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  1. I think another American term that has crept over here. Never had a brownout but had some power cuts as have over head power lines down the road, has gone off about 4 times this year. surge protection may protect from a surge in power or a lightning strike.
  2. Those things usually make the sound worse but that is different from power cables.
  3. I did not it was blind.
  4. Anyone remember remember this group? A British Jazz rock group around in the early 70s.
  5. Her first album is meant to be good, I will try it next:
  6. Brownouts in the Philippines was a power cut. Never heard the term before I went there. We have blackouts in the UK. Depends on the fuse, some are quick blow.
  7. Playing this now, good so far, lots of fine new albums out this week. Not come across her before.
  8. I have this LP bought in about 1973, don’t think it’s a first pressing.
  9. Is that on every track? this has been reported a few times over the years, the theory they are trying higher res.
  10. I did not believe they would make any difference but I still heard differences. That works both ways. As in the test that showed the non believers could not hear a difference, even when they was one, as they switched the phase. Seems some who believed in measurements are fooling themselves.
  11. Most of these blind tests are just 30 seconds long for each sample.
  12. Some are so closed minded they won’t even hear any difference, this has been proved in tests.