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  1. HEADLINE SHOW SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT I am thrilled to announce that our positive relationship with Linn continues as this week we have finalised a headline sponsorship agreement that will see the new KlimaxDSM revealed at THEWAM SHOW in October. Linn will be taking the main new business suite where they will welcome anyone wishing to get up close and personal to the new KlimaxDSM. They will also be bringing some amazing raffle prizes and giveaway goodies. A must visit for all Linn enthusiasts. THEWAM SHOW - October 1-3 Kegworth Hotel & Conference Center
  2. Let me put this to bed. I'm so pissed off I feel like pulling the plug on the show. We (Mods and Maverick) are trying very hard to put on a great show because everyone 'wanted' it to go ahead. (I could do without losing another 5K or so TBH) but I've done it for you, the ones sniping, criticising and thinking they have a right to say what they want, how they want without a care in the world for the damage they do from behind their screens. The hotel has been through a big change (big enough for me to consider changing the venue next year), it has been impossible for me to get the information and new layouts I needed so I went down myself and had to hand draw the new ground floor layout, which I posted on June 17th after a barrage of insults from you lot, and then still comments came back because no one had bothered to read it. How dare anyone have a go at Paul (Maverick), he agreed to help sort out the room allocations, but you give him shit and ask questions that don't even concern you so let me be really bloody clear. No room allocations will be made until we know who is coming and who isn't and I will make that call 31st August, when everyone has had the chance to respond, plus we will know any other problems re Covid by then too. If that's a problem for anyone quite frankly I don't give a shit, because that means you don't appreciate the problems, the organising, the people involved in helping put the show together and you shouldn't be coming. In addition, I fully agree that big room spaces and allocations should be given priority to big contributors of The Wam and when I make that call it will be fully understood by everyone. However demands will be met with the contempt they deserve and you'll be told in no uncertain terms not to attend. We have limited sleep rooms and those in the big rooms will naturally be given first choice as they will not have a music/sleep room. I keep saying time after time that I fully appreciate every one of our members and the contributions you make (otherwise I wouldn't keep losing money) and certainly not keep putting up with the shit some of you hand out. If you don't like the Wam or what is being done on your behalf then bugger off and annoy another forum. The vast majority are fantastic contributors and very experienced audiophiles, and good friends. If anyone has a problem with my post then PM me and I will be more than happy to respond.
  3. After visiting the hotel yesterday I can honestly say they have improved the layout of the hotel in general, however it has not helped with the positioning of certain aspects of the show. 15 rooms on the second and third floor have been turned into 'long let apartments' (numbers of these rooms will be highlighted when I have redrawn the plans as they do not have new brochure layout yet). The area where we had vinyl sales and the 'bring n buy' is now the breakfast and eating area so that will have to be moved to a new section where the spa pool was. (Again, I will draw a new plan). The breakfast and eating area that was, is now long let office suites which are off limits to us. The big space down the small staircase is still available and split into 4 (as before), the sliding screens WILL be in place though. It does mean that there will be a few syndicate rooms (although away from the exhibitor floors) and corridor spaces for vinyl and accessory spaces for some high end trade traders that have expressed a wish to attend the show. All in all a ball ache to re arrange everything BUT I do feel it will make for a much better show with inclusion of some diverse systems and products to attract the crowds. I did however catch up with the Yew Tree Hotel next door and check on our reservation for March 11/12/13 and they were very helpful, so I am confident of the bumper show next March at both hotels.
  4. COSTS FOR EXHIBITORS ARE AS FOLLOWS Friday and Saturday night £160 + £10 insurance (this is a £10 reduction on previous years). Friday/Saturday and Sunday nights £200 + £10 insurance (this is a reduction of £30 on previous years). The large rooms will be costed when I get further prices from the hotel when I visit tomorrow, however I can't imagine they will be much different than previous years.
