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  1. Not entirely, any slight modification to a piece of music can alter our perception of it. Due to the biological architecture of our ears and the damage they've been through, we all perceive music differently to each other. So the perception of the studio producer will be different to mine resulting in varied (even if slightly) final products of the piece, to which the musician/artist may have not wanted it perceived. I understand it's a VERY vague and ambiguous question (sorry if I didn't ask the question clearly), yet due to the lack of academic studies on this, I'm wanting everyone's personal opinion no matter how vague or detailed it is. Hence the very open ended question.
  2. My dissertation is on emotional responses to music, it's music psychology. I'm doing a section on cognitive appraisal of music and what effects how we perceive the sound and in turn, our emotional responses to it. I've spoken about environmental factors such as acoustics in a church and things to that effect us for live music performance. Now I'm onto recording equipment (which I'm not too academically savvy on). One of the variables we get to choose is what device(s) we use to listen to music on at home which we obviously don't get to do at live concerts. There's not much scholarly or academic studies on this so I'm going to base a large amount of my hypothesis on this section with what fans and connoisseurs of HiFi think and tell me. Hope this helps! By the way guys and girls, this is a MASSIVE help. I can't begin to express my gratitude, this stuff is exactly what I want! Please do continue if you have more to say, or any angles/opinions I may not have thought of!
  3. Hello folks, I'm a student writing my dissertation and I'd like the opinion of some avid HiFi fans. My question to you guys is, 'should the purpose of Hifi be to reflect the quality of studio production, or to try and present the performance of the musician as accurately as possible?' I understand this may be a very open and vague question, but that's why I'm asking you folks. I'm not too knowledgeable in this area so the opinions and views of people who actually know what they're on about would be REALLY helpful! Thanks in advance, NM
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