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  1. Agree, it's likely to be the output stage or the preamp section that makes the main difference, possibly more so that the choice of DAC chip.
  2. This won't impress, currently listening to a 'Women to Women' compilation CD, it's great.
  3. Over the last couple of years I've been lucky enough to have tried half a dozen highly rated DACs in my system over extended audition periods. In my experience they mostly seem to superficially sound the same but extended listening gives a very different picture. The best DACs bring out subtle information revealing greater texture and tonal information. You suddenly realise that the backing singer you have heard on that album so many times is actually Joni Mitchell or that instrument you you thought was a X was actually a Y. However , in my experience a special DAC also needs to be musical, there are highly rated and detailed sounding DACs out there that ring a very strident chord for me.
  4. Yes, it does seem quite odd that there is so much distain and vitriol aimed at Harry and Megan but no one bothers on comment on the UK selling arms to the Saudi's with which to kill many innocent people in Yemen. What does that say about us the human race.
  5. Withdrawn, decided it's simply too good to sell B.M.C. UltraDAC, Preamp and Balanced Headphone Amplifier. A complete change of direction means that my superb B.M.C. UltraDAC is up for sale. This DAC/preamp is easily as good as the reviews suggest and the patented volume control circuit means that it sound just as good at low volumes as it does with higher ones. As an added bonus the balanced headphone amp is simply exceptional. https://hifipig.com/b-m-c-audio-ultradac/ https://alpha-audio.net/review/review-b-m-c-audio-ultradac/ Complete with remote, Instructions, double box and all packaging £2,250 posted and insured. Although close offers might be considered. Just to be totally transparent there is just the very slightest mark above the On/off button, which I have never noticed until I did the photographs, I've tried to show it in the last photo but it is so very slight it was almost impossible to capture and I doubt it will ever be seen under normal conditions.
  6. Probably the only win we will get.
  7. Unfortunately, I think you are right and some. Read today that interest rates may have to rise in order to limit the threat of inflation.
  8. wHIZZY

    Balanced Cables

    Does conical sound improve spatial awareness
  9. Probably worth mentioning that nuvistor tubes are military spec and should be good for many thousands of hours so I would be surprised if you had a failure. However, If they do need replacing then I believe most simply plug in.
  10. If you search 'nuvistor' in eBay you will find a variety of these tubes. I once had a MF Nu-Vista preamp and checked if replacement tubes were available and found several suppliers, including Langrex. John at JS Audio is generally considered to be the go to guy.
  11. I made my initial comment on quality whilst listening at low volumes late last night. However, after listening again today at normal levels I would perhaps qualify my comment by saying that what's there is excellent but dynamics are definitely very compressed. Still remarkable however for such a low bitrate.
  12. Almost mint Bang and Olufsen Beogram 1700 record deck with the top of line cartridge, £40 from eBay.
  13. I have just been listening to Scala Radio streamed at a bitrate of 47kbps CBR in AAC file format and quite frankly sound quality is very good. I don't profess to know much about digital formats so can anyone explain how such a low bitrate can sound so good.
  14. Don't write off B&O kit as simply form over function. Some of their kit is superb and although expensive when new some carefully selected items can be great audiophile bargains second hand. I doubt I will ever sell my Beolab 9 active speakers or Beogram 1700 record deck.
  15. They do four streams - Flac interactive stream Flac regular stream ACC 320 kbps ACC 128 kbps
  16. The point was that some Chinese gear is designed for 220v not the potentially higher UK voltage. Therefore any LPS designed to operate at 220v may well overheat if used at say 253v UK voltage, particularly if a heavy current is drawn. Chinese gear at the bargain end of the scale is not generally known for being over engineered.
  17. Thanks, you were spot on. I had not realised I had to solder in links to put the switch into make before break mode. Now done and working correctly.
  18. Innuos are great units but I believe due to third party software updates that some early Zen Mk1s are unable to automatically look-up album metadata and album art. Does the auto look-up still work OK on this one.
  19. Agh! I suspect you may be right.
  20. I recently made up a simple switch box using a quality TKD switch to allow me to change between a DAC and phono preamp when directly feeding active speakers. Unfortunately when switching between the two sources I get a really loud click from the speakers and need to solve the issue. I am contemplating putting a high value resistor (say 1meg) between all the positive terminals (input and output) to earth in an attempt to equalise any voltage differential on switchover and am assuming this will be a high enough value resistance not to affect the frequency response. However, given there may be other and better solutions I would appreciate any helpful advice. Thanks, Dave
  21. Yes, in many cases it will not be an issue. Heat generation will also be the result of the amount of current drawn. So even if the mains supply is higher than the LPS was designed for, if you are not drawing much current then heat generation should not be an issue. The real problem would come if you were trying to draw too much current.
  22. It easy to forget that most of us are probably recieving a mains voltage similar to bencat. UK voltage supply is given as 230v -6% to +10%, giving a range of between 216 to 253v. At the higher range a LPS a designed for a 220v supply would probably have to dissipate nearly 15% more heat that it was designed for.
  23. Peter Tyson are currently offering a 10% reduction on the Technics SL1500c turntable.
  24. I must say I totally trusted Innuos and João but thanks uzzy for pointing out the potential dangers of remote access to both myself and others. As it happens I too am probably more cautious than most and use a dedicated device for all banking transactions. This came about following an incident my daughter experienced. She purchased a computer from a large store and was talked into taking out an insurance that was free for the first 12 months on the understanding it could be cancelled before the thirteenth month. For whatever reason she was told it had to be completed at the time of purchase and was invited to use the in store computers to set it up which included entering her bank details. Two days later fraudulent transactions appeared on her bank account, which luckily she was able to get reimbursed. Draw your own conclusions, I did.
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