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  1. Not available until June. Never use the buttons or volume.
  2. Smoke from the chimney - Tony Joe White, new album out yesterday, it’s pretty good.
  3. I agree too close together. Can you not put them either side of the fireplace?
  4. PayPal rates of exchange are poor as well, if you are buying in a foreign currency, best to use credit card that does not charge forex fees.
  5. I would not describe Mission 780SE as studio monitors, I have a pair. Although you can use them close to a wall, in fact they recommend it to boost the bass. Maybe some equalisation for your room would be the answer?
  6. But these are ex demo, so should have been run in already? I think some speakers do benefit from a run in but not all.
  7. Fibre is best but usually only available in urban areas. I have fibre to the street box and then copper to the house, speed is around 34mbps with BT. It depends how far you are from the exchange if it's not fibre. If you put in your postcode, you should see what is available on various comparison sites. 4G in my area is not very good.
  8. Warners blanket conversion to MQA was fairly recent, end of 2020. You can even get some MQA cds now. Deezer on the Node works well, similar to Tidal/Qobuz, it's £15pm or less for annual subs.
  9. But Warners have around 25% share of the market? Qobuz is better for certain genres than Tidal and they push that Rap/R&B type music at you. For Jazz/Classical they certainly have more albums and choice. For pop/rock/R&B etc then Tidal has a wider choice. The only reason I use Tidal is they keep offering me free or cheap deals. I did try Spotify, the interface and catalogue was the best I have used however I did not think the music quality was good enough, when they do cd streaming I will retry. If you are not bothered about HiRes then Deezer are doing a 3 month trial on cd level (HiFi). Deezer's catalogue is similar to Tidal's.
  10. I think the main advantage of MQA is the smaller files, which may aid streaming, if you have slow broadband. I don't see the point of it on cds and downloads. Yes some have been remastered but seems a lot recently have not and have just been batch converted. What I object to is some of the marketing claims and having to have MQA enabled DAC to get the benefit. I did try some on my Node which is MQA enabled but could not tell the difference between the MQA and cd version. I would choose Qobuz over Tidal.
  11. April was very cold, one of the coldest on record, certainly for night time temperatures. Even here we had many frosts, so needed the heating on in the morning. Cold north winds all month as well, meant max. temperatures were only about 7C most days but it was lovely and sunny.
  12. I would probably get some active speakers, not computer ones. Brands such as Yamaha and Adams, these tend to be used in home studios. They are pro music products so tend to be good value.
  13. I thought Warner’s had removed all the cd versions on Tidal and there is only the MQA versions left?
  14. It nearly always rains on bank holidays, about 4 weeks of sun until last Friday. Good for the garden though.
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