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  1. If you use an external turntable Pre amp, try moving it, see if it makes a difference. Could be in magnetic was of a large transformer, which could induce some noise.
  2. Is this with the motor running, or with motor off?
  3. He died this week. Damn shame RIP
  4. It’s not that vintage, but my favourite cheap used deck (I have bought three this year) is the Nad 533. If you bide your time, you can easily pick one up for well under £100. It’s pretty much just a rebranded Rega Plannar 2, but that’s no bad thing. The Rega is a fine starter deck. Average Joe knows nothing about the basic mechanics of a turntable. Each one I have bought has sounded bad, but was easily resolved (tracking weight incorrect, bearing dry, belt old and crispy). Set up the arm properly, clean and service the bearing, amd pop a decent belt on (cleaning pulley and sub platter first) and you’re away. The most recent one I purchased (eBay £90) has an upgraded Rega 24v motor, and an Audio Origami rebuilt RB250 (upgrade bearings, foam filled, upgrade silver wires with new separate earth wire etc etc). One is for my daughter, one for my best friend, one spare, and on loan to my neighbour). Bad things about these decks. Platter is crap. MDF, generates dust. Binned. You can buy a Rega glass platter used on eBay for £30. So my daughter’s one has that. All have been modified with Iceni Audio upgrade stub end and counterweight (£65), and my best-friend’s deck has had more work with a Delrin bearing, aluminium sub platter, and quality Delrin main platter. Good things about this deck, RB250. This arm gets a lot of stick, but it’s absolutely fine. Toss the nasty plastic stub-end and lose the loose fitting weight, and spend £65 on an Iceni stub end and under-slung weight, and it transforms the arm. Great detail, strident bass, wonderful highs and depth of tone. The arm comes fitted by NAD/Rega with a Goldring Elecktra. This actually is a very lovely cartridge, it’s gets high praise from me. It’s not actually a Goldring cartridge, it’s made for Goldring by another manufacturer (and a favourite of mine), Nagoaka. This cart sounds quite similar to the Nagoaka MP110. It’s not quite as good, but it’s 95% as good as the Nagoaka MP110, and that in itself is praise enough. In my opinion, it retrieved and resolves bass notes better than the MP110. As a starter cart, it’s pretty much perfect. I have an MP500 on my main deck, and this humble little Goldring Electra is every bit as enjoyable to listen to. The MP500 is better, but you can hear the family lineage. For under £100, with the same again spent on simple upgrades (platter, new belt, and RB250 stub/weight fix, they’re hard to beat. If you’re patient, you can even pick up one with good upgrades from no extra money. As for vintage decks, i love the Garrard 401, but that’s not cheap anymore. Others i like include the Ariston RD80, Thorsen’s TD150, TD160 (not so much the TD160s), and even the TD124 & 125. I also like the Dual 701. You need a better plinth, and a better arm, so requires a little investment, but results are excellent. It’s damn ugly though! Had a fantastic motor.....and you don’t listen with your eyes...
  5. I pick up CD’s did £1 each in local charity shop. I spent over £400 on vinyl last month. my turntable sounds WAY better than streaming, i will be upgrading my streaming hardware, and dropping Apple Music in favour of Tidal. That should make a difference. My CD player sounds pretty good. So if I’m after an album, but I know it’s not a great recording, then i’ll pickup a cheap CD. If it is a good recording, then I’ll grab the vinyl. i feel sorry for people getting into vinyl for the first time. It’s getting very expensive to build a collection. Even crap pressings fetch good money on eBay.
