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  1. All the good times are past & gone - Gillian Welch
  2. Something is wrong, I can stream HiRes at much lower mbps than that, never get dropouts. Have you tested the internet speed? Also you maybe able to split your router which may improve the speeds. Oh this is on the Linn forum, did not realise.
  3. I just copy from the internet, somewhere like Bandcamp or Amazon. Using my own files they are always too large. But others post images, so it can work. Not sure about the limit, you could try reducing them further. There have been problems with images not displaying recently.
  4. Not having any problems, where are you copying the image from?
  5. I Don't Live Here Anymore - The War on Drugs. New album out on Friday.
  6. Depends how they are used, does it not. If resting on the surface then decouple but if pushed into say the wood floor then couple?
  7. That's what I thought.
  8. I doubt it but maybe worth trying if you can do it for free. I have a granite chopping block under mine but I could not hear any difference. I may take it out and use in the kitchen instead.
  9. Not surprising with the cost of oil and energy prices soaring. Cost could be supply and demand, big artists tend to be cheaper? I found less mainstream recordings are often more expensive. It may fall in price after a while. Best I can see today is £35.99 on Amazon. CD is £10.99. But it is a double album, so need to compare like with like. Some others on Amazon are around £22 for double vinyl albums, so it does seem a bit high. One reason why I did not go down the vinyl route was the cost of buying in the UK. I will give this album a try later, I do like their "Lost in the Dream" album.
  10. I like Beth Orton. Her "Central Reservation" album is one of my all time favourites. Not so keen on her more recent stuff.
  11. "the thin / basic looking cable used to connect the drive units in the test" That's what most speakers use. Will fancy hifi cable make any difference?
  12. I thought Bad Company was their best album but Straight Shooter was pretty good. Not so good after that. Not played them in years, I have their first 3 on vinyl.
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