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  1. Bandcamp: https://sequentia-legenda.bandcamp.com/track/around-the-second-moon-by-sequentia-legenda-floating-days-edition
  2. twinpot

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    Bandcamp: https://jakobtheband.bandcamp.com and https://jakob.bandcamp.com Spotify:
  3. Legally I believe you would then need to destroy all your rips? (IANAL, YMMV, etc.)
  4. Another option I forgot is the Rotel RC-1572 - it has a phono stage as well as a decent selection of analog and digital inputs including Bluetooth.
  5. No idea as to your budget, or dealer availability near you, but a Perreaux DP32 has pretty much what you want, minus the streamer. An alternative that includes a streamer is the MiniDSP SHD.
  6. twinpot

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    Bandcamp: https://versustheghost.bandcamp.com/album/versus-the-ghost
  7. twinpot

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    Bandcamp: https://fliesarespiesfromhell.bandcamp.com/album/final-quiet
  8. twinpot

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    And their previous album Stella Mori:
  9. Freefilesync is pretty good for migrating, backing up and selectively syncing between storage systems.
  10. Gneiss by Erot (from the Ultimae stable) https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/gneiss-ep-24bit
  11. Radio Massacre International
  12. Most music is streamed through a Raspberry Pi with Dutch software from a Swedish streaming service plugged into the USB DAC on an English amp in pre-amp configuration (Quad Vena) feeding a French power amp (Micromega PW400) which powers a pair of Canadian floor standing speakers (Mirage) emitting into a New Zealand house 😄
  13. And another Brendon Moeller track - seems quite prolific judging by the list of albums/EPs on Spotify.
  14. Ahem... an interesting video to round out an interesting year:
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