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  1. Yes I was just thinking the other day, pity Bluesound don't just make a DAC less version. I looked at various options, PI looked a bit complicated for me and was not much cheaper than a used Node 2. The Yahama good value but seemed to be issues with the software and support. Linn Sneaky was another option for about £500 but seeing the amount of posts on the Linn forum did put me off and I don't need an amp, also it is quite large which does not suit my set up, I would have to buy a rack as well. One good thing about the Node is the upgrade options if I want to pursue that route. The BlueOs software is pretty good so far and it certainly works far better than using my computer for streaming Deezer HiFi. I think the software is very important when using a streamer. Is there a better option? I did look at the Stack Link but seemed quite expensive and is it any better than the Node 2i using the same DAC?
  2. The first thing to do is split the bands on your router, I did this yesterday and it has made a huge difference to my WiFi performance, if you do that you may not even need any TP exterpnders.
  3. Very true, just been streaming some youtube vinyl video, which will be 320 mp3? Sounds better than some HiRes. If the mastering is the same very difficult to tell the difference between 24/192 and 16 bit.
  4. I doubt mine will be listed. Seems very few DACs are supported. Seems the node 2 DAC will unfold them. I may try the Bluesound DAC for MQA.
  5. Changing the router settings to change the bands can make a considerable difference I have just found out, my iPad is now far faster. It is very easy to do on the BT router so is something worth trying. Bluesound also advise you do this.
  6. I’m curious about the MQA settings, if I set the output level to fixed then the MQA external DAC option becomes available. How do you know if you have a MQA DAC?
  7. Yes pity these options are not more widely known. Funnily enough my iPad is still on 2.4 band. I did not know about these bands until I was reading some Bluesound instructions.
  8. Looks good but maybe a bit too much for me. I did come across this one for about £50:
  9. No I just split the bands on the router (just choose option to split bands). Yes the desktop is Ethernet. For whatever reason the WiFi is much faster now. Before it was set to 2.4. Even upstairs where it was really slow it is still 30mbps, which I don't understand. No the ipad was always slow even with the desktop off, it has been slow for 5 years. Here is how you do it:
  10. I have just done the split on my BT router (option to split) and now my iPad is fast as my desktop, so it was not my device but the router that was the issue. Strange as nothing else is connected by wifi. Even upstairs were it was really slow it is still 30mbps, which I don't understand.
  11. Most of the BT ones are. If you put in in your browser it will show you what is set up. I have just tried that split and my iPad is now faster.
  12. 50mbps is about the best you will get around here, I have Fibre 1 as I got a deal, same price as BT plus, I don't get that it was about 38 but recently dropped to about 32, I may contact BT about the speed but last time they investigated I did not have a phone for 2 weeks.
  14. It is possible but WiFi has always been slower. I note Bluesound says the BT homehub is not good enough for streaming music by WiFi though.