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  1. Actually, I had forgotten, my new cables should be here tomorrow, hope they are better than my 30 year old ones. The last lot I tried were not. Some rich people are very tight, I have known quite a few.
  2. Most people on here don't even watch youtube videos for reviews, most of them try out different gear before parting with their money. You carry on watching youtube for your information.
  3. No, too expensive, I've spent all my money on cables.
  4. If you spend £30k per cable I don't think 20p per kilowatt is going to matter too much.
  5. I agree to a certain point but spending a few £1000 on HiFi is not excessive IMO, it maybe to some people but then they may spend money on cars, changing them every year or 2. So they may spend £5k on a car per year, thats more than I have spent on HiFi in the last 25 years. I'm not interested in cars, I drive around 2,000 miles a year, I buy used and keep for around 7 years and then repeat, I think cars are a waste of money, the depreciation on mid range cars per year, is more than my whole system cost and that does not change very often. Spending £30k on just 1 cable is completely balmy, when there is little evidence that it makes any difference. For my system it would cost around £300k, just to replace the mains cables. Some may have more money than sense but quite a few rich people are careful with their money, probably why they have it.
  6. So if it does not agree with you then it is managed? The original youtube review is of course correct. Where are all these bright sounding Bartok videos because I have not found any.
  7. Could not find many, most are reviews. Here is one which compares the Bartok to the Dave: Dave sounds thinner and brighter to me.
  8. https://headfonics.com/dcs-bartok-review/2/
  9. This is on the Bartok review. Why do you need vocals?
  10. Try this: Does not sound bright to me and that's Metallica which I would expect to be bright.
  11. Probably your system. Really, is that all you go on, youtube videos?
  12. Some ATC have curved cabinets, some Revels have straight cabinets, so what? Kef LS50s are straight with a curved front baffle.
  13. Nothing to do with boutique products!! It matters if you are judging the sound quality.
  14. You listen to salesmen, can't you make up your own mind? I generally ignore salesmen but some of the rubbish they spout is quite amusing.
  15. I believe he tried in his system at home, for some time before deciding to buy it, nothing to do with salesmen. He has tried various DACs over the last few years and found the Bartok to be the best for him.
  16. The Bugatti will probably go up in value also, unlike these cables, which will probably loose half their value, as soon as you have paid for them, also very difficult to sell used, unlike a Bugatti.
  17. That’s true, even if I had many millions of £s I would not be spending on these.
  18. You have any evidence that these make any difference? The system would cost well over £1m, to have mains cables costing that amount. probably much better ways to spend the money, such as room treatment. Makes me laugh when I see expensive systems and the room sounds awful.
  19. Yola - Eleanor McEvoy, I put Yola in the search and this came up, not played it for yongs, better than I remember it.
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