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  2. You shouldn’t need a driver for a USB DAC on a Mac. Should be just plug and play.
  3. Matrix mini? Their other units are pretty well regarded. Would you consider a Pi based unit? You could run Ropieee(XL) on a Pi with a DAC hat or feed into a USB DAC.
  4. Over on Bandcamp:
  5. Album over on Bandcamp:
  6. This (last track on the album) is a wonderful blend of earlier OMD and Kraftwerk!
  7. Soviet Space Dog Project - Under the Purple Sky, over on Bandcamp.
  8. Your best option is to fix your WiFi problems, otherwise you’re always going to end up frustrated. 20ft from an AP (with no solid obstructions) is not far. Having said that, if you want an off the shelf solution that’s not a CC, and is still supported, look at an Audio Pro Link 1. Has analog and optical outs, supports wired and wireless connections.
  9. Yay! Somethings to try over the weekend then.
  10. I’ve been running it (RoPieeeXL) for a few weeks now, using Spotify Connect and DLNA and have found it to be really stable. I’ve messed around with it a bit to alter the endpoint names “advertised” - they reflect the location and amplifier source rather than the host name. I believe this functionality will be exposed through the UI in an upcoming release. The best part is it supports gapless playback with Spotify. I had been using Moode, but it’s still missing gapless Spotify playback, but that’s pretty much the only negative. That functionality should be coming soon.
  11. RopieeeXL works fine on my Pi, streaming over WiFi and connected via USB to my Quad Vena. Boots quick enough, but I just leave it on. Super simple to setup, stable and best of all supports gapless playback on Spotify.
  12. Don’t forget the with the Bluesound you also have the option of integrating some of the NAD units with their inbuilt or add-on BluOS modules.
  13. Something from the Nord Acoustics range? Or maybe a Micromega PW250/PW400 (not sure on the UK price, but I got my PW400, new, for under your budget)?
  14. A Yamaha WXC-50 might be worth a look.