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  1. Yellow Moon - The Neville Brothers
  2. Never had a problem before Qobuz. Yes all these lose money, some have gone already, I would not be investing too much money into any of them. Another interesting thing is the search on the App. is much better than on the webplayer. It is annoying that Qobuz has limited coverage because some cds are a ridiculous price now, so it is not always a case of you can buy them anyway.
  3. Update, yesterday I retried downloading the Windows App in Qobuz and again I got the same error message. I then deleted Qobuz and tried again and this time it worked. So now I have the App working and the good news is it does play gapless. The sound maybe better as well, seems more body and more bass but maybe it's just my imagination. Why they can't play gapless on the Webplayer I don't understand.
  4. You could consider doing a upgrade if it is the power supply. Here is one that I would consider and has been mentioned recently on this forum:
  5. She has had the symptoms, not sure she has tested positive though.
  6. You may want to have a look here: Quite a few with similar issues, one replaced the PSU and that fixed it but it could be many things.
  7. Do you get a red light come on?
  8. Maybe worth contacting them. It could be the PSU, had that on my computer, just put a new one in and it's been fine for 2 years. Check the fuse of course. Disconnect from power then after 10 seconds reconnect and see if any lights on.
  9. There are all doing it. Qobuz, 1 month free trial, Deezer 3 months free trial, Amazon 1 month free? Not sure about Spotify. I don't think any of them make any money so I would not be investing too heavily in any of them although Apple and Amazon are probably pretty safe. HiRes is a very niche market.
  10. Lamb in Malaysia, is that imported? or is it goat?
  11. There is a recent article by a doctor who says there is little evidence that ventilators are the answer to COVID-19. Here is a link: