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    Toppings D90SE
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  1. I’ve had a bunch of different NVA amps over the last few years, and the M300’s are leagues ahead of the others. It’s not that I want to sell the, I’ve been made a crazy good offer on an old 1960’s Gibson LP, so something needs to go to raise the remaining funds. i can slum it with some old Naim amp (I have squirrelled away in the garage as spares) for a while Marlin
  2. I have NVA M300 monoblocks, just serviced and still with about six months warranty Sound fabulous. Website link I have the original packing boxes, abs even white cotton gloves to handle them with. Marlin .
  3. What’s your budget? if you want decent buy cheap, I’ve got a Cambridge power amp for £95 All the best Paul
  4. Thanks. Was really looking for 12 or 15”. I’ve already got 8” and 10” dual Concentrics. I use to have a pair of Monitor Golds. Should never have sold those.
  5. How many records can it clean at once?
  6. Building a second system, need another one. let me know if you’re selling. PSU upgraded version preferable. Thanks Marlin
  7. You should be able to use that stylus on the MP200, 300, and 500. I wouldn’t put it on the 110 or 150, would add no value over the stock stylus. Guarantee you’ll love the sound.
  8. I think the cantilever length is slightly different between MP50 and 500, so might have to tweak the cart setup. Probably a minuscule difference.
  9. I don’t know about the 50, but I use a MP200 stylus on my MP500 when I’m playing older rougher vinyl, then back to the MP500 status for new and great condition vinyl. Are you selling the 50 stylus? Happy to give it a go Marlin
  10. The MP200 is the sweet spot in the range, I’d try to get that one if you can. i use the MP500, truly lovely cart.
  11. Tempted….they’re in Coventry?
  12. Seller appears to be not much of a conversationalist, I’ll bet you’ll have to wait until page 2 or page 3 for answers
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