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  1. You may find this of interest: there're a few Tannoy owners on that forum, some more posts on there also.
  2. That may have changed. I had an Irishman yesterday. The problem I've had with BT is their accounts and billings. I was going to change to Plusnet but in the end it was not worth changing. There can be advantages with BT if there is a problem with the line. We will see, the engineer is meant to coming this afternoon.
  3. Does that line rental? Not had any letters from BT. I did look at alternatives before but it was not much difference so I stayed with BT as I got a lower price and faster BB. Plusnet are owned by BT but used to be much cheaper but I don't think the difference is much now. I would phone up BT and get a deal, I'm sure you can get better than £27pm.
  4. Are the Sony's more comfortable than the Momentums? I had a pair of Momentums once, could not get on with them and sold them quite quickly.
  5. Yes I know many people don't like a flat fr but is that not going away from the "measurement guys" aim? Is it not going away from the original sound?
  6. StingRay

    Valve info

    Matched pairs tend to cost a fair bit more anyway, but yes these don't seem to be the same tubes.
  7. StingRay

    making a hi-fi rack

    Thanks for that, I have been looking for a small rack for my Bluesound Node and DAC, this is the nearest size I want need, in the 40x40 version.
  8. But is that not what a flat response is doing? Adjusting the sound for the room? I'm getting confused with what measurements you should have. Some say you should have a flat response or close to it and now you are talking about "ski slopes". Why ski slopes in the listening room?
  9. Why are they discounted so much? that is about 50% off.
  10. StingRay

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    I don't do resorts, I travel around, did not find it that interesting but depends what you want. Other parts of Greece I found more interesting and less tacky. But I have not been on holiday to Europe for years. I did enjoy Portugal and was looking to revisit.
  11. StingRay

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    I went there once, won't be returning hopefully, not one of the best places I have ever been on holiday.
  12. StingRay

    Valve info

    I noticed it was the same address. My last set of values came from Langrex, seem pretty good.
  13. StingRay

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    Good idea but too much for me when travelling.
  14. StingRay

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    Never had a problem. Last electrically item came with an EU type plug so I sent it back. Only issue with UK plugs is they are too large for travelling and don't fit in foreign sockets. Glad I have some EU type plugs on some of my chargers for travel, no need to adaptors either for many countries.