and in the end it came down to looks and the way they fitted into the room.
  6. ATC SCM 19A Active Floor Standing Speakers Bought via PFM about three months ago with the intention of replacing my B&O Beolab 9 active speakers. However although the 19s are an overall very impressive and musical speaker they really do not suit the room ascetically as they sit in front of patio doors, so in consultation with my wife I have decided to sell the 19s and keep Beolab 9s. I have been driving these direct from my DACs, a BMC Ultradac and a Chord Mojo, they sounded superb with both and make for a very minimal and simple set up. Perfect working and cosmetic condition apart from a tiny 5mm scratch on one side, see photo, not noticeable from more than a few feet away. I have all accessories, boxes and packaging so they could be posted at buyers expense and risk but suggest collection or meet-up would be a safer option. Located near Exeter but occasionally travel to Brighton area. £2995 Couple of reviews https://hifipig.com/atc-scm19a-active-loudspeakers/
  7. Sorry, I've only just spotted your reply. I'm afraid it's probably pretty impractical as Packed it weighs 19kg, mainly due to the massive transformer and the box is large at 52cm X 52cm X 30cm. So your offer is appreciated but I think it best to pass due to the impracticability and the likelihood of damage on such a long journey.
  8. NVA LS3 Speaker Cable. Lengths 4 & 7 Metres 14 cores of individually isolated, teflon coated pure copper, sheathed in a nylon mesh. £115 Posted
  9. Chord Mojo in excellent working condition. Punches way above its price tag. New battery fitted September last year at a cost of £80 (receipt supplied) Original box and packaging. Small nick by the minus volume control marble and spring on optical input cover a little weak. (see photos 3&2). Payment by BT or PayPal F&F £200 + £7.95 Postage (Royal Mail Special Delivery Insured)
  10. wHIZZY

    USB Cables

    I was lent a usb cable by a friend that cost around £800 and I could not hear any noticeable difference. Of course, it could have been my set-up did not have any issues such as RFI that the more expensive cable would have solved. If you want to try for yourself then I believe that 'Future Shop' have a 60 day money back guarantee should you find a cable not to your liking.
  11. Contacted Innuos and sent them the valid URLs for the BBC Radio 2 site for their feedback. Had a email back from Marcelo saying they too were unable to get them to play and suggested that once they implement the BBC Sounds app the problem should be overcome.
  12. Bit late to the party but just for reference. I had the BMC Ultradac (not Puredac) recommended to me by Dan Worth who reviewed it for HiFiPig. So far, I've found it to be an exceptional piece of equipment, not only in regard to the DAC section but also the inbuilt reference preamp and the balanced headphone amplifier. Personally, I tend to think it's the quality of the analogue sections that make this DAC sound so good regardless of volume and it's ideal for using with active speakers. A bit pricey but if you have the budget then I would not hesitate to recommend it.
  13. I had a similar issue with my Beolab 9 active speakers where the right one sounded quite a lot louder. Swapped the speaker over but the right speaker still sounded louder. Swapped the preamp outputs around but the right speaker still louder. In the end, I realised it was a combination of the room acoustics and position of the speakers. By moving the speakers and my seating position slightly I managed to balance things up. Why this happened with the Beolabs I've no idea because it was not the case with my passive speakers I owned previously.
  14. Thanks for the idea but I already tried it and that didn't work either.
  15. Yes indeed. Until the new app was released you could take out the virtual screws and open the software lid, but no more unfortunately.
  16. I think there's a BBC sounds app for Squeezebox/LMS but not sure how the new Innuos software integrates that these days Yes, installed this as a plugin on my MF Encore 225 yesterday but not tried to use it yet. Unfortunately, since the new Innuos Sense app was released so far I've been unable to see how to do anything other than basic stuff. The software equivalent of 'no user serviceable parts inside'.
  17. Contacted Innuos last night and will post the reply when I get it but when I did so last time they said they hoped to add BBC Sounds to their own app sometime in the future. Untill then, I think the problem could be their app will not allow me to use the security s in the https part of the address and insists on http only. Very odd.
  18. Thanks lazycat for the tip but even though it's obviously a valid address when entered on the Innuos it comes up as ' invalid URL' which is obviously not the case.
  19. Thanks to everyone for their efforts to date but nothing as yet seems to work as an URL on Innuos. Think it's because the suggestions are either out of date or apply to proprietary systems such as Roon. It very odd really as all the BBC 320kbps streams are available on Innuos apart from Radio 2.
  20. The stream is showing as MP3 with a bit rate of 128kbps MP3. The BBCs 'HD' streams are 320kbps (acc)
  21. Does anyone know the current URL for the BBC Radio Two 320kbps stream. The one I was using seems to have stopped working and I notice the one listed on my Innuos streamer app is only available in MP3 Thanks
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