  5. I apologise for my lack of contact. Rachel has been very ill and with a huge bank holiday opening up and staff issues it has been somewhat of a nightmare. I was due to go to the hotel last Monday but they postponed it until this coming Monday so I was unable to update on any worthwhile information. I wish I had all day to sit in front of my mac but alas I do not. You all know the dates of the show, you all know where it is and how it works. I would imagine that 4 months is ample time to organise what kit and music you intend to bring. Those who enter conversations regarding a take-over or a purchase of The Wam, I doubt would even know its worth and those wishing to set up their own show, be my guest, it's not as easy as you think. But there is always someone who knows better. For those of you who don't know me, I run 8 businesses, and the people who think that becoming a director and resigning is an issue.....you obviously don't know business. Our three man tech team in India which everyone moans about, one of them is a good long term friend of mine who has just lost 3 members of his family to Covid, I just donated £10,000 to keep him and the rest of the family going. (There are more important things than updating a room layout sometimes). I should respond more, absolutely correct, and the people who really know me, know fine well, that my lack of contact does not mirror any lack of enthusiasm, interest or loyalty towards this forum. The moaners will always moan but make no mistake that I take no one for granted. And the ones who attack, and we know who you are, take a moment to study what you have said. The show will go ahead in October and be a huge success as usual, next March is already booked and I am planning a special event at the other hotel too.
  6. There is a column added on the spreadsheet called BIG ROOM REQUEST, a simple YES against your entry is sufficient.
  7. The show website is now live at www.thehifishow.com Our exhibitor list from March 20 can be found here at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e20T9Y2SkiPm-dIP-jBTZyJEiwFcjCYeUn5urUZy2eA/edit?usp=sharing Maverick (Paul) will moderate the spreadsheet as we want all previous exhibitors that put their names and systems down last year to check their data entry, modify it etc. ready for October's show. If however you don't wish to attend the show then please PM Maverick and he will delete your entry for you. The hotel has finished its renovations and has been altered a little in it's room configurations, knocking through some of the smaller rooms and making them into larger conference suites. I am going down to see the hotel for myself next week and draw up new floor plans etc. So the actual Room Allocations will be launched on June 1st. The spreadsheet will have a new column for anyone to request a 'Big Room Request' so please complete your system in the spreadsheet asap and add YES in the column if you would like to request a big room. This is a two day show, set up is on Friday from noon until Saturday at 11am. The show's opening times: Saturday 12-5pm and then Sunday 12-5pm. I am working with the hotel to provide an excellent deal for those coming to set up on Friday which will include food and a big reduction on the room and some entertainment I have in mind as my treat and thanks for coming Friday. George47 has been very busy talking and revving up some trade celebs to come and attend the show and I can confirm that Peter Qvortrop CEO at Audionote UK and Micky Seaton along with Arthur Khoubesserian CEO at The Funk Firm will be attending and bringing some amazing kit. (Hopefully a raffle prize or two for our NHS charity raffle). There are some other big hitters in the pipeline but an announcement would be premature. BRING 'N' BUY should be bigger than ever, so anyone wishing to sell some kit please make sure you bring it along to the show. Items need full information, contact details and a price tag. A £10 donation is required for our NHS charity for every item entered for sale (whether sold or not). VINYL BONANZA will be a new addition to the show allowing members to 'buy a table' so they can bring their record collections and sell to our visitors. These trestle tables are available upon request at a cost of £20 per day. More information will be available on 1st June. There are some threads already started so keep posting, we need volunteers to help our exhibitors, room sitters will be vital now that we have extended the show. I'm sure everyone is very keen to get the show on the road again and I hope everyone pushes forward to make it a show to remember - once again. Bring on the sounds.
  8. Great and thoughtful suggestion Dave, I'm sure many will be contacting you. From experience I would lock the spreadsheet to save confusion.
  9. Let me be very clear. The format is decided by myself and I will make it as safe as possible. But the main word here is CHOICE and everyone can choose to go in October or not, those who are scared or unsure should not participate at all. Those who feel that the whole weekend is too expensive also have a choice not to participate, as usual I will endeavour to do the best show I possibly can. Naturally there will be much debate and speculation as usual so will try and make sure everything is as clear as mud by May 1st
  10. I can guarantee the show will also be on in March 2022.
  11. I'm planning a bumper two day show but please wait for all the details coming shortly.
  12. New spreadsheet will be available shortly.
  13. Set up a new forum for the new show please go to;
  14. Please discuss new show here so that we keep all the information in one forum, split topics as usual.
  15. NEW SHOW DATE ANNOUNCEMENT (Provisionally Booked) OCTOBER 1/2/3 The new show will go ahead and be a personal choice of whether to attend or not, in order to mitigate over-crowding in rooms I have arranged for a two day show and so we will have the hotel for Friday/Saturday and Sunday. Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Full banner announcements and further details available by May 1st. Bookings cannot be made directly with the hotel so please don't try, it just wastes time and effort. There will also be other Covid safety aspects and full show guidelines available May 1st
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