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  1. Internet radio is probably your best option, choose stations that specialise in your genre. UK stations are rubbish IMO. I'm not bothered about radio as I can find my own music. Some streaming site do recommend music, Qobuz and Deezer are quite good, Tidal is awful, Spotify is OK.
  2. That's what I always do but some albums are difficult to obtain. I chceck everywhere for prices, I like Bandcamp because more of your money goes to the artist, Bandcamp waive their fees on some certain days. Some albums are not available on cd, not ever, only digital downloads. Some cds are import only.
  3. It depends on the cd price and where you are buying it from. The last download I bought on Bandcamp, it was £12 inc. tax, the cd from New Zealand, would have cost over £30, with shipping, tax and custom fees, it is not available in the UK. The last cd I bought from the USA was over £30, I could now buy it as a download for about £8, the cd is no longer available. Went to buy Fink's live album, prices were around £75, download is only around £10. I would also prefer a physical cd but not if the prices are too high. Then there is all the storage space. A lot of the cds I have, have better remasters versions now. You don't know the future availability is of cds, I have discovered some albums, gone to buy and nothing available or they are silly money like £400 used. Yet they are available on streaming sites and usually as downloads, Qobuz does streaming and downloads. With cd sales falling, record companies are not making new cds available for many albums, when that happens the prices soar.
  4. Not at all, it gives you access to millions of albums. Streaming has revived my interest in music, I was bored with collection of a few 100 albums. You can try before you buy. I made many mistakes when I started buying cds in the 90s, as I could not listen to them fully before buying. Now I just buy the favourite ones and even those I tend to stream. So you don't get bored and can hear most of the latest releases and discover so much new music, many I would never have heard without streaming. CDs I'm interested in are getting expensive, I'm going more towards downloads as often cheaper and no postage/import tax charges.
  5. AOS of sound is very quiet, I used to use it but hardly any Hifi topics. I only use WAM now. WHF I used to use before they closed it down, don't use anymore, it is not the same now.
  6. That would probably explain some of the overseas numbers, I have noticed that most on there are not British.
  7. That reminds me, must cancel my Spotify trial.
  8. Stefona Bollani Piano Solo, enjoying this recording, seems very good to me, first time I’ve heard it.
  9. Singing technique makes a difference, also depends what sort of mics and technique they use in recording vocals.
  10. Some singers have it but others don’t. Some recordings remove or reduce it, so it’s not on everything.
  11. I agree. They also slowed it down. One comment about the recording was the bass drum was lighter than you would expect as no close mic and Bonham used a 26 inch one, so maybe not that accurate.? Unfortunately I never heard John Bonham live indoors, it’s not the same in the open air. I know someone who went to Earls Court, queued up all night for tickets.
  12. Or it can be the opposite I have found, worse system is making it more pronounced. I don’t find sibilance desirable, in fact it is one of my pet hates.
  13. Not all drums were recorded like that, “The drums were set up in the cavernous sounding foyer of Headley Grange in Hampshire, England and captured with just two Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphones, placed up a set of stairs away from and above the drums.” that was for When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin. I find ECM pretty good for recording drums, I will have to check how they record them.
  14. I have heard Americans have little experience of live music, especially classical. Most amplified live rock/pop music is not very good quality but very loud, not something you can easily reproduce at home. I can see why many musicians don’t bother with HiFi.
  15. I don’t see the point of rubbish photos when talking about sound recording and production. I know people who do put different images together and they are very good, you can’t tell. Yes if you put together a load of images with different lighting, then it won’t look right or good. But music is not like that. Forget about images that is a different subject.
  16. But most music these days apart from some classical and Jazz is not recorded live anyway. If you listen to rock/pop/R&B, in fact probably around 98% of music produced today, it is not live acoustic music. Some systems may sound good with classical but then can't handle even moderate bass such as bass guitar or double bass as I have found out.
  17. Would make a change. Here is another revealing album cover:
  18. I think her later albums are even better, if you have a streamer try Blackbirds and Dancing with the Beast. Lots of deep meaning in her lyrics, a very talented artist. If you don’t know Lori McKenna, who is vaguely similar, worth checking out, especially her last 4 albums.
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