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  1. Until last year I had a Graaf GM 50 valve amp, Linn LP12, Leak Troughline tuner,with a Tim Parovicini decoder and Leema Antila CD player and was really pleased with the sound but got fed up with the mess of wires and clutter and heat stoke from the valves in summer. So much so that I decided I was willing to give away a little regarding sound quality in order to simplify and improve things aesthetically. I have ended up with Innuos Zen vortexbox (CD Ripper/NAS FLAC storage), Audioquest Jitterbug, Didit 212 DAC and Beolab 9 active speakers. Turns out I gave nothing away, the sound is amazing, detailed without being harsh. My system is now compact and I can control all aspects from my tablet, I have hundreds of CDs stored in the Vortexbox that's no bigger than a small shoebox and it also gives access to internet radio and Spotify, Tidal etc. There is no way I would go back to my old system. If you are lucky enough to get digital setup that gels well together then the sound can be amazing and in the 45 years I have been playing with music systems I have not owned a system that sounded any better. One thing I would suggest is trying a Audioquest Jitterbug it order to supress noise on the USB computer output.
  2. Totally agree, the only way to be sure is to try it in your own system. Just because it sounded good with my gear is no guarantee it will in yours. Even excellent gear can sound awful if mismatched with other good gear. Good luck.
  3. About 18 months ago I sold my prevous system - LP12, Leema Antila, Graaf GM50, and Usher BE718s as I got fed up with the number of boxes,wires and the clutter. particularly the speakers, leads and stands I bought a s/h pair of B&O Beolab 9 active speakers,a Innuos Vortexbox and a Rega RP3, then went looking for a suitable preamp that had both Phono and a USB input (to allow me to use the Vortexbox directly into the amp). After checking around I ended up buying a s/h Pyxis for £1650 off Ebay Mine came with the optional phono stage fitted. the majority do not and the only way to tell is to look at the back. If its fitted the blanking plate will be removed and it will have been replaced with four RCA input sockets. All amps have the phono button on the front panel so this is no indicator. Just out of interest the phono stage is actually a slightly modified version of the companies elements unit. I was amazed at the quality of the amp when using it with my Troughline tuner, Cunas DAC or the phono input but for me there was one important weak point - the USB input on the DAC section. Apparently this input module was not designed in house and was given over to a German company to implement. Also at the time USB inputs were in fairly early development and adoption stages and probably seen as less important. Whatever the reason, for me this input simply did mot match the amazing quality of the rest of the amp. By this time I was using the vortexbox as my primary source and the USB input was paramount, so I ended up selling the Pyxis In hindsight I wish I had kept the amp and purchased a USB Digital Audio Interface so I could have used the amps standard DAC input. In summary - If a USB input is not a deal breaker for you then I think you would really struggle, if not find it impossible to find a preamp even approaching the quality of the Pyxis at anywhere near its price. It really is a wonderful bit of kit, both in terms of sonic and build quality.
  4. Owned one of these for about ten years, it's a beautiful bit of kit, all the befits of valves but really deep bass and not an ounce of hiss. I actually preferred it to my previous valve amps - E.A.R 509s.
  5. Hi,


    Could I ask where in Devon you are based as I am interested in your DAC but would want to listen before purchase. Thanks Dave



    1. loosend


      Hi Dave

      im in Plymouth 

      All the best


  6. I'll probably get barred soon if I recommend this thing much more but the biggest improvement I have made to my digital setup was the addition of an Audioquest Jitterbug. It made a greater difference that adding a linear power supply to my Vortexbox, my DAC already had a linear supply. Have read it only works on some system but at £40 its not much of a gabble.
  7. Not used it for vinyl archiving to date but quite surprised just how good it is both as a DAC and as a phono stage. Tried a chord Hugo which had massive detail but I hated its strident sound so sold it and went back to the GT40. To be honest not sure how I would archive to the Zen Vortexbox.
  8. Deck isolation works OK in the real world as I have a solid floor in a dedicated room and listen seated unless dancing with my 64 year old legs. To be honest I don't listen to vinyl that much since I discovered just how good digital can be if done correctly.
  9. Got feed up with the wife suggesting 'your Hi Fi things' look a right mess, so decided to go retro and resurrect the radiogram principle with the aid of an old chest and a couple of draw runners.
  10. I recently simplified my music system and moved from a fairly exotic analogue system to a mainly digitally based system. The new system comprises of a Zem Vortexbox, ADL GT40 DAC/Phono unit, Rega RP3 turntable and Bang & Olufsen BeLab 9 active speakers. Although being generally delighted with the system, particularly HD radio streams I was always aware of a digitally presence when listening to the FLAC files stored on the Vortexbox. I suppose I could sum this up as a slight tizz or fizz around the treble which was not present when using the turntable. After a conversation with another digital convert, I decided to risk the sum of £39 on a Audioquest Jitterbug whilst hoping its reviews were not just more hype. When it arrived inside the rather posh looking packaging I found a rather cheap and unispiring looking USB stick thingy. At this point my expectation were somewhat reduced. However, three days later I simply cannot believe the difference this little gadget has made. Gone is any tizz or fizz in the treble. Bass lines are more pronounced and rhythmical. Dynamic range has increased and the whole soundstage has opened up, quite honestly its a total revelation and I will probably surprise a few people in saying the vortexbox now matches the quality of sound from the turntable. I think in the 45 years I have been 'playing' with Hi FI I have never witnessed such a dramatic change from just one component. I suspect this level of improvement will not apply to all digital sources and is probably down to the Vortexbox being particulary prone to noise on the USB output bus. I write this simply to share my experience and have no connection with any retailer or manufacturer. PS - Have I just re-invented the Radiogram
  11. Hi,  how much are you looking for the rotel preamp and does it have a phono stage.  Thanks Dave


    1. Tantal



      My pre-amp doesn't have. Only some Michi RHQ-10 have phono stage. 

      Will accept £500



  12. Hi, You may be in luck if you are after another three of these - http://www.frozen-banana.co.uk/products.asp?cat=18
  13. Chord Hugo. Two years old, only used in a hi-fi rack and in excellent condition. Later model with the larger RCA cutouts to allow use with most interconnect cables. Only selling as I am moving over to a Naim Uniti. £875 + postage. Pick up from Exxmouth, Devon or will post NOW SOLD
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