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  1. The white chocolate christmas toblerone 👍👍👍 The new size chocolate toblerone 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  2. A nice chilled evening Pink Floyd "Endless river"
  3. It was connected once barely used whilst it was the disconnected put back it the box & now you have it Jerry 👍
  4. I want to decorate my music room but there is such a lot to dismantle😱It scares the crap out of me... perhaps I'll move before it happens.
  5. Really nice set up must be nice to sit back & relax again👍🍾
  6. Thats so bad I'll have to rep you for having the balls to post it....
  7. And remember "Your in for 10%" very important to add that
  8. yeti2

    Show us your TT's!

    For some weird reason my scribings have vanished in my last post? Thats lovely Bazza nice choice of cartridge too
  9. Blimey not heard that in a while Bit of Bad Co from Bad company
  10. yeti2

    Formula 1 2016

    So Lewis Hamilton will not be punished for disobeying team orders & risking the winning of the last race for Mercedes while trying to win the world championship and quite rightly so. Any other F1 driver in that position would have done the same & some possibly much worse things to achieve it there's no doubt.