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  1. I think the LS50s were hyped up by a certain HiFi mag, a lot of people probably bought them because of that and then found out they did not suit their system or taste. Think they need fairly careful matching. Harbeths on the other hand have very few dealers and are not reviewed by some mags.
  2. Does eye AF actually work, on my EOS3 it was unreliable, especially if you wear glasses. Shutter coming down sounds like a good idea but would dirt on the shutter than the sensor be better? Had 1 shutter fail on my 40D which was quite costly to replace. Yes Canon are still well behind, need to improve their sensors. I was looking to buy a 5DS until I found out some issues with long exposures.
  3. If you like Malia, you will probably like this.
  4. No expert on Chinese DACs, one that get good reviews and user feedback is Xiang Sheng 05B, it's about £250. Topping D70 is about £200. As for being not for audiophiles not everyone would agree with you: " To make it short, the Gustard X20U handily bested my SMLS M8 DAC. It wasn’t even close in many areas. The Gustard offers a massive, wider and deeper soundstage (through headphones!) along with much more details. I was honestly quite surprised because differences between DACs are usually not that big to my ears. After my initial shock, I decided to take it to my friends house. He owns a Weiss DAC202 – a DAC costing 7000 Euros and I just had to know how my Gustard stacks up. And you know what? The Gustard sounded even slightly better than the Weiss and about the same in terms of bass reproduction. How the heck could a DAC I bought on Amazon.com for about $800 (advertisement) even compete with a unit costing almost ten times as much? To me, the Gustard is a true slap in the face for many European or US audiophile companies."
  5. Well there is a market, people buy from online sites, you hear about it on forums like this or from other users, quite a few members I see have Chinese DACs. Schiit is quite know know brand now but I don't think it has any UK dealers, but yes it is an emerging market. You may not buy a DAC under £300 but many people will and why not if they are good and sound almost as good as ones costing 4x the price. Chinese have an advantage, cheap labour, low costs, no dealers, no shop overheads. I'm not considering buying any hifi at the moment, I know of Martins, limited range, probably nothing I would want, although I could hear some Chord DACs I suppose. As for China many "British" and American products are made there now.
  6. I don't think so, many people just buy on reviews, certain chains stack up 5 stars products and then the buyers wonder why if you match all 5 star products together it does not sound great. The forums are full of it. There are many products that are not even reviewed because the hifi dealers may not stock them, how many pro audio products get reviewed by hfi mags. There are als many products that come from abroad, mainly China people won't know about. So how do people know, even you don't know about many DACs. People can't test many as they are not available in your local hifi dealer, that is a problem when testing, I found very dealers carried the same products, so if you wanted to hear say a Creek 50A you had very little choice in speakers. Same with Harbeth, Mytech, Living Voice, Totem, Audio Note, NVA, Croft and many other products, even if they do stock them they may not stock the items you want, I found that with Totem. Many people go to dealers and don't have much idea and are often guided into what they buy. So Simon what is the best chinese Dac under £300?
  7. The test is whether you can hear a difference in unsighted test.
  8. Lots of new artists or hardly known artists use Youtube to get exposure to a wider audience, I have discovered quite a few new artist via youtube. Some don't even produce cd only mp3. I don't have an issue buying a cd but I won't buy mp3 downloads, I will just stream from a streaming service such as Spotify. Hi Res many artists don't produce them.
  9. You don't need a hypohesis it's about removing bias to see if people can tell a difference, whether it be cables, dacs, 24 bits or whatever.
  10. So why do you have this then "My ‘expectation bias’ is that a more expensive dac is not as good as a cheaper one."
  11. Before you were saying more expensive Dacs were better, ie £800 v £300 so why would you expect more expensive Dacs to be worse than cheaper ones?
  12. So why spend more if it is not better? Contradicting yourself again.
  13. You may have a point about owners but the point is in sighted tests they all heard differences and blind none did. Owner or no owner. Why don't you do some blind tests, you seem to have no experience of them. If Sonos are so bad why can't anyone pick it out?
  14. There was a bake-off with Sonos and Auralic Vega Dacs, in sighted tests there appeared to be large differences but when unsighted no one could tell them apart. Sight influences hearing and taste. If differences are so huge why can't people hear them in unsighted tests?
  15. Probably because Mytek are not usually sold through hifi dealers but pro music shops who generally have lower margins. So yes it probably is competing with Dacs around £1,500 hifi dacs.
  16. Thanks, I think most are on Deezer, I have tried a few before but did not really do much for me. I do have a few Sophie Zelmani albums who is similar.
  17. What was the Ana Ternheim, out of interest?
  18. Back to the trio format after 11 years, a welcome return.
  19. HAs not been much of interest lately for me, apart from this one came out last Friday:
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