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  1. StingRay

    Black felt pens.

    Not if it is infrared light which I believe it is. You can take photos in the dark with infrared flash and no one will see it. Not sure green ink will block IR light.
  2. I agree, it is how the record company produced it, most records are produced for playing in cars or using cheap headphones/earbuds. So it’s not how the artist intended it, it is how the record company intended it.
  3. On my socket I had about 10 wires, he just changed the wires over then checked at the junction box. Then checked the line, no crackle and tested the internet. He then fitted a new socket which has a built in filter. So far it’s working ok but speed is down somewhat. At least the router is not disconnecting.
  4. But all speakers sound different, should we not all have studio monitors to get closer to the studio sound?
  5. I have heard similar tales. At least with BT they should fix the external faults rather than pass it on to a third party. My fault was fixed by BT within 24 hours which I thought was pretty good and I still had use of phone and broadband until they were fixing it.
  6. Also there are often more than one artist as in a group. The sound may not be as the guitarist or bass player wants, as can be seen if one of them does the remastering. There aslo maybe many different versions of albums and remasterings, the same master tape may not end up with the same end result, depending on where it is produced, this applies to both vinyl and cds. Also the sound may not be to listeners taste, some remasterings are too bright for me, I tend to avoid Rudy Van Gelder Jazz remasters if I can. As many are already dead who knows what the artists intended. Some artists have been outspoken about recordings but many are not. Some artists hate their albums. Many don't have that much control over the music. End of the day it is the listener who pays and plays the music so it should be as they want?
  7. Yes I know someone who went to Talktalk, she says she made a mistake and will be switching back to Plusnet at end of contract. BT engineer came yesterday, found the problem, it was the wiring between my house and the first box in the street, changed the wiring and it seems ok so far, not dropouts or crackling lines.
  8. You may find this of interest: there're a few Tannoy owners on that forum, some more posts on there also.
  9. That may have changed. I had an Irishman yesterday. The problem I've had with BT is their accounts and billings. I was going to change to Plusnet but in the end it was not worth changing. There can be advantages with BT if there is a problem with the line. We will see, the engineer is meant to coming this afternoon.
  10. Does that line rental? Not had any letters from BT. I did look at alternatives before but it was not much difference so I stayed with BT as I got a lower price and faster BB. Plusnet are owned by BT but used to be much cheaper but I don't think the difference is much now. I would phone up BT and get a deal, I'm sure you can get better than £27pm.
  11. Are the Sony's more comfortable than the Momentums? I had a pair of Momentums once, could not get on with them and sold them quite quickly.
  12. Yes I know many people don't like a flat fr but is that not going away from the "measurement guys" aim? Is it not going away from the original sound?
  13. StingRay

    Valve info

    Matched pairs tend to cost a fair bit more anyway, but yes these don't seem to be the same tubes.