  6. Thanks very much for the offer. It’s very generous. I’m in High Wycombe just outside of London, so a long way off, and in a high risk group for covid, so pretty much a shut-in at the moment. in all honest, the Khozmo looks like a very nice quality unit, so I’ll just buy one to try when I next see one on eBay. if you’re selling yours, I would be interested. All the best Stay safe Paul
  7. Khozmo now added to my lengthy list of automated eBay searches What power amps are you using?
  8. A good passive Pre amps shouldn’t sound like anything. It’s the purest connection from source to amplification. That P50SA is very good, but NVA also offer an upgrade path, with better wiring and a higher quality set of attenuators. So, that’ll be my next upgrade. I’ve not heard of Khozmo Quick google searches how’s silver wires, and decent price point Looks quite like my old Cello Pre Amp Will have to do some investigating
  9. I started off my adventures in Hifi in the early 1990’s with a rebuilt Leak Stereo 20, a simple passive Pre amp, and reference Pioneer CD player. Forget the model, long gone. Was lovely, I still vividly remember the first time I heard Dark Side of The Moon through quality Hifi gear. Left a big impression on me. I have tried many powered Pre amps over the years, but always feel they steal detail from the signal, and in some cases, introduce muddiness. For a long time, I used a Radford STA25 with a (Mark Levinson) Cello passive Pre amp. That thing was beautifully made, wonderful feel to the stepped attenuator, all silver wired. Was pure quality. I stupidly sold it about 10 years ago when I didn’t have the space for Hifi. I have three NVA passive Pre amps, an older NVA P80, a P50SA, and a P90SA. I’m currently working on my own Hifi, plus building systems for my daughter, and another for my best friend. I use the P90SA, though am planning to get it upgraded to the latest spec with the higher quality attenuators I will never go back to powered Pre amps, they’re just not for me. NVA Pre amps are well built, and sound great, they’re excellent value for money. Spectacular bang for your buck. Anyone looking for a passive Pre amp isn’t going to get better (or close to equal) for the same money There is a P50SA for sale in the classifieds It’s a bargain. Snap it up and take the Pepsi challenge vs any powered Pre amp you like. If, for you, Hifi is about the music, the detail, the reproduction, then you’ll take the passive every time. If Hifi for you is about the shiny components, the labels, unnecessary expense, and bragging rights, then look elsewhere For me, Hifi is all about retrieving the most detail from the music you can, and reproducing it accurately and enjoyably. Music is my passion, I’m a musician, it’s at the very core of who I am. Passive Pre amps all the way
  10. Phono stage, I’d recommend the Schiit Mani. Best £150 I’ve ever spent. It’s an awesome MM phono stage, not so good in MC.
  11. The Nagoaka MP110 costs the same as the Ortofon Red, and kicks it ass all over the place.
  12. Forget the Ortorfon red abs blue, Nagaoka MP200 is a best way to spend your money. Even the cheaper MP110 is an excellent cartridge. I’m using an MP500. I’m nearly 50hrs in, amd it keeps getting better and better.
  13. I was big into Hifi in the 1990’s, then marriage and kids and house moving gets in the way. kids have all left now, so music has centre stage again. i don’t like TV much, always prefer listening to music. Even my wife appreciates the upgrades, she’s can heart the difference, though is much less important to her. I’m also a guitar player, so have lots of guitars and guitar amps dotted around the house, have six guitars on the wall of my home office. So the clutter doesn’t affect me. Have a dedicated listening room. I don’t care about brands, I believe half the Hifi stuff in the market is massively over priced, and often nothing but snake oil. i like to get the best results i can for the least money. I like the challenge.
  14. It’s about the music, and squeezing every drop out of it. it’s a passion.
  15. I’ve got most of her stiff. modded Nad 533 with modded RB250, and upgrade platter. Nagaoka cart. She’s got an NVA p50SA passive Pre amp, and NVA A40 power amp. Stands and speakers stands by Attacama, and Tannoy Reveal passive monitors. Streaming from Spotify to Chrome Audio into a Topping D30. ive for got a pile of about 100 LP’s for her, and similar number of CD’s. Ive currently got a Yamaha CD player for her, but hate it. So will give her my Denon 2900, amd I’ll get a new/used CD transport for me. She wanted a proper Hifi. she’s a complete music nerd like myself.