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  1. I like Beth Orton. Her "Central Reservation" album is one of my all time favourites. Not so keen on her more recent stuff.
  2. "the thin / basic looking cable used to connect the drive units in the test" That's what most speakers use. Will fancy hifi cable make any difference?
  3. I thought Bad Company was their best album but Straight Shooter was pretty good. Not so good after that. Not played them in years, I have their first 3 on vinyl.
  4. Maybe but as I said earlier, some of the budget stuff is poor quality, I would not buy a really cheap turntable/cartridge for example.
  5. I agree. One reason why there are diminishing returns is economies of scale, mass produced products usually buy mass producted components, so prices are low, they order in bulk so get even lower prices. High range stuff usual buy boutique components in small amounts, although some may use cheap components. Just because it is boutique does not mean it is better. If a company makes 10 items a year it will need high margins to make a profit, if it makes 1,000s then margins can be much lower but still profitable. Also marketing per item is usually much lower per item. Having said that some of the budget stuff is poor quality, once you get above that level then you do get diminishing returns.
  6. Why not contact Innuos support and see what they say? The only other report about this I can find is yours on PFM back in August. Seems to be an Innuos issue.
  7. Surprised Liverpool did not score some more, did they ease off?
  8. I see what you mean now. I like them both.
  9. I have never considered CCR as swamp or southern. On checking they were from California. Tony Joe White is swamp rock.
  10. I would say so. I have Mark Grant coax but if not I would give the Mogami a try. Or I could sell one of my optical cables. I would have to look the brand.
  11. There is a Mogami cable in classads for £15, this would be fine to connect the Node to your DAC.
  12. Norwich looked awful. Think they will changing the manager soon unless they get a result at home. I see next game is Norwich v Leeds, they have been struggling also this season.
  13. Saw the highlights on Match of the Day. Some poor defending certainly led to 1 goal. But Watford not a great side, being 2-1 up in 87th minute and to lose 5-2 is pretty remarkable. If they had been playing Man City I could comprehend it.
  14. It’s possible but I did not see it mentioned. But it won’t sort out all the problems and with his budget I would have got the room sorted out first. Probably would only cost a few thousand £s. Dirac would be good for integrating the subs.
  15. OK thanks, I understand now.
  16. Which DAC do you have? I did not find much difference between optical and coax.
  17. It is not just Brexit although that has no doubt made it worse in the UK. There are driver shortages in many countries, in the EU and USA, port delays in many countries, that is more to do with Covid.
  18. Jono McCleery - Here I Am and There You Are Another new album to me. Not bad so far.
  19. Sorry, I'm confused by your statements, you said earlier that "I can honestly say that the difference in sound is absolutely incredible" They seem to contradict each other, maybe I misunderstand?
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