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  1. NVA do excellent passive Pre amps. All made in the UK.
  2. I have a friend looking to update his integrated amp from a tired 70’s Hitachi integrated amp. He’s not got much money, max about £300. I’ve always been a separate Pre abs power amp guy, so I have little experience at this price point. i used to like the JVC JA-12/23/44 amps (which I could buy for £5 as a cheap backup) but used prices have shot up to around £100 What would you lovely people recommend at around the £300 mark for a used integrated amp. Any advice greatfullly received.
  3. I actually have one of those motors sitting in my parts box. If you need it, ping me.
  4. Yes, exactly that. Thank you
  5. Thanks a bunch. will disassemble, and have a good look. Though it might be a hidden grub screw thing.
  6. I have an Audio Origami modded RB250, on one of my decks. Am happy enough with it. However, despite being tightened to the deck, the arm rest assembly moves, and over time has loosened further. It’s now moving quite freely, so makes lowering the tonearm onto a record (without it moving) troublesome. Is anyone family with how these are assembled/disassembled, and give any tips in tightening that assembly back up. Appreciate any advice given. Cheers Marlin
  7. I have a ProJect, it needs the tags resoldering, otherwise fully serviced. Yours for £40 collected from High Wycombe, or trade for a few LP’s
  8. I can’t see the images. What size is the speaker cutout?
  9. Does anyone have a link to one of the Tidal offers i keep hearing about, such as £4 for 4 months?
  10. You can pick up Apple TV 3 (which has digital audio out) from ebay for maybe £20. That with a cheap Alinaba £5 DAC will get you a good sounding streaming solution. Or, get Chomecast Audio if you use Android. its not as good as a Bluesound Node2i, but sounds good. The Node 2i and Tidal HD was a big step up over the Apple TV 3 and Apple Music. But, different price points.
  11. Honestly, love it! I was using AppleTV3 with digital out to a good DAC. Huge difference in audio quality Tidal HD also helped, Its way betted than Apple Music I will do the power supply upgrade, but builders and electricians have currebtly got their hands in my pocket, so will give if another month or two stock
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