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  1. There is a column added on the spreadsheet called BIG ROOM REQUEST, a simple YES against your entry is sufficient.
  2. The show website is now live at www.thehifishow.com Our exhibitor list from March 20 can be found here at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e20T9Y2SkiPm-dIP-jBTZyJEiwFcjCYeUn5urUZy2eA/edit?usp=sharing Maverick (Paul) will moderate the spreadsheet as we want all previous exhibitors that put their names and systems down last year to check their data entry, modify it etc. ready for October's show. If however you don't wish to attend the show then please PM Maverick and he will delete your entry for you. The hotel has finished its renovations and has been altered a little in
  3. Great and thoughtful suggestion Dave, I'm sure many will be contacting you. From experience I would lock the spreadsheet to save confusion.
  4. Let me be very clear. The format is decided by myself and I will make it as safe as possible. But the main word here is CHOICE and everyone can choose to go in October or not, those who are scared or unsure should not participate at all. Those who feel that the whole weekend is too expensive also have a choice not to participate, as usual I will endeavour to do the best show I possibly can. Naturally there will be much debate and speculation as usual so will try and make sure everything is as clear as mud by May 1st
  5. I can guarantee the show will also be on in March 2022.
  6. I'm planning a bumper two day show but please wait for all the details coming shortly.
  7. New spreadsheet will be available shortly.
  8. Set up a new forum for the new show please go to;
  9. Please discuss new show here so that we keep all the information in one forum, split topics as usual.
  10. NEW SHOW DATE ANNOUNCEMENT (Provisionally Booked) OCTOBER 1/2/3 The new show will go ahead and be a personal choice of whether to attend or not, in order to mitigate over-crowding in rooms I have arranged for a two day show and so we will have the hotel for Friday/Saturday and Sunday. Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Full banner announcements and further details available by May 1st. Bookings cannot be made directly with the hotel so please don't try, it just wastes time and effort. There will also be other Covid safety aspects and full show guidelines available May 1s
  11. Refunds are and always have been done without question. It amazes me when the age group of show goers is the most vulnerable and we still do not have clear green light that we get comments. What's the point of feeding false information. I have dates already arranged in September (should it be feasible) and next March 2022. If we can do a show in September we will, if not a full show then something carefully orchestrated. When I know for sure and then discussed with all the mods, it will be announced and everyone will have the choice to attend or not when all the safety aspects have been
  12. I am currently planning a fantastic event for us at Kegworth that hopefully will be better than any Wam show done in the past. I'm looking to couple this with a retail event at the hotel next door. March will not be possible so I am planning for September and vaccine and Covid willing it should be a bonanza show. Dates TBC as soon as I fix them which should be during the next week or so. In addition, the forum will be getting an upgrade of features, a new review team for some amazing new products will be available and I'm also working on the WAM's megastore being an online shopping channe
  13. I just wanted to update everyone regarding next years show announcement. The dates are booked of course but I will be waiting a while for the release of any further info until nearer the time due to the Covid restrictions on groups etc. Hope everyone understands. Many thanks. My thoughts are that more and more are arriving on the Friday anyway now so those who wish to set up can. In addition, I also think that a 'casual Saturday' is also a good idea so there is no stress to make it a definite two day show (I could for example put all the two day exhibitors) on one floor so that at least f
  14. My sincere apologies as we are snowed under with the hotel and pubs and only just been notified by one of the mods re this. Firstly, the show will go ahead next year on the 20/21 March 2021 (if we are of course allowed to re Covid) Secondly and most importantly, everyone's money for the rooms is completely safe and will roll over to the next event or be returned immediately if that is what everyone wants. I set up a thread with the mods recently to say that I had organised the dates and was everyone agreed that it should be the weekend 'after' Mothering Sunday. I had simply no idea t
  15. After last year there are some things that need changing/making better/streamlining so please note: Saturday Evening Food After working so well at our first year at Scalford I have decided to organise a hot buffet meal for all exhibitors on Saturday night. (Last year the food and service wasn't up to standard so I am hoping that this system will be much better for all of us. Not compulsory of course. Beef Lasagne Chicken Curry | Rice | Naan Steak and Ale Pie Vegetarian Pie Garlic Bread | Chips Served from 6.30 - 8.30pm at £10.95 per person Saturday 11am - 2pm Bacon
  16. I am very pleased to announce that one of our members 'dari' - Darius will be present taking some memorable shots for us at this years WAM2020 show. " I have attended last year Wigwam Show for the first time and it was a great pleasure to see audio enthusiasts from all over the country. In places like this, one can appreciate how serious people are about the hobby. Initially, I have put my name down for the 2020 show but then realised I could spend the three days at the show in another way. My other passion is documentary photography. I have secured a place at the BA Hons Photography
  17. I will be launching the 'room only' requests thread this evening.
  18. Decided to jump on it and do myself, Pigmy Pony now up and trotting
  19. Hang on a few days guys and we'll be sorting out this space for the Big Guns. Thanks
  20. It's too many different prices. Choose one price, its for charity.
  21. Great idea. Let's do £1 per clean to charity which is:
  22. Thank you George for the note above on here and PFM.....they have been busy. I fully understand the need for information and everything will be ready on Saturday 1st Feb. The show was a sell out not long after last years event which was a huge success and we have plenty of time to make sure all rooms are allocated properly and the BIG Systems are given the correct space. It is and will remain the most unique event of its kind anywhere in the world, showcasing the best of hifi sound by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It's trademark, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where friends get together
  23. The best wishes of The Wam go to Nadia and family at this difficult time. Any character assessments or unsavoury comments will not be tolerated on this forum and deleted immediately. Rest In Peace - Rachel and Peter
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