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  1. I agree, a slight colour cast will be very noticable, far more than slightly less accurate sound will be. You also need to calibrate each paper as they also are different colours and textures. Quite surprising how much difference the paper makes, some really suck out the colours, just like some speakers suck the life out of the music.
  2. If the camera is not where you are it won’t look like what you saw. 2 mic 2 track recordings can sound awful and are not realistic at all. I hate some of those old recordings. Often at live concerts the balance is not right, the double bass maybe almost lost, the drums are too loud etc. It maybe realistic but I’d prefer to listen to a mixed version.
  3. Why does soundstage not exist in real life? If I’m at a jazz concert and sitting at the front, centre stage, then there will be a soundstage. This is what many jazz albums create although some of the older ones are awful.
  4. So are you saying virtually no recorded music is realistic?
  5. I was referring to your quote, which does not make sense to me. I don''t agree with a lot of what you have said, maybe there is a language problem?
  6. The Art of the Trio Volume One - Brad Mehldau
  7. Playing it now, it’s not just the first track, it’s also on All My Love which is towards the end, probably even more annoying and prominent. Only heard it once, it’s ok, I prefer their first album at the moment.
  8. Californian Soil - London Grammar
  9. Just out last week, you may want to try, I’m quite impressed, I prefer it the previous album, sound quality is good also.
  10. Belden cable is about £0.64 pm, starquad is about the same price I think. In a blind test these were picked out.
  11. What type of flooring do you have? If veneer or tiles then I would certainly try a rug in between the speakers and where you listen. Yes the clap test is an easy way to see if you have an echoey room. Speaker placement can make quite a difference also.
  12. They're Calling Me Home - Rhiannon Giddens This was from last night, her new album out yesterday, I'm pretty impressed with this, locked down in Ireland has worked well musically for them. I think this is better than the previous album, but only played it once.
  13. Not suffered any pops or clicks or anything on MQA, is it ok on the cd stream? Are you using wifi or ethernet cable into the Bluesound 100?
  14. I don't have a 2i, I only have a 2. But if you have 8 streams now, you must have had the update?
  15. There maybe a new model coming out soon. If you change the PSU then the warranty will be voided. The only one that broke, that I know of, was to do with the PSU, which he replaced with a LPSU and it worked. I think they are pretty reliable, there is little on their forum about problems. Yes used prices are quite high. They did do an offer a few months ago with £100 off.
  16. You don't have cables into your DAC?
  17. You have already received plenty of advise, I don't think you will get many more fresh ideas.
  18. I have not got time to watch it now. But judging by some of his previous videos he buys records like anything, seems a bit rich now to be asking for money to keep his collection.
  19. Why? He has loads of expensive gear which he probably did not even pay for. Maybe he should sell some and give the money to the needy?
  20. Signal in the speakers is analogue and I doubt it happens in my speakers, as I don't have passive crossovers.